Boom Arm With Big Clamp: Top Brands to Choose From

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A boom arm streamlines your recording sessions by offering unmatched flexibility and range of motion. It also enables you to keep your podcasting table free of clutter so that you can access your equipment with ease. Choosing a boom arm with a big clamp is essential as it allows you to attach it to any size table and provides greater stability during motion. There are many high-quality boom arms with big clamps in a variety of price ranges, so no matter what your budget, you can add this must-have to your recording setup.

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What Is a Boom Arm With A Big Clamp?

A boom arm is a microphone stand attachment that moves horizontally and allows you to place the microphone in front of your mouth without the frustration of a bulky stand in your way. Most people choose to attach their boom arm to a clamp that is attached to the side of their table, freeing up precious tabletop space for other necessary equipment.

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Why Should I Choose A Big Clamp For My Boom Arm?

Adjustable IXTECH Boom Arm used in recording. Image Source.

When choosing a stand to attach your boom arm to, many people choose a clamp to clear up tabletop space. When selecting your clamp, you want to choose one that is sturdy and can stand up to the weight of the boom arm and attached microphone, especially when fully extended. To accomplish this, you want to select a big clamp designed to hold the weight of your existing equipment.

If you use a smaller clamp or a poor-quality option, the chances of it breaking under the weight or not lasting for an extended amount of time are high. To protect your boom arm and particularly your microphone, you should always select a high-quality big clamp. Big clamps also extend to fit virtually any table, so you can rest assured it will fit seamlessly into your recording setup.

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Boom Arm With Big Clamp Options

We’ve compiled a list of boom arms with big clamps in different price ranges so you can choose one that fits your budget and table perfectly.


Inexpensive boom arms are the perfect option for those just starting out, whether it’s podcasting, music, or any other audio recording field. They give you the same design and general features as more expensive options and let you figure out what works best for your needs without spending a lot of money.

Ixtech Boom Arm – $59.99

The Ixtech Boom Arm features 360-degree rotation, dual suspension springs, a universal, foldable scissor arm, and a clip-on clamp. It’s an excellent starter boom arm and a great value for the price.

Insten Microphone Stand – $40.99

The Insten Microphone Stand offers powerful clamping and outstanding bearing capacity. With 360-degree ergonomic positioning and universal compatibility, this boom arm is perfect for all your recording needs.

Extendable Arm Stand – $13.85

For those on an extreme budget or who are unsure whether they want to enter into the recording world, this extendable arm stand is an ideal option. With a universal adapter, 3.5lb load capacity, large clamp, and automatic extension, it lets you dip your foot into the recording world without a high-cost commitment.


Samson Boom Arm – $50.39

The Samson Boom Arm features durable steel construction, internal springs for effortless positioning, 5lb weight capacity, C-clamp mount, and optional flange mount for permanent mounting. It’s an excellent mid-price option that is both stylish and made from high-quality materials.

InnoGear Boom Arm – $62.99

The InnoGear Boom Arm features an upgraded spring-embedded balancing system, a longer scissor arm, greater microphone compatibility, and sturdy materials. Works with Blue Yeti, Blue Snowball, Blue Yeti Pro, Blue Snowball ICE, Blue Yeti X, and Blue Yeti Nano microphone models.

Elgato Wave Mic Arm – $99.00

The Elgato Wave Arm features a ball head for exact microphone positioning, a padded clamp to protect your table, 360-degree rotation, and a custom counterweight that holds your microphone in place. It’s excellent for beginners through professional recording artists.


RODE PSA1+ Boom Arm – $129.00

The RODE PSA1+ Boom Arm features 360-degree rotation, standard microphone threading, over three feet of vertical and horizontal reach, and a durable clamp to keep it in place. Now you can record easily and with confidence!

Gator Frameworks Boom Arm – $149.99

The Gator Frameworks Boom Arm features unmatched adjustment capabilities, an on-air light indicator, an internal USB power cable, and 360 -degree positioning. It’s the ideal choice for heavy microphones and long-lasting use.

O.C. Mic Boom – $439

The O.C Mic Boom is ultra-low profile and highly adjustable. It features a 29″ reach, five-pound weight capacity, locked rotation range option, and 12″ fixed horizontal arm.

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A boom arm with a big clamp is a sturdy, space-efficient option for your recording setup. It provides unmatched flexibility and range of motion, making it the perfect choice for beginners to advanced recording pros.

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