Top Podcast Ideas You Can Feature For Halloween

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Halloween is the festival of horrors. It is commonly celebrated in Europe and North America on the 31st of October every year. Halloween can be traced back to the 9th century and is celebrated with pranks, parties, costumes, tricks, and treats.

The ancient Celts in Northern Ireland had the belief that ghosts would come back to earth on that day, and the people had to dress up and mimic the ghosts to evade confrontations. As a result, costumes and masks were developed to ward off superstitions.

The ancient Celtic festival of Samhain is recognized as the origin of Halloween. From the 9th century AD, this non-religious and western Christian feast was always celebrated on the eve of All Hallows Day, leading to All Souls Day three days later.

Creating a podcast has today been made much easier due to the proliferation of the internet. Halloween provides a wide array of choices for those who choose to create podcasts in this field. Among the most popular existing podcast ideas are:

1. Introducing Halloween songs

This is especially useful for kids. The creator of the podcast will talk about various songs associated with Halloween. In addition, you could play some of the songs in the podcast. Examples of such podcasts are the Amazon-owned and Halloween Lesson Ideas with Teacher Miriam.

2. Halloween Costumes

dog wearing halloween costume

Here you have a wide choice of subjects. Halloween is all about costumes, and any glimpse into the genre will throw up a range of topics.

From DIY projects that families can happily accomplish together using materials that are readily available at home to store-sourced modern ready-made masks and costumes, you have a wide array of choices to pick from. has a good selection for those who prefer to make their own stuff. You could also check out CrimeJunkie, Morbid, and ATrueCrime for ideas on what other podcasts are doing about the subject.

It would be best to base your podcast on the traditionally popular themes, mainly frightening supernatural beings based on popular folklore. Remember that this day is primarily viewed as out of the normal, so go for morbid and serious outfits.

3. Halloween Art

Halloween art often depicts various art projects. The mason jar is a central part of Halloween culture, and the drinking straws can be multi-colored. It’s also handy for storing snacks and other treats. Toys such as spiders and skulls are often added to the jar.

Another common trick is the use of painted vases or lanterns, which combine the use of candles or LED lights to illuminate creepy characters painted on the vase.

Halloween paintings are also a significant part of Halloween. Some famous examples include The Skull watercolor painting by Olga Shvartsur and The Nightman by Henry Fuseli. Halloween art may also include posters, wood prints, and framed prints.

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4. Halloween Movie Reviews

You could do a review of the most popular and recent movies in the genre. For example, horror and Halloween go hand-in-hand, and the viewership of these spikes around the Halloween season.

Your podcast will give a narration and background on the in-demand projects revolving around the genre. Good examples of such podcasts are and

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5. Halloween Guide

You could start a podcast providing guidance on Halloween movies, books, and other resources. Haunted houses and other attractions are also in high demand. Examples of such podcasts are The Gringo and Owasso News and Events.

6. Your Own Spin on Halloween

Halloween is all about the spooky topics. Can you make your IT podcast spooky by telling some real life horror stories of your clients? Or can you bring a real life fact that is spooky to your bird watching podcast? What about a skull themed drink for your beer centric podcast? Dig deep in your niche, what scary story can you bring to this episode that will air on Halloween?

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Demand for podcasts has really spiked during the Covid-19 era since 2020, and it has progressively grown into an essential go-to source of information and entertainment for many people. Furthermore, Halloween being an important part of people’s social life in Europe and North America means that the demand for information and services pertaining to it continues to grow.

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