143 Podcast Topics Ideas:
How to Find the Right Theme (2023)

A great way your new podcast can make their way up into successful podcasts territory is to pick the right subject matter from the start.

A good idea is to have a browse through Apple Podcasts’ catalog and check what are the current popular podcast topics. But there are many ways to find the right topic for your own podcast. Certainly this may be a good place to start off your search, you can also start by checking your favorite podcasts.

And even though we recommend you take the time to research your target audience first, below you’ll find 143 topics that may spark your next great podcast idea.

Let’s dive in.

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arts title image

Book Reviews & Recommendations

If you love to read, a podcast with book reviews and recommendations might be a good fit for you. You can follow a certain list or stick to a certain genre to narrow down your chosen topic. Your podcast theme can be Harry Potter if you’re a superfan of the books for example.

Creative Writing

There are a couple of different ways you can do creative writing podcasts. You can share your creative writing or you can use your podcast to share creative writing prompts. If fans share their work, you can even share it on future podcast episodes!


Whether you’re reviewing poetry with readers or sharing your own, poetry offers a rich topic that translates beautifully to the podcast format.

Literature & History

Literature and history provide a vast selection of topics to discuss on your podcast. Whether you discuss historical literature or the role literature played in certain historical events, you’ll never run out of topics with this theme.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design (UX for short) is all about how people interact with products, services, or systems. Discuss existing UX or share ideas for future UX concepts.

Architecture & Design

A podcast about architecture and design is a great way to share your expertise in architecture. Even if you’re not an architect yourself, you can discuss the architecture and design of well-known structures on your podcast.

Game Design

Your game design podcast can help listeners look behind the curtain and see the inner workings of the game design business. You can even interview different game designers to get an inside scoop on the hottest games.

Dancing & Performing: Learning, News & Events

This type of podcast focuses on the ins and outs of dancing and stage performances. You can cover different events or interview well-known people in the dance industry. Whether you focus on classical ballet or modern freestyle, you’ll have plenty of ideas to explore.

Learning for Actors

Are you passionate about helping actors master their craft? This podcast theme would allow you to provide actors with extra educational support to help them land their next part. Cover everything from acting techniques to audition reminders.

Music: How To Make it

Use your music expertise to help others learn how to make music. You can focus on one particular instrument (like guitar or saxophone) or share insight for people interested in composing their own music. With the increased interest, how to make digital music would also make a great podcast theme.


If you love all things Broadway, this is the theme for you! Create a podcast that discusses different shows, actors, and other trending topics around Broadway shows.

Magic & Illusion

You don’t have to be a magician to make magic with this podcast theme! Discuss all things magic, from retailers selling supplies to famous magicians and illusionists. You could even discuss and review traveling magic shows!


Embrace the multiverse with the next great comics podcast! Whether you like Marvel, DC, or everything in between, comics provide plenty of topics to discuss. Share your favorite characters, issues, artists, and more.

Movie Critiques & News

If you love going to the movies, this podcast theme will be a perfect fit! Discuss the latest news and critique newly released films. You may even choose to discuss reviews from high-visibility critics, especially if you disagree with their assessments. This is a popular podcast topic to explore.

Photography: Techniques, Gear & Exhibitions

Create your own photography boot camp with this podcast theme. Give listeners information about photography techniques, gear, and local exhibitions. This is a great podcast theme if you want to break into the world of affiliate marketing, since photography supplies are a huge industry and you can cover various topics that are sure to attract new listeners.


You can discuss all things art with this podcast theme. Whether you’re sharing opinions about certain art or providing walk-through how-tos, you can tailor your art-themed podcast to fit your interests and audience.


business title image

Social Media: Tips, Strategies & Growth

There’s a huge audience full of people wanting to learn more about how to grow their following on social media. This podcast theme allows you to share your social media expertise with an ever-growing audience.

HR & Hiring

You should pick this podcast if you have experience in HR and hiring. Build a network of other HR experts and use this platform to help everyone, from the small business HR employee to giant HR departments at major companies.

Career Path (Nurse, Engineer, Real Estate, etc…)

There are so many amazing career path podcast themes. Whether you’re discussing nursing, engineering, real estate, chaplaincy, plumbing, or any other career path, this podcast theme allows you to give vital information to people entering your field of choice.


