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Meet the Astronauts.

Nuria Cortina

London, UK

Rob Scheerbarth

London, UK


Operations Manager
Manilla, PH

Our Story

Born in the Summer Heat of 2017,
Our Story began out of Great Need for Affordable Quality Podcast Editing.

Podcast Rocket came out of our own freelance work. We had been getting great results by editing podcasts through Craigslist and Fiverr while making contacts with clients.

We started working with a selected group of clients and while juggling long nights, phone calls and making notes of the market’s needs we noticed patterns emerge. Time and time again, clients would come to us with very specific needs: assembly, simple editing, boost of the vocal tracks, smooth cuts, reduction of noise, removal of filler words, intro and outro music and call to action.

It was a revelation when we distilled the wants of the clients – branding, authority, services or products – to one single truth. So specific and measurable, it became our only goal in the competitive market. The reason for Podcast Rocket’s existence. The “Why” we wake up in the morning and get to work. We believe in doing one thing for you and we believe in doing it well:

Be Heard Above The Noise.

Most of the stuff we learnt from those first years, we brought with us. We grew a tad and became more experienced but never lost our curiosity and our vision to innovate.

A small website became our hub and as it grew, our team grew with it. At the end of 2019 Podcast Rocket HQ moved from the US to the UK and with the change Nuria and Rob became part of the team.

Today we are working remotely in dozens of industries with clients all around the globe. We are still expanding and taking on new challenges every day. We are ambitious about growth in a controlled and clear headed manner. We believe in good work/life balance for your Astronauts so we’ll never be like other agencies that only pursue the bottom line. This comes through in our work as our team is highly passionate about what we do. And we’ll do everything we can to help our clients reach their full potential.

I guess we’ll always be a little different. We’ll never be the typical Podcast Editing agency and that’s fine by us. We want to reach the stars and would love to take you with us.

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