AirPod Case Not Charging | How to Fix

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Are you having trouble charging your AirPods? If so, it can be incredibly frustrating.

With the popularity of wireless earbuds and headphones now more than ever, it’s no wonder that having a reliable case for our beloved gadgets is essential. When you’re relying on this small piece of technology for hands-free calls and music streaming, the last thing you want to happen is finding out that its case won’t charge up anymore. You might feel like your world has halted – but don’t worry!

This blog post will guide you through fixing this common issue with simple solutions and step-by-step instructions. Read along to find out how to get your AirPod case working again in no time!

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Is It The AirPods Or The Case That’s Causing Trouble?

While AirPods charging issues are common, sometimes the AirPods case is to blame. If both the AirPods still charge without problems, but the AirPod case isn’t taking any charge from the charging pad or power source, your case has a bug in its software.

This is easy to identify because when you plug it into the charger, the light might turn on, and the AirPods will even start to charge if you put them back in. However, after unplugging from the power source, they would stop charging. This suggests that no battery juice is being transferred from the AirPods charging case to your AirPods.

Although this type of issue is rarer than other AirPods charging challenges, it can still be resolved by following a few steps that you should find in this blog post.

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Seven Solutions For Your AirPods Case Not Charging

Dealing with a dead AirPods charging case can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take to get your AirPods up and running again.

In many cases, simply connecting the AirPods to an iOS device and looking for a software issue is enough. If that doesn’t work, then there might be a more serious hardware issue, in which case you should take your AirPods to an Apple store or authorized repair shop.

However, some quick troubleshooting tips will help in fixing the issue.

Verify That The AirPods Are Connected To The Case

A dead AirPods case can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re trying to charge it. Before understanding why the AirPods case won’t charge, you must verify that it is connected correctly to the AirPods.

While placing your AirPods into the charging case, ensure you feel a magnetic snap as the AirPods connect correctly. If there is no magnet connection or the top of the AirPod’s case won’t close properly, check for dirt or grime blocking them from sitting inside the case.

You may need simple cleaning to charge your AirPods.

Try Changing The USB Cable

Before investing in a new charging case, checking the charging cable is always a good idea. Many charging issues are linked to either old USB cables or a third-party charging cable that could be causing a problem with your device.

If you have had your Apple charging cable for a while, it is likely time to replace it. By using a different cable, you will be able to determine whether the lightning cable is causing the issue or something is wrong with your device.

Moreover, even if you have a wireless airpod charging case or power bank, it’s common for devices to develop problems. You can also explore alternative wireless charging solutions, like a wireless charger or a wireless charging base.

The AirPods Case Charging Port Might Need Cleaning

If you’re having trouble with a wired case charging, try cleaning the lightning charging port on the AirPods’ case cover.

An AirPods case is often transported in backpacks or jeans, due to which the charging port can accumulate dust, dirt, and small particles from our pockets. Be sure not to use any liquid solutions or cleaning substances on your device, but if you see an obstruction inside your case, you can try blowing it away with a straw.

Alternatively, you can use a dry cotton swab or a toothbrush to clean out any debris from the case cover gently. Make sure to re-connect your charging cable once done and if all else fails, strongly consider replacing the AirPods case.

Check Your Outlet

If the power adapter is working and the charging icon appears, but the battery life is not increasing, it could be an issue with the outlet. To determine this, try using the same power adapter on a different wall outlet.

If you have confirmed that the same outlet is functioning correctly, but your AirPods case is still not charging, the issue could be with the wall outlet itself. Make sure the cord is correctly plugged into the wall outlet, and the outlet has enough power to charge the device.

If both of these conditions are met, and your AirPods case still isn’t charging, it’s likely a problem with the outlet.

Reset Your AirPods And Case

If the AirPods Pro case is not charging, remember that it might be a software issue.

To factory reset your AirPods case, locate the setup button on its back and hold it down for 15 seconds or until the light starts flashing amber and then white; this will restore default settings.

If your AirPods are entirely out of battery, try connecting them to the charger with both AirPods inside, opening the lid, and then resetting it again.

Check The Charging Status Light

If your AirPods wireless charging is working fine, follow these steps to check the charging status and battery life of both AirPods and the case.

  • Start by inserting both AirPods into the charging case and then closing it firmly.
  • Once that is complete, open the lid and bring your AirPods case close to your iPhone.
  • The charging status should appear on your iPhone screen, but if it doesn’t show up, make sure your AirPods case has at least 10% charge, or else it won’t have enough power to charge the wireless earbuds.
  • Verify that a lightning bolt icon appears next to beneath the battery.
  • The small light on your case’s lightning port will turn green when wired/wireless charging.

The status light should be visible on the iPhone’s screen when using a lightning cable. If you’re using wireless charging mats, double-check and ensure that your AirPods are placed correctly — otherwise, they won’t charge properly.

Go For A Firmware Update

The software for AirPods is updated automatically rather than through user installation. However, you may have yet to see an update if it has been a few months since you’ve used your AirPods. The steps listed below are helpful to force an update, if necessary:

  • Put your ‌AirPods‌ in the case.
  • Connect the charging case for the AirPods to an electrical outlet.
  • Ensure that your iPhone or iPad has an internet connection, and move the iPhone or iPad that the AirPods have been linked with close to the charging case.
  • Any available firmware updates should be automatically installed after a brief (15-minute) period.
  • Verify if your AirPods are now charging normally.

Contact Apple Customer Care Service

If your AirPods case poses issues for you, it is best to contact Apple support or take a trip to the nearest Apple store.

These types of problems are far more common than many people think, so the folks at the store will usually know how to fix them. If repairing isn’t an option, you could receive a new replacement if your AirPods are still under their original warranty.

The decision to contact Apple customer service is always the best when troubleshooting any electronic device, so don’t hesitate to visit them!

The above solutions provide a quick fix to each problem for the typical AirPods case charging problem. To prevent such issues in the future, try to keep your AirPods cases clean and resist bending or squeezing them too much.

As a reminder:

  • Keep away from liquids.
  • Store them with care.
  • Do not put any objects inside the charging port.

With these tips in mind, your AirPods can function as expected.

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Is It Possible To Get Your AirPods Case Replaced?

AirPods are becoming increasingly popular with their sleek design, convenient portability, and superior sound quality. Unfortunately, AirPods and AirPods cases can quickly become damaged due to regular wear and tear or user negligence. If your AirPods have been damaged or their case is not charging, there may be some good news.

You may get that item repaired for free if a warranty covers it. But in many cases, you will likely need to pay a replacement fee if the warranty does not cover it; however, if you have AppleCare+, the AirPods Case replacement fee will only cost $29 per incident.

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While it can be frustrating when your AirPods Case isn’t charging correctly, there are many solutions to fix the problem. One could check the charge port and ensure no obstructions or dirt cause hindrances in a successful connection.

Another quick fix is to enable preferred settings, allowing your device to activate charge faster when connecting with a compatible wireless charging base. Also, the issue is often caused by a firmware bug that can be resolved by ensuring AirPods are in the case when resetting.

Overall, an AirPods’ case not charging can be caused by hardware or software issues. Hardware issues may require professional repair, while software issues like firmware bugs can usually be serviced without a technician.

We suggest consulting with Apple Support if you experience this issue to determine the cause and best possible solution.

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