An entrepreneurship podcast has so much you could potentially discuss. You can provide tips for new entrepreneurs or offer a roadmap to help people scale their existing businesses. Interview other entrepreneurs on your podcast to provide even more value to your listeners. As a successful entrepreneur yourself, you can give a unique perspective in your particular field. Check out our list of best business podcasts for inspiration.

Investing: Stock Market, Real Estate & Commodities

Although the basic ideas around investing stay the same from year to year, the market is constantly shifting. Whether you give tips or provide commentary on current trends, a podcast about stock market, real estate, and commodities investing is sure to be a hit.

Crypto & NFT Investing

Everyone wishes they got into cryptocurrency ten years ago because of the massive returns during the last ten years. Provide information to help budding crypto and NFT investors make the most of today’s investing landscape.

All About Retirement

A podcast with an all about retirement theme can cover all sorts of topics: saving for retirement, budgeting to cover retirement expenses, purchasing health insurance in retirement, ideas for retirement travel, and more.

Sales: How to Get More Sales

Every business needs a good sales funnel to help them find and attract buyers. A sales podcast can help business owners and salespeople improve their sales numbers.

Marketing: Inbound and Outbound Strategies

Inbound marketing is marketing targeted at prospective customers and outbound marketing is targeted at current or former customers. Combining inbound and outbound strategies is a major part of any business’ marketing plan. In a podcast with this theme you can discuss best practices and help generate ideas.

Leadership in Business

Every business owner needs to learn how to be the leader of their company, big or small. This podcast theme allows you to share important leadership concepts for people leading businesses.


A mentoring podcast allows you to share the importance of mentoring. You can include information about how to find a mentor, how to be a mentor, and how to put systems in place that foster mentorship within a company.

Success Stories

Everyone loves a good success story! A success stories podcast is full of potential. You could share any type of success stories or focus on one specific topic or industry. Who knows, your podcast could even turn to a success story of its own!

YouTube Strategies

Video is one of the most effective tools for content creators and digital marketers. Provide tips and tricks to help people get more views and interaction on their YouTube content.

SEO, SEM & More

Most people with blogs and websites know the importance of SEO for getting discovered online. This type of podcast can provide information, best practices, and current trends for everyone interested in SEO, SEM, and more.


There are thousands of blogs and podcasts about blogging because there’s such a demand for information on how to turn a blogging hobby into a blogging career. Share tips, challenges, success or interesting stories, how to outline and write the perfect blog post and more on this type of podcast.

Nonprofit Ventures

The world of nonprofits is full of people looking for free information to improve their services, raise funds, and apply for grants. Provide all the information your audience needs to make the most of their nonprofit ventures.


Whether it’s websites, clothes, cars or phones. If you like buying stuff low and selling high for a profit, you can make a podcast out of it. Check out our list of best reseller podcasts for inspiration.

Comedy Podcasts

comedy title image

Comedy Interviews

Interview comedians and other experts in the field on a comedy interviews podcast. You can ask questions about their success, their process, what advice they have for budding comedians or even play some games on the podcast. Check out our list of best comedy writing podcasts for inspiration.


Comedy improv is an art and comedians who use this method need to invest in developing their improv abilities. Whether you’re providing improv prompts or inviting others to do recorded improv, this podcast theme allows you to help others master their craft. Check out our list of best Improv podcasts for inspiration.


If you’re passionate about stand-up comedy, this is the podcast theme for you. Help other comedians come up with content for their five-minute stand-up set and provide helpful and actionable tips for stand-up comedians.

Educational Podcasts

education title image

Teach a Language

While online language learning platforms like Duolingo are helpful, sometimes people want to learn a language from someone who knows it well. If you’re bilingual, you can create a podcast to help teach a language to your listeners.

Home Organization

Marie Kondo may have propelled home organization into the public view, but she isn’t the only one with something to contribute to an audience interested in home organization. Give general organization tips or narrow down your podcast topic by focusing on niches within the organization (like “home organization for people with kids” or “home organization for apartment living”).

Teach Science

Are you passionate about science? Start a podcast where you answer questions about science. Whether you focus on teaching high-school level science to help current students or provide science information for adults, there’s plenty of great things to explore with this podcast topic.

