Behringer XM1800S: A Good Microphone For Podcast Recording?

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The Behringer XM1800S is a suitable microphone for a podcaster starting out. Having USB connection helps with the initial setup and has a pickup pattern that helps reduce background noises without affecting quality. And the price is hard to match at as low as $40 for a case of 3 microphones.

Compare how the Behringer XM1800S fares in comparison with the Behringer XM8500 in this review.

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Behringer XM1800S Specs

Behringer XM1800S prides itself on having a dynamic microphone sound. That means that it is resistant to moisture and can achieve “high gain before feedback,” as the company’s website states. The pickup pattern captures the source signal and shuts out other off-axis sound. The result is high quality sound that doesn’t dim any of the vocal quality, but keeps away any unwanted noise. Because they are dynamic, you are able to plug them into a USB input on a computer with no hassle.

The Behringer capsule is a basic setup with inexpensive materials built into it. The microphone wiring is basic to most microphones and the microphone when held in the hand will pick up some handling noise. For those who do not have a perfectly sound proof studio setup, the XM1800S has a directional nature that allows it to pick up only the sound you want it to. The three-piece set comes with pop filters, on and off switches and a mild presence setting. Though it is not perfect for all types of recording – namely the kinds that move or require handling – the XM1800S will produce the type of quality of sound you need to start your podcast.

Behringer XM1800S Price


XM1800S microphones and case

XM1800S microphones and case

As of February 2022, you can purchase a Behringer 1800S set of three microphones for about $40, depending on where you buy them. The general consensus among buyers is that the microphones are consistent quality for a very low price point. One DJ suggests that the microphones are good for DJs and karaoke, but maybe not as good for a professional band. But for a podcast where sound is limited to a few voices and maybe some sound effects, this may be a great microphone to start with. In a comparison between Shure SM58 – the “gold standard of microphones” in podcasting – Dark Corner Studios suggests the XM1800s is more bang for the buck.

The Behringer XM1800S is for Podcasting Beginners

For someone starting a podcast with limited funds, the Behringer XM1800S is an excellent choice for a microphone. If you want to one day upgrade to a crisper, cleaner sound, that’s always an option and might be one you should take. We have a list of the best microphones for podcasting. But the XM1800S seems to have impressed a wide variety of podcasters and technophiles alike with its quality and setup, prompting comparisons to more expensive brands and coming out the victor.

The Behringer XM1800s may not compare to higher priced brands in terms of the quality of its capsules or wiring, but it is a great option for a beginning podcaster with zero audience.

For the podcaster just starting out the Behringer XM1800S is a great option that doesn’t skimp on quality