The Best Reseller Podcasts

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Reselling is the art of buying something used and either improving or upcycling it and selling it, or just selling it as is. The best reselling podcasts available to listeners to learn more about how to get into reselling are Pure Hustle Podcast, Flipping It: The Reselling Podcast, and Thrifters Villa.

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Pure Hustle Podcast

The Pure Hustle Podcast features two bearded friends simply talking about how they’ve come to learn the reselling trade and what their current exploits are in buying and selling used goods. The two talk about everything from selling things on eBay, to finding vintage items like games and action figures, to negotiating with people throwing yard sales. With close to 300 audio podcasts and videos, these two will make you a pro if you’re interested in getting into the resell trade.

Flipping It: The Reselling Podcast

Learning about reselling isn’t hard with several podcasts dedicated to the topic.

In his oftentimes short podcasts on the topic, the podcaster on Flipping It: The Reselling Podcast talks about his current sales on eBay and how to reap the benefits of thrift stores and sites like eBay and Amazon to find great deals that you can resell for a profit. Guests come on to discuss their own forays into the reselling world and learn from each other on the best tips and tricks of the trade. Though the podcast is younger than Pure Hustle, it features a lot of good information that you can learn from.

Thrifters’ Villa

Daniela and Jen are two fun and friendly co-hosts of the Thrifters’ Villa podcast and talk about not only reselling but also entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and fashion. The podcast is now in season three and takes deep dives into what types of products you should be looking for while checking out thrift stores, how to thrift for yourself and your family, and how to build your business. The episodes are each about 40 to 60 minutes long and are packed full of information and personality.

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Podcasts that document reselling items for profit are gaining popularity. Three that stand out include Pure Hustle, Flipping It: The Reselling Podcast, and Thrifters’ Villa. They each offer their own spin on the reselling trade and take you through the steps to create your own reselling business.