Mindset Tips

Far too many people are bogged down by limiting mindsets that keep them trapped in unhealthy cycles. Provide mindset tips to help people grow and flourish. Check out our list of best podcasts to help with self-discipline for inspiration.

Teach Economy

Far too many people have a poor grasp on how the economy works. Explore theories, practices, and current events to teach the everyday person about the economy.

Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the most common goals for people looking to improve their lives. Provide tips and motivation to people who want to lose weight. You can even narrow this topic to discuss weight loss for people with certain conditions (like thyroid problems, asthma, or PCOS) that make it hard to lose weight.

Personal Development

A popular topic where you may be able to draw from personal experience to help others build on their capabilities, potential, employability or wealth. This particular topic has a many facets and can touch on personal finance all the way to learning a new skill or help with job interviews.

Fashion & Beauty

fashion title image

Fashion Discussion & News

Have you always wanted to be a fashion commentator? The good news is that with podcasts, your dream can become a reality! Discuss the latest in fashion and provide commentary about fashion in Hollywood.

Esthetician Discussion & Products Reviews

Are you passionate about skin care? While your daily work may allow you to help one client at a time with their skin care concerns, a podcast allows you to discuss and review products to help people achieve their skincare goals.

Perfume & Cologne Reviews & Interviews

There’s always new perfume and cologne scents on the market. Review products and interview scent creators and sponsors to give listeners an inside look into the world of perfume and cologne.

Apparel Reviews & Discussions

If you’re passionate about everyday fashion, this podcast is a great fit for you. Discuss and review current apparel lines from popular brands. Whether you’re helping people find fashion on a budget or reviewing high-end products, you’ll never run out of things to discuss.


The world of nails is full of interesting topics to discuss on a podcast. Whether you’re sharing techniques for painting nails at home or supplying salon artists with helpful industry information, you’ll love diving into the world of nail care and color.


fiction title image

Comedy Fiction Stories

Many podcast listeners turn to podcasts for entertainment during their commute. If you love to combine creative writing with comedy, comedy fiction stories might be the best podcast theme for you. Share weekly stories to share your humor and amuse your audience.

Audio Drama

Radio drama shows have been entertaining people for decades. Shows like Adventures in Odyssey provide weekly volumes of continuing audio drama, filled with different voice actors and sound effects. Start an audio drama podcast to share your audio drama stories with the world.

Science Fiction Stories

If you love writing science fiction stories, this podcast theme is a great way to get the word out about your writing. For podcasting sharing other peoples’ stories, be sure to get written consent from authors to share their work.

Short Stories

Whether you’re sharing your own short stories or inviting listeners to share their stories for you to read, this is a great way to entertain podcast listeners.


food title image

Food Truck

Food trucks have turned into a big business, even earning Michelin stars. Talk about food trucks in your area, food truck ideas, and more.


This is a great podcast if you’re passionate about cooking. Discuss ingredients, techniques, and recipes and invite listeners to cook along while they listen.

Wine Tasting

There are thousands of wines out there to taste and discuss on a wine tasting podcast. Share preferences and provide tasting notes to wine enthusiasts around the world.

Cocktails & Bartending

Help bartenders improve their craft with tips, tricks, and best practice advice. Give them up-to-date information about current trends and popular new drinks.

All About Beer

Enjoy getting caught up in the enthusiasm surrounding beer. Whether you’re reviewing local beers or teaching people how to brew their own, an all about beer podcast is sure to delight listeners.

Growing Your Own Food

Growing food and homesteading are hot topics, especially with the increases in food prices at local supermarkets. Your podcast can cover everything from getting started to how to find the best prices on seeds.

BBQ Lovers

For people who love everything about BBQ, this podcast theme is perfect! Share your favorite local BBQ joints and tips for creating the best backyard BBQ.

Tea and Brews

Many people are choosing tea as an alternative to coffee. Discuss different tea blends and review products from the most popular tea and brewing sites.

Vegan Food

Provide helpful information for people with vegan diets. Provide recipe ideas and nutritional guidelines to help people make the most of their diet.

Pizza: Best Places & Recipes

This podcast theme allows you to share insight into local pizza places. Share your favorite items on the menu to help pizza parlor visitors make the most of their visit.

Farm to Table Spotlights

Farm to table food has become a major trend, especially since more people are interested in where their food comes from. Share spotlights from your favorite farm to table restaurants.

