Comparing Zoom H2N vs Rode NT USB

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The Zoom H2N and the Rode NT USB are just two options available, and come at relatively inexpensive price points. While the Zoom H2N is an affordable but quality option, the Rode NT USB is even more affordable without skimping on quality.

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Rode NT USB Review

The Rode NT USB microphone is a quality product that costs under $200 and delivers exceptional sound. The typical problems that come with other, cheaper microphones like sibilance, popping and vibration do not seem to have an effect on the product, even when placed on a tripod. The sensitive microphone will pick up even the quietest whisper. The quality is perfect for a podcaster who wants to sound professional or someone who just wants to capture a dynamic and crisp sound. The only negative of the Rode NT USB seems to be its plastic boom bracket, but that does not damage its sizeable rewards.

Zoom H2N Review

The zoom H2N handy recorder

The zoom H2N handy recorder

The Zoom H2N is produced by Zoom, one of the leading digital technology recording companies in the world. Sporting four microphone capsules and with the ability to use as a mutli-track recorder, the recorder has become a mainstay for many people who record in lots of different locations. The H2N has a power life of 20 hours with just two AA batteries. It records in three different modes, including midside, two-channel, and four-channel. With a 2.0 firmware update, that increases to four, and can record in the ambisonic format beside a horizontal plane. It can record in both directional and bidirectional modes. Many have reported that the sound quality isn’t as good as it could be, but for the price, it remains a quality product that does the job you need it to do.

Zoom H2N vs Rode NT USB

The difference between the Zoom H2N and the Rode NT USB is not in quality, but in price. Coming in at about $180, the Zoom H2N is affordable, but not as inexpensive as the Rode NT USB, which only costs $135 and delivers on the sound. If you are unclear which to choose, because both are quality products, consider the price. That will give you the answer that the Rode NT USB comes with great features and costs a lot less.

Both the Zoom H2N and the Rode NT USB are quality microphones at inexpensive prices.

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