Do Guests Get Paid on Podcasts?

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These days, just about anyone can start a podcast. With all the different platforms and tools available, it’s easier than ever to get your voice out there. But one question remains- do guests on podcasts get paid?

The answer is that it depends.

Normally, guests don’t get paid to appear as a guest on someone’s podcast. Although, some guests may request compensation for their time, the majority may be happy to appear on a show without any financial compensation. It all comes down to the individual podcast and its host. Ultimately, it’s up to the host to decide whether or not they want to pay their guests.

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How much do guests typically get paid for appearing on a podcast?

The thing to consider is if getting paid is ultimately the end goal here. Most podcasts work well because they interview a guest for their expertise, the host gets an episode of value that they can share with their listeners, but the guest gets exposure and normally a shout and a link back to their website, book, product or service.

In this context, it’s maybe why we don’t see money exchanging hands that much as both the host and the guest get back value and that value normally exceeds what a one-off payment could achieve.

But let’s say you have been invited to a popular podcast and you’d prefer to get paid for the attendance. How much can you expect?

Unfortunately there are no numbers we can share as most of these negotiations are done behind closed doors but they will depend on a variety of factors:

The first is the size and reach of the podcast. A small, niche podcast is probably not going to be able to pay its guests very much if anything at all. On the other hand, a large, popular podcast with millions of listeners may be able to pay its guests quite well.

Another thing to consider is the format of the show. A guest who is coming on for a short, five-minute chat will probably not get paid as much as a guest who is coming on for an hour-long interview. Again, it all comes down to the reach and popularity of the podcast.

And finally it will be dependent on your field. An expert correspondent on the ground during a war time crisis will be paid more than a well informed fan of a comic book.

How can you ensure that you’re getting paid what you’re worth as a guest?

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First, do your research. Know what the going rate is for similar shows and guests. If you’re unsure, ask around or contact other podcasts in the same field to get an idea of what are competitive rates in your niche.

Second, be prepared to negotiate. If a show offers you a lower rate than you’re comfortable with, be ready to counter with a reasonable request. Remember, the goal is to reach an agreement that works for both parties involved. It may depend on how much the podcast itself is making as well. Remember you may get other non-monetary outcomes from appearing as a guest in a podcast.

Finally, don’t be afraid to walk away from an offer that doesn’t meet your needs. There are plenty of other shows that would love to have you as a guest, so don’t sell yourself short just because you’re eager to appear on a particular podcast.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you’re getting paid what you’re worth as a podcast guest. So don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve – your wallet will thank you for it!

What are some of the benefits of being a guest on a podcast?

It can be a great way to build your brand and expand your reach. It can also be an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your field or get your name out there.

Many guests will be happy to go to podcasts for free and in exchange have the opportunity to talk to their potential customers or future listeners if they have a podcast themselves.

An easy way to hook those potential customers is to find a podcast that you’ve identified their listeners are your ideal clients (or a portion of them are) and to create an offer for them. This can be as simple as a website URL you say on the interview that then gets added to the shownotes In this website they are presented with a freebie in exchange for their email address. This can be a PDF loaded with value, a discount to a service, or a free sample.┬áThis is a simple case of lead generation.


Guests don’t normally get paid to appear on podcasts. And when they do, negotiations are done behind closed doors and depend on your field, the popularity of the podcast and other perks the podcast may offer.

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