Asian Cuisine

From Chinese restaurants to sushi bars and boba tea cafes, this podcast theme allows you to explore it all! Share your favorite spots and highlight dishes and recipes on your podcast.


government title image

Political Podcast

Provide commentary on local and national politics on your podcast. You may also provide background information on candidates and voting guides to help voters in your area. Check out our list of the best libertarian podcasts for inspiration.

Supreme Court Coverage

This podcast theme allows you to discuss Supreme Court candidates and other current events related to the Supreme Court. Share insight and interview experts to provide up-to-date information to listeners.

Energy Policies

Energy is a big industry in the United States. Share news about energy policies and provide people with information they need about the future of energy in their area.

Legal Podcast

Are you a lawyer with lots of experience? Share your legal expertise by discussing current events and landmark cases. Your listeners will appreciate your passion and expertise.

Health & Fitness

fitness image title

Getting in Shape

Give listeners tips and inspiration to help them get in shape. You may also review exercise equipment and wellness programs with this podcast theme. Check out our list of top cross-fit podcasts for inspiration.

Holistic Health Remedies

If you love providing people with information about homeopathic remedies, a holistic health remedies podcast allows you to give listeners alternative solutions to their everyday ailments.

Helping People to Sleep

Insomnia is a problem that plagues many people today. Provide tips about sleep hygiene and help people get to sleep.

Herbalism as Way of Life

People don’t just “dabble” in herbalism. Most people who choose herbalism embrace a new way of life. Explore all things related to the herbalism lifestyle in your podcast.

Plastic Surgery Pros & Cons

Share information about plastic surgery, including the risks and benefits. Different episodes can cover different surgeries to help people make informed decisions about elective surgeries.


Dieting is a huge industry! Share your favorite tips and tricks, along with reviews of popular dieting programs and products.

Pilates Podcast

Whether you’re offering behind-the-scenes tips for pilates instructors or making pilates more accessible to everyone, this podcast allows you to share your expertise with the world.

Stories from Pediatrics

If you’re a medical professional who works in pediatrics, you can share stories about patients (with their written consent) on this type of podcast.

ER Cases

ER doctors and nurses see all sorts of interesting things. Share stories about your experience in the emergency department and interview other ER employees to provide an interesting and informational podcast.

ADHD in Children and Adults

Whether you’re providing insight to help people discover their ADHD diagnosis or providing lifestyle tips to help them manage their symptoms, an ADHD-themed podcast has plenty of content potential.

Mental Health Podcast

During the pandemic, mental health became an even bigger talking point than before. Share information about how people can help improve their mental health in a mental health podcast.

Guided Meditations

More people are looking for guided meditations because of all the great mental and physical benefits meditating offers.

Dealing with Grief & Guilt

Walk with people as they cope with grief and guilt. Provide tips, book recommendations, and more to help people move past grief and guilt and toward acceptance.

Keto Dieting

Share information with people who want to start or continue the Keto diet. Provide your favorite recipes and help people cope with “keto flu.”

Sexuality & Intimacy Podcast

If you’re passionate about sexuality and intimacy and don’t feel shy talking about these sensitive topics, this might be the perfect podcast theme for you!

Kids & Family

family title image

Marriage Advice

No matter how good a marriage is, there will be times when a couple faces difficulties or conflict. Provide marriage advice and answer listener questions on your podcast.

Pregnancy & Birth

While there are many books and resources available for expecting women, your podcast can provide pregnant women with the guidance they need to get through pregnancy and birth.

Educating Children

If you’re an elementary educator with years of experience, starting an educating children podcast is a great way to share your expertise and insight with younger educators.

Homeschool Teaching for Kids

Offer tips and review curriculum to help parents make the most out of their homeschooling experience.

Training Puppies

Properly training puppies is an important part of their care. While some people hire outside help, this type of podcast could give them the information they need to train their puppy at home.

Stories for Children

Podcasts aren’t just for adults! You can create a story-sharing podcast where you tell stories intended for children.


leisure title image

Animation & Manga Discussions

If you’re interested in all things anime and manga, this is the perfect podcast topic for you. Review current series and interview experts in the industry to engage other fans like you.

Cars: News, Discussions & Interviews

This podcast theme is perfect for people who are passionate about cars. Share information about new releases and discuss industry trends. Add interviews from leading professionals to keep your audience engaged.

