Need Help Editing Your Podcast?

We’re a Podcast Editing Company providing audio editing services to make your productions sound professional. We do this by assigning you a Podcast Editor that will work with you through the editing process to bring out the best of your show while removing the crutch words, awkward pauses and soften those background noises.

Your one stop for podcast editing

Need shownotes for your podcast on top of podcast editing? Would like to have a full transcript done too? Need help uploading it all to your site? Our Astronauts are experts that can deliver your custom order in one single package so you don’t have to shop around.

What do People Think of Us

Podcast Rocket Has Come Through 100% of the Time!

Podcast Rocket has been our go-to production company for over 2 years and has come through 100% of the time! Unheard of in todays business climate. You will not find a more professional and personable team in podcast production.

-Thomas Dioro
Executive Producer of KZSU @

Deadlines are always met, with quality work every time

Podcast Rocket has the attention to detail that I demand in all of my projects. Deadlines are always met, with quality work every time. Glad I’ve found a company I can trust with audio work so I can spend my time on other things. Your search for a skilled podcast editor ends here!

-Joel North
Top-Rated Reseller on Fiverr

They've been an integral part in our success

The team at Podcast Rocket has really helped us in terms of audio engineering for our podcasts at Aging Media. They’ve been an integral part in our success and have been great partners when it comes to responsiveness, turning projects around timely and complete.

-George Yedinak
Executive VP of Aging Media Network

14 Days 100% Money-back guarantee.

What you get

Services & Features

Podcast Editing, Mixing & Mastering

Remove all of those annoying “Ums, and Uh’s,” keeping your audience engaged and cutting Podcast Length up to 20% with our Podcast Editing Service.

24 to 48-Hour Turnaround

Our Astronauts aim to deliver your podcast in 24 hours by default. 98.5% of all orders are delivered within 24 hours*.

* On batch of orders with more than one episode, only the first episode will be delivered in 24 hours.

Order Management Portal

Manage orders, uploads, and communicate with your specially-assigned editor through our proprietary software platform. Learn more.

Enterprise-Grade Scalability

No matter the size, Podcast Rocket is built to scale to your organization’s demand.

Podcast Hosting & Scheduling

Automatically schedule and publish your podcast episodes.

Wordpress Management

Publish to WordPress?
We will draft & publish your episodes for you.

Shownotes Writing

Get compelling Shownotes; including summaries, highlights, quotes, and resources.

Transcription Writing

Get your audio podcast written down into a companion piece to improve SEO, connect with a larger audience and improve shareability. Check out our Transcription service.

Super-Simple Pricing



We offer the Simplest, Flat-Rate Editing Service in the Industry.
Bundled packages for New Starters and Hobbyists and tailored solutions for Businesses and Professionals.

Wondering if we’re able to take your podcasting to the next level?

Our services include the removal of Um’s, Uh’s and Filler, Audio Mastering & Noise Reduction we offer Unlimited Revisions and aim for 24-hour Turnaround*. We also provide Episode scheduling and WordPress management for your piece of mind. Give us a try today with a one-off order to get a taste of our services!

* On batch of orders with more than one episode, only the first episode will be delivered in 24 hours.

14 Days 100% Money-back guarantee.


Post-Production Hub

For your Podcast

We’re not just another “Podcast Agency”
Podcast Rocket is your All-In-One Post-Production Hub,
Making it easier than ever to manage your show.

Solutions & Use Cases

Who is it for?

Consultants & Coaches

Stop Editing Shows Yourself! Podcast Rocket is Affordable and Scalable — Giving you More Time to Aquire More Customers!

Podcast Networks

Operational Growing Pains? Podcast Rocket is your Plug-and-Play Solution for Podcast Editing & Audio Post-Production for your Entire Network.

Brands & Businesses

Stand out from the crowd, and connect with your customers on a deeper level through branded Podcast Post-Production Services.

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