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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the LDS Church or Mormon Church, is a widely spread religion worldwide. Such a significant following has brought about uncountable podcasts to explore the denomination in different dimensions.

Some podcasts are positive about building faith in the religion, whereas others look for faults to weaken it.

With much respect to everyone’s beliefs, this article examines the five best LDS church podcasts which deliver positive content to its followers and those considering joining the Mormonism culture.

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Mormon Stories

The Mormon Stories podcast began in 2005 and has been running ever since. It is the oldest and most known Mormon discussion podcast. In 2019, the podcast received over 7.5 million podcast downloads, including Facebook and YouTube views.

Further, the podcast work has been recognized in many prominent media such as Good Morning America, National Public Radio, New York Times, the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, VICE NEWS, VH1, etc.

Dr. John Dehlin, a Clinical and Counseling Psychologist, hosts the podcast and uses stories to inspect, assess, and clarify the Mormonism beliefs. The podcast aims to improve the Mormon knowledge and practice by sharing the correct history and dogma surrounding the Latter Day Saints/Mormon church.

Also, the podcast’s stories address the challenges Mormon church followers face to enhance their experience.

For those new to the Mormon Stories podcast, start by listening to their Top 25 most essential and widely acknowledged Mormon Stories episodes.

Sunstone Mormon History Podcast

Lindsay Hansen Park and Bryan Buchanan host this podcast. In addition, Lindsay is an executive director at the Sunstone Education Foundation and hosts another podcast named Year of Polygamy. Bryan is a historian working at Benchmark Books and deals with Mormon history documentation.

The podcast delivers comprehensive research on Mormonism history. The hosts examine the development of the church from its inception to its current status by looking into every aspect of the Mormon beliefs.

The duo exposes the little-known history of the Mormon church’s two-hundred-year journey. They explain how the church expanded from six people to a multibillion-dollar church. The podcast discusses the divinity, logical, communal, and creative qualities of the church’s history and contemporary living.

The podcasts encourage a caring attitude, truthful probing, and exchange of philosophies in a manner that respects everyone and their beliefs.

To get a rich history regarding the Mormon Church, check out the Sunstone Mormon History podcast.

Latter Day Lives

In this podcast, Shawn Rapier, the host, invites active Latter-day Saints to share their stories. The guests include authors, directors, actors, politicians, musicians, and people who create a positive impact around the globe.

Some of the stories narrate how the guests overcome life difficulties and how they maneuvered to reach their current standing. The podcast gives hope to fellow Mormons who might be experiencing challenges and instill determination to continue living under the Mormonism beliefs.

Every week there are new episodes, and the archives store even more episodes for the last three years since the podcast began. Listening to this podcast gives you a more realistic view of the Mormonism religion.

The stories shared are generally around the Latter-day Saints’ living and beliefs, so if you appreciate hearing about the lives of other Mormons, you will enjoy listening to the Latter Day Lives podcast.

This Week in Mormons

This Week in Mormons is a famous podcast known for discussing the Latter-day Saints’ updates and values. Geoff Openshaw initiated the podcast in 2010 as the founder, editor in chief, and primary host.

Geoff partners with charming Latter-day Saint co-hosts to deliver an exciting Latter-day Saint newscast and comments on each show. The hosts explore all issues around the Latter-day Saint living using careful scrutiny and good humor.

Over the years, the podcast has maintained a clean record with no opposition or critics due to the cautiousness of the hosts.

If you would like to have fun and not be too serious about the Latter-day Saint culture, listen to This Week in Mormons podcast, and you will be smiling throughout the entire episode.

All In – LDS Living

Since its inception in October 2018, the All In podcast explains what it means to be “all in” the LDS living. The podcast examines the subject by interviewing members of the Mormon Church to discuss their first-hand experiences.

The podcast offers new insights to describe what “all in” means to its believers by looking at a wide range of topics within the Mormon culture. Listening to this podcast provides essential information that elaborates the desired conduct as a Mormon.

If you want to understand the Mormon culture, the All In – LDS Living podcast can help you solidify your Mormonism beliefs.

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The Latter-day Saints/Mormon Church has penetrated all corners of the world. Both followers of the religion and critics have created numerous podcasts to talk about this religion. Here, we specifically looked at those podcasts that build more faith in Mormonism.

We could not cover all of them; instead, we chose the best, including the Mormon Stories, Sunstone Mormon History Podcast, Latter-Day Lives, This Week in Mormons, and All In – LDS Living.