Fixing Automotives

Whether you share information for professional mechanics or create content for backyard hobbyists, there’s plenty of information to cover in your fixing automotives podcast.


If you’re a pilot who is passionate about all things aviation, this is the perfect podcast theme for you. Talk about airplanes, industry news, and more.

Arts & Crafts at Home

Arts and crafts is a huge industry with a world full of creative potential. Share ideas for home crafts and review popular crafting products.

All About Board Games

Help families and hobbyists make the most of game night by discussing board games. Share their history and review current games to help buyers pick games they’ll love. Check our list of best boardgame podcasts.

Video Games News

Do you play video games? You can start a video games news podcast to share the latest in the video game industry. You can narrow your theme by focusing on only one platform or by following one particular video game company.

Everything To Know About Aquariums

Many people love keeping pet fish, often investing hundreds of dollars in elaborate aquarium displays. Share all the information people need to know to help them set up and maintain healthy aquariums.

Gardening Podcast

Share tips and tricks to help people start and manage their home gardens. Your content can cover all gardening or you can focus on one particular type of plant (such as flowers or herbs).

Music: New & Upcoming

Provide commentary and reviews about new and upcoming music. You can narrow these content themes by choosing one specific genre to cover in your podcast.

News Podcasts

news title image

Latest News & Current Events

If you’ve always dreamed about being a newscaster, the world of podcasting can make that dream a reality. Share the latest news and discuss current events on your own podcast.

Global News

Many news outlets focus on providing news for a particular area. A podcast with this theme would focus on news from around the world.

Entertainment News

Do you love all things Hollywood? Share the latest entertainment news and provide commentary about current events through your podcast with this theme.

News Commentary

Instead of only providing information about what’s happening, a news commentary podcast allows you to give your personal opinion about trending events.

This Week In Politics

Share bite-sized updates to keep people up-to-date about everything happening in the world of politics.

Sports News

If you love keeping up with sports news, you’ll enjoy creating a sports news podcast of your own. Share your passion with others by creating your own sports news podcast.

Tech News

There are so many potential directions you can take with a tech news podcast. Focus on one type of tech (like phones or computers) or follow one company (like Google or Microsoft). No matter what you choose, there will always be something to discuss.

Live Events

Share live commentary on events, such as sports or politics. The recordings from your live commentary can be edited and compiled into podcast episodes.

Local News

Going niche into your local area may be a great idea if you are able to report new things regularly. It’s also a different perspective from the national or international news as you are able to bring different things into the mix like funny stories or the weather that they will not have time to cover.

Religion & Spirituality

religion title image

Podcast About Your Religion

Whether you’re a clergy member or a layperson, you can start a podcast about your religion. Share advice and insight to help others who follow the same faith.


Discuss all things astrology, from the zodiac to tarot readings and more.


More people are diving into the world of mindfulness to help them control their emotions and cope with stress. Provide information and guide people on their mindfulness journey with this podcast theme.


Whether you provide guided yoga routines or give people tips to make the most of their yoga sessions, this podcast theme is great for people who are passionate about yoga fitness and spirituality.

Science Podcasts

science title image

Astronomy Podcast: News & Spotlights

Share news and other information related to the universe of astronomy. You may also choose to interview key scientists in the field.


Whether you’re sharing concepts or providing listeners with chemistry experiments to try at home, there’s a lot of potential topics to share about related to chemistry.

Agronomy: Interviews & Developments

Share interviews with experts and current events and developments about Agronomy in a podcast with this theme.

Sustainability & How We Can Achieve It

More people are investing in sustainable practices. Share information about what sustainability is and how individuals and corporations can help us achieve it.

Climate Change Issues & Solutions

Many people talk about climate change issues, but this podcast would also involve sharing solutions to major issues related to climate change.

Cancer: Latest Developments & Treatments

There are few things as earth-shattering as a cancer diagnosis. Provide information about current developments and treatments for patients with cancer.

A Story of Statistics

Instead of reporting numbers from the latest study, tell a story that explains the findings to your audience.

Veterinary Sciences

If you have experience as a veterinarian, you can share your expertise with vet techs and students through a veterinary sciences podcast. Focus on one animal or veterinary sciences as a whole.

