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There are so many D&D podcasts on Spotify to choose from. Most fans of the game will tell  you that Critical Role is a great option if you are a diehard D&D gamer, while beginners will enjoy the entertainment value of podcasts like Not Another D&D Podcast.

Some of these are great to listen to while in your car or when you are getting ready to sleep.

Best D&D Actual Play Podcast

Critical Role

Perhaps the most true to the D&D spirit is Critical Role, a podcast staffed with the vocal talents of hardcore D&D enthusiasts like Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel, Liam O’Brien, and Marisha Ray. You have Pike Trickfoord the Gnomish Cleric, Grog Strongjaw, the Goliath Barbarian, Va’ildan the Half-Elven Ranger, and so many more amazing characters as they journey through a fantasy world and battle evil. With every season containing a new storyline and characters, you’ll no doubt find the season for you, whether it’s comedy and lighthearted fun, or deeper, darker characters and higher stakes.

Funny D&D Podcasts

Dice sitting on top of a dungeons and dragons open book

Dice sitting on top of a dungeons and dragons open book

Dungeons and Daddies

If you’re a fan of Comedy Bang Bang and other improvisational podcasts, this may be the Dungeons & Dragons content you’ve been looking for. Started by Anthony Burch, Will Campos, Freddie Wong, Matt Arnold, and Beth May, the storyline follows four dads (or daddies) who go on a quest in a far-flung fantasy world to find their missing sons. The comedy here is outstanding, and perhaps the podcast focuses more on the comedy than the actual D&D storyline. As an added bonus, the interplay between the players and the Dungeon Master Anthony Burch is a must-listen alone. They always have a way of just getting the DM to the brink of what he will take of their silliness, which is such fun to listen to.

Not Another D&D Podcast

E-Collegehumor writers Brian Murphy, Jake Hurwitz, Emily Axford, and Caldwell Tanner came together to form this hilarious podcast. The Dungeon Master plays the part well, and keeps the gang of misfits, or the Band of Boobs, as they call themselves, in check as they work together to beat the Nine Hells ruler. The podcast is 100 episodes long in its first season alone and is a light and entertaining way to either enter the world of Dungeons and Dragons, or revisit it. The storylines and editing are tight, and it’s always a good time.

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Best D&D Podcast for Beginners

The Adventure Zone

The brainchild of the comedy duo, the McElroy Brothers, The Adventure Zone started out as an experimental episode of the popular podcast, “My Brother, My Brother, and Me,” and spiraled into a D&D juggernaut. The brothers and their father tell the tale of Magnus Burnsides, a human rogue, Merle Highchurch, a dwarven cleric, and Taako, an elven wizard. The first story arc centers around the D&D table top game, with 69 episodes dedicated to the story. It’s full of laughs, intrigue, and a bunch of great characters.


Whether you’re getting into D&D podcasts for the first time or want to find some more options, there are plenty of types to choose from on Spotify.

Some of the best ones include funny podcasts like Not Another D&D Podcast, The Adventure Zone, and Dungeons & Daddies, while podcasts like Critical Role remain true to the original intent of the game.


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