Our Story:

Born in the Summer Heat of 2017,
Our Story began out of Great Need and Desperation.

After almost being evicted, laid off from a dead-end Job in Technical Support, and utterly broken and defeated —
20-Year Old Mike Partee found himself reaching out to every Podcast Editing Company Google could spit out;
Facing dozens of harsh “No’s” and an Orchestra of Crickets.

Still determined to make something happen, the mantra became:
If nobody will give me a job, I will.

Podcast Rocket was thus born as a Craigslist Hustle, then a Fiverr Account before starting this website.
After many Long Nights, Phone Calls, Listening to Customer’s Needs, and Faith…
Customers came out of the Woodwork. Staff were Added. Prayers were answered.

…And Let Me Just Say, This Business is the Greatest Blessing anyone could ever ask for.

My Hope is that our heart and commitment to service comes across in my sincerity in sharing this story — to reflect how far we’ve come, and how truly honored I am to be the steward of this company. If this moved you, consider working with us. Give me a call at my cell +1 (850) 296-7335 any time if you have anything we can help you with.



About The Team:

Podcast Rocket is supported by a Solid Team of Audio Production Professionals located Around the World.
This allows us to produce around-the-clock. 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week in every major region on the planet.


Lead Audio Editor
Sydney, AUS


Production Coordinator
London, UK


Content Writer
Jackson MS, USA

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