Marine Biology

This podcast theme allows you to share about all things marine biology. From basic information to industry news, there’s plenty of topics to discuss.


Do you love fishing? Share information about your favorite fishing spots, fishing techniques, and review fishing products to help inform your audience.


A zoo podcast has several fun options. You can share information about the animals at one particular zoo or share insights to help zoo employees foster a healthy environment for the animals in their care.

Physics Podcast

Whether you’re creating content for high school students or working adults, a physics podcast allows you to discuss any topic related to physics. Provide information for physics educators or break down concepts for the everyday listener.

Social Science Podcast

Discuss human behavior and how it impacts social and cultural aspects of life. Whether you’re a social science educator or just passionate about the topic, this podcast is a great option for you.

Latest Science Innovations

A great podcast topic if you want to dive into the latest innovations in the sciences. You can cover topics ranging from the human mind to space exploration. All the latest experiments from recent years spanning all science topics is sure to attract a large audience.

Society & Culture Podcasting

society title image


Do you love documentaries? This podcast theme allows you to either create audio documentaries of your own or review new documentaries.

Personal Journal

Share your personal thoughts and struggles in a personal journal podcast. This can be a great outlet for you as well as a resource for others who struggle with similar things.


Whether you’re discussing classical philosophers or tackling modern philosophical questions, there’s a wealth of options for a philosophy podcast.

Travel Tips & Recommendations

Share information to help travelers make the most of their trips. You can share tips, recommendations, and reviews on a travel-themed podcast.

Relationship Advice

Everyone needs relationship advice at one time or another. Provide advice and answer listener questions in this type of podcast.

Interesting Facts About Life

If you know a little bit about everything, this is the podcast theme for you! Share interesting facts from a variety of fields with this podcast theme.

Celebrity Interviews

Interview famous people and discuss their work, their lives, and their future plans. You may need to build an audience to get celebrities to agree to interviews.


sports title image

A Podcast About Your Favorite Sport

Share the latest news, player stats, and more about your favorite sport. Choosing one sport is a great way to narrow your podcast’s theme.

A Podcast About Your Favorite Fantasy Sport

Many people are just as passionate about fantasy leagues as they are the sport itself. Share the latest news and engage with other fantasy sport enthusiasts through this type of podcast.

TV & Film

film title image

After Shows

Record a live commentary show immediately following the premiere of the latest episode of your favorite show. Then edit the recordings to share on your podcast.

Film Reviews & Critiques

If you’re a movie buff who loves to go to the theater, create a film review podcast to discuss the movies you see.

TV Reviews & Critiques

If you prefer TV shows over movies, review current episodes or entire seasons of shows on this type of podcast. You can even review older series that are “new” to your favorite streaming service!


technology title image

FinTech Podcasting

If you’re interested in financial technology, you can create a podcast with this theme. Discuss latest trends and new services available in the FinTech market.

Artificial Intelligence

If you’re an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning, this podcast theme is for you! Share latest news and commentary on developments in the industry.

Android and iPhone News & Tutorials

Cell phone companies are constantly releasing new phones! Share information about the latest release news and provide tutorials for the latest phone releases.


Whether you want to provide information for hacking enthusiasts or provide information to help software developers combat hacking attempts, you can create a hacking-themed podcast.

Blockchain & Crypto Development

If you’re interested in the technology behind blockchain and crypto, this podcast theme might be a good fit for you. Discuss new developments and recent news related to the world of crypto.

Podcast Industry: A Podcast About Podcasting

Yes, you can make a podcast about podcasting! While it’s best to create this podcast if you already have experience in the field, you can jump right into this theme if you’ve recently discovered a fervor for podcasting.

Product Reviews

Review the latest tech gadgets in your podcast. Whether you focus on phones, computers, smart watches, or any other type of product, you’ll never run out of items to review.

True Crime

true crime title image

True Crime

People are obsessed with true crime podcasts. Whether you discuss certain cases or review true crime shows and books, there are plenty of things to talk about on your true crime podcast

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope this list will help you come up with new topics and kickstart podcast episode ideas that get you excited around the possibilities of a new podcast.

The podcast format you choose will stem from the topic you are interested in.

From looking to interview people to a more conversational style, once you have your topic set, it’s time for that next step.

Now I would like to hear from you.

What was your favorite?

Which topic did I miss?

Let me know in the comments below.

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