The Best Penetration Testing Podcasts

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Penetration testing involves a series of tests meant to test the security of a company’s networks or servers. This is to ensure hackers can’t breach a company’s firewalls or additional security measures.

There are several podcasts that either focus entirely on penetration testing or spend a good portion of their time on the different facets of each kind of penetration test a company can perform. The best ones include Hacked Off, 7 Minute Security, and Cybersecurity Sense, which feature a wide range of cybersecurity topics and interviews with professionals in the field.

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Hacked Off

If you’re a newbie to the cybersecurity world or want to learn more about all the modern counter-hacking measures companies and security experts are taking, Hacked Off is a great option. The podcast is hosted by Holly Grace Williams, the managing director of Secarma, a global cybersecurity and penetration testing company. It offers interviews every week that cover the news behind the latest security breaches and offers expert advice on how hackers operate and what to do to ensure your own network is secured.

7 Minute Security

Podcasts that discuss penetration testing methods will help you learn important cybersecurity methods.

The world of cyber security is uncovered in this seven-minute per episode podcast also available on Stitcher Premium. Topics covered include penetration testing, cybersecurity careers, and blue teaming, which is the act of a group of people performing analysis of information systems to identify any flaws in the system that could set a company up for a harmful hacking event. In-depth interviews with those who are engaged currently in the cybersecurity world of blueteaming and penetration testing offers a plethora of information for listeners to learn from in the 7 Minute Security podcast.

CyberSecurity Sense

LBMC Information Security’s weekly podcast, CyberSecurity Sense, provides insight on topics like IPS monitoring, managed IDS services, digital forensic analysis, electronic discovery, litigation, computer security incident response, security program planning, web application security assessments, and penetration testing. This podcast is specifically for those in the field of cybersecurity who need further education to protect their companies from an outside threat.


Knowing how to protect your company from a hacking threat is becoming more and more of a necessity for even the smallest businesses. Listening to Hacked Off, 7 Minute Security, or Cybersecurity Sense podcasts on penetration testing will help you understand how to test your own security systems to keep dangerous hackers out.