Best Podcasts on Stitcher Premium

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Stitcher Premium is a podcast platform that is home to several podcasts, including over 50 original productions. The popular comedy network Earwolf hosts its podcasts on the platform, as well as documentary network Witness Docs, and Stitcher Originals. The best podcasts on Stitcher Premium include comedy shows like Comedy Bang! Bang! and How Did This Get Made; true crime podcasts like Casefile: True Crime and Morbid; and educational podcasts like Stuff You Should Know and Today, Explained.

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Best True Crime Podcasts on Stitcher Premium

If you’re in the mood for spine-tingling tales of crime and murder, these podcasts will have you hooked. Casefile: True Crime covers a new murder case every episode and eerily describes the crimes and the aftermath.

Maybe you are looking for a lighter take on true crime, Morbid is then a good option. Two friends discuss a case every episode and are able to broach the tough topics of murder and abuse with a gentle sprinkling of humor when appropriate.

If you want more of a deep dive on a murder case, Stranglers is a 12-episode podcast covering the Boston Strangler and dives deep to uncover whether the Boston Strangler’s crimes was committed by more than one murderer, which would mean someone got away with the crime.

And if what you’d like to delve deeper in is about Jeffrey Epstein’s, we also have you covered.

Best Comedy Podcasts on Stitcher Premium

Stitcher Premium features a variety of shows to choose from.

Some of the best podcasts on Stitcher Premium are the funny ones. Comedy Bang! Bang! Is a silly and hysterical “talk show” where the host Scott Aukerman leads listeners through an assortment of interviews with improv characters acted out by a rotating group of popular comedians.

The comedians in the podcast, How Did This Get Made, cover a new bad movie every episode to discuss, as the title suggests, how it got made when it was such a bad film.

Your Mom’s House with Christina P. and Tom Segura is focused on the lives of the husband and wife stand up comics. Their conversations cover everything from bizarre and funny stuff on the internet to their comedy careers, their time at home, and much more. Friends in the comedy world stop by and chat about anything and everything.

If you are into comedy, we also covered the best podcasts for comedy writers.

Best News and Educational Podcasts on Stitcher Premium

Give your brain a boost by taking in some new and interesting facts. Stuff You Should Know is a podcast centered around teaching you stuff you should, in fact, know. This includes getting to the bottom of questions like how Twinkies are made, if ghosts are real, and more.

Today, Explained from Vox features a daily wrap-up of the top world news of the past 24 hours in. Hosted by  Sean Rameswaram and Noel King, the podcast features reporting from the best reporters on the Vox Network, and covers 20 to 30 minutes of news for every daily episode.

If you’re interested in history that may have been left out in your lessons, Stuff You Missed in History Class is a great podcast to get a dose of some of the most interesting stories in the history of the world.


Whether you are looking for an educational, funny, or scary podcast, Stitcher Premium’s platform has you covered. The best podcasts they offer include Comedy Bang! Bang!, Morbid, and Stuff You Should Know.