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It’s no secret that the apocalypse is one of the most popular topics right now. People around the world find themselves consumed with the idea of the approaching end of days, preparing and watching movies, fantasizing about what it will be like. If you are preparing for the end times and want a podcast you can listen to that gives you ideas, tips, and a good laugh to go with it, check out this list of the best apocalyptic podcasts.

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The Best Apocalyptic Podcasts

The Afterworlds Podcast

The Afterworlds Podcast is a fictional storytelling podcast that surrounds the post-apocalyptic future. Listen along as the only human left on the planet navigates a scary new world and starts a radio show with monsters, mutants, zombies, and robots. No two episodes are alike, and they all build onto each other, making this an exciting and hilarious podcast you won’t want to miss.


Void is a podcast set in the not so distant future, 2083, where Earth has been decimated from deregulation and pollution and is now a radioactive, desolate wasteland. The future of the human race lies in the hands of the last surviving colony that must leave Earth and venture into space in search of a new planet to call home.

The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga

The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga is the perfect listen for those who loved “The Stand” and “Mad Max.” The podcast takes place fifteen years after the world as we know it collapses and follows a brother and sister duo as they seek to save their rural Maine home from the ruthless military and a group of religious zealots. You won’t want to miss this epic show that features over thirty actors, original music, and incredible cinematic sound design. The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga is the winner of the Mark Time Award for sci-fi audio and a finalist for Romania’s Grand Prix Nova award.

One World In A New World

One World In A New World is a podcast that features in-depth and poignant conversations on connecting with others while bridging the gap of equality, diversity, and inclusion while living in an era ushered in by a new normal. The podcast is based on One World in Pheonix and asks questions like “how are you guiding the future?” and “what’s your new normal going to be?” This podcast will push the extent of your thinking and challenge you to meet our new world with an open mind, ready to embrace the changes that are already happening.

Pre-Apocalyptic/ Post-Apocalyptic Show

The Pre-Apocalyptic/ Post-Apocalyptic Show Podcast has listeners joining along with the host as he discusses all of the things that will happen when the apocalypse hits and the world falls apart. Talks included prepping and what the public will have to do to survive. This podcast might just save your life one day!

Decivilization: A Post Apocalyptic RPG Podcast

Decivilization: A Post Apocalyptic RPG Podcast is the perfect podcast for those who love RPGs and all things apocalyptic. Listen in as you experience a new world teeming with strange and scary creatures, raiders, and ever-warring city-states, as they all fight to stay alive. Do you think you could survive this post-apocalyptic new world? Listen along and find out.

The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast

For those who enjoy a biblical-based journey that explores what the apocalypse will look like, you don’t want to miss The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast. Join in on the conversation following the Gospel like a first-century Jew would have recognized it. The hosts, Josh, Bill, and John, dig through the Torah, Second Temple writings, and the Biblical Prophets to discover the origin and the development of popular apocalyptic ideas. Discussions include how the Day of the Lord, the Kingdom of God, and more were understood in the first century and what that means for today. This encouraging and insightful podcast is perfect for those seeking biblical-based deep dive into the end of days.

Apocalyptic Events

The Apocalyptic Events podcast features discussion on the events to expect during the apocalypse and how they will affect different regions around the globe. It’s an insightful view into how other countries may handle the end of the world and its impact on those living there. There are multiple scenarios covered, making it an interesting listen for all types of preppers.


The apocalypse is a topic that excites millions worldwide and spreads fear into the hearts of others. Whether you’re ready to take on the end of the world, want more information on preparing yourself and your family, or simply enjoy listening to entertaining stories on the subject, this list has an option you’re bound to love. So, when it’s time to start prepping, turn on one of the shows from this list of the best apocalyptic podcasts, and good luck!

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