Jaybird X2 Review: Why We Love Them!

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If you’re looking for high-quality earbuds that bring great value for your money, this Jaybird X2 review will tell you everything you need to know about this excellent product.

There’s no doubt that playing music while you go about your daily life can make the mundane much more fun, which is why having a quality set of earbuds you can turn to is essential. Unfortunately, wired headphones are often cumbersome and make performing activities like going to the gym a pain. Wireless options may not fit correctly in your ears, affecting sound quality and falling out with intense movement. The Jaybird X2 earbuds are the solution, offering superior sound without the annoyance brought by many lesser-quality options.

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Jaybird X2 Specifications

Name   Jaybird X2
Type   In-ear headphones
Connection   Wireless
Dimensions   7.3 x 2 x 4.8 inches (18.5 x 5 x 12.2 cm)
Weight   0.66 pounds (0.3 kg)
Driver size   6 mm
Wireless technology   Bluetooth 2.1


The Design

A man wearing Jaybird X2 while working out. Image Source.

The Jaybird X2 headphones are the successor to the fan-favorite Jaybird Bluebuds X, insanely popular sports earbuds that blew all the other models out of the water. The Bluebuds X was first released in 2012, and it wasn’t until three years later that Jaybird decided to revamp them, introducing the X2s.

Fortunately, unlike too many companies, Jaybird saw it had a winner in its original design and decided not to mess with success. Instead of a complete overhaul, they decided to leave what worked and upgrade what fell short, a decision other brands would be wise to emulate. The majority of the changes took place inside the headphones, revamping old and outdated technology for newer innovations that developed between launches.

When compared side by side, there’s no doubt that the Bluebuds X and the X2 have a similar look, but that’s not to say there weren’t any aesthetic upgrades. The Jaybird X2s now come in five colorways, dropping their predecessor’s glossy finish for a matte one. This color update adds to the sport look of the headphones without being too flashy.

There is also new equipment that makes these headphones feel more lux, including an updated carrying case that ditches the previous models’ cumbersome clamping mechanism. Users also have three ear fin options and, arguably most exciting, three pairs of both Comply foam and silicone tips, in sizes small, medium, and large. These sizing options are one of the reasons the Jaybird X2s stand out since they allow you to achieve a customized snug fit that produces better sound quality.

Additionally, having sports earbuds that fit snuggly is essential for ensuring they don’t slip and slide during intense workouts. With these headphones, you receive superior noise cancellation for an overall better sound experience. The Comply foam and silicon tip options aren’t the only customizable feature; the three size options for ear fins take it one step further.

The ear fins are what keeps the Jaybird X2s in place during jumping, jerking, and shaking so you can play sports, run a marathon, or do whatever high-intensity exercise you enjoy. Although it does take some trial and error to find which one fits you best, once you do, there’s almost no amount of movement you can do that will make these headphones budge. It is important to note that there is a very slight chance that none of the tip or fin combinations will fit your ear perfectly, but this is a very rare occurrence.

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Jaybird X2 Durability

Durability is one of the most important aspects of well-designed sports headphones, and the Jaybird X2 delivers. The exterior construction can sustain occasional drops, and these earbuds are waterproof, an essential feature for heavy sweaters. Paired with the limited lifetime warranty that protects against sweat damage and you have a product designed to last the test of time.

Another impressive feature is the eight-hour battery life, which is a standout for in-ear headphones. While this number may not seem as impressive compared to over-ear or on-ear models, it’s no small feat considering the battery is small enough to fit inside the earbud. Plus, it only takes the Jaybird X2 around two to three hours to fully charge using the micro USB port situated within the right earbud. The charging time may vary, however, depending on the charging box used.

Cable Quality

Although the Jaybird X2 is a wireless headphone, it does have a cable connecting the left and right earbuds, which is what we will discuss in this section. One slightly annoying aspect of the cable is its length, which comes in at a staggering 540 millimeters or almost two feet long. Making it that length is a confusing choice by Jaybird since it’s just too long and dangles excessively when worn. Granted, cable clips are included that help contain this excess, but it doesn’t look great. The good part is that it is tangle-free, so at least you don’t have to worry about annoying knots.

The cable houses the headphone’s in-line controller system that attaches by the right side earbud. This controller contains the microphone and three push buttons for rejecting, ending, and taking calls, changing songs, controlling the volume, and turning the earbuds off and on.

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Sound Quality

When it comes down to it, the most important part of any headphones is the sound quality, and the Jaybird X2 doesn’t disappoint. Just like its predecessor, the Bluebird X, these headphones deliver a clear, crisp sound that doesn’t fall flat. Unlike other brands, the bass incorporates seamlessly, providing a slight accentuation without overtaking the rest of the audio (a welcome inclusion for everyone who doesn’t enjoy feeling the beat in their chest.) The evenness of the bass also keeps the mids clear, so it was definitely the right design choice.

Generally, the mids are drowned, but the X2 expertly solved this problem by spreading the audio evenly across all of the frequencies. Plus, the highs are phenomenal, with some minor roll-off, but that’s expected with any in-ear earbud; this is kept within acceptable limits, though; another feature that outperforms lesser in-ear headphone models.

The Jaybird X2 has an incredible signal, connecting even thirty feet; pretty much if you can see your phone, you can expect these headphones to connect. The interface is great as well and shouldn’t provide any problems even when running or jumping. With all of these features considered, we easily give the Jaybird X2 a nine out of ten rating, as long as you find the correct fit; otherwise, your bass won’t hit as well, and the rest of the audio will sound subpar.

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Although the Jaybird X2 has so many incredible features, including extraordinary sound quality, a super long battery life, unmatched durability, and customizable fit, these aren’t what make it one of the best headphones on the market.

The best part about the Jaybird X2 is the price. Although when it was first released, its price point of $200, while completely justified, was hard to swallow for some, it still sold incredibly well thanks to its high quality. However, coming in now for about half the original price, there’s no doubt these headphones are an insane value. With a price tag of around $100, the Jaybird X2 is the best, most cost-efficient sports wireless headphones on the market!


If you’re searching for wireless headphones that stay put no matter how intense your exercise is, are highly durable and water-resistant, offer customizable sizing for the perfect fit, deliver superior sound quality, and are extremely affordable, you just can’t beat the Jaybird X2. It’s no wonder so many people choose them over headphone models that are twice the price!