Neewer NW-05 Mixer Review: An Ideal Option for Podcasting?

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For those seeking a premium yet compact audio recorder for their podcast, the Neewer NW 05 Mixer is the ideal option. Complete with a variety of functions, including microphone channel compression, multiple DSP effects, Bluetooth and USB functions, and more, you can trust the Neewer NW 05 Mixer will help you create the quality recordings you crave. Now you can record your podcast anytime, anywhere, thanks to the compact Neewer NW 05 Mixer.

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What Is The Neewer 05 Mixer Used For?

The Neewer 05 Mixer is excellent for editing, audio recording, and podcasting. It also works with a variety of indoor recording and PA system applications, including TV, music, or movie recording within dancing halls, theaters, conference halls, bars, etc.

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Why Choose The Neewer 05 Mixer

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The Neewer 05 Mixer has many benefits for those seeking a high-quality mixer option that isn’t heavy or bulky. The housing is comprised of durable plastic, built to hold up to everyday wear and tear. Its compact structure is easy to move and place in a wide range of locations so that you can take it with you virtually anywhere. With the Neewer 05 Mixer, you get the highest quality premium sound, drowning out unwanted background noise, so your audio is crisp and clear. Additionally, every microphone channel has individualized compression functions, ensuring every performance sounds incredible.

The Neewer 05 Mixer has a host of DSP effects, often found on the highest quality mixers. It includes a specialized built-in DSP echo utilizing an adjustable delay, which is perfect for use during intensive audio processing. There is also an SD card, Bluetooth, and USB recording and playing function adding even greater versatility to this miniature workhorse. To use the Bluetooth option, simply select Bluetooth and connect to your smartphone or tablet, enabling you to play your favorite music. To record, you can choose the recording mode and then input a signal from a line or mic, then just press play! It’s that easy.

If you want to use a condenser microphone, the Neewer 05 Mixer makes it easy, thanks to a built-in 48V premium phantom power supply. Now you can access everything you need to record the highest quality podcast without an exorbitant price tag or bulky equipment.

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Neewer 05 Mixer Specs

The Neewer 05 Mixer specifications are as follows:

  • The Input Voltage: 220V
  • The Power Supply: DC 12V Input
  • The Dimensions: 10.8 X 7.6 X 3 inches/ 27.4 X 19.3 X 7.8 centimeters
  • Net weight: 4.85 pounds or 2.2 kilograms

Package Contents Included:

1 – NW-05 Stereo Mixer

1 – DC 12V Power Adapter

Neewer 05 Mixer Customer Reviews

The Neewer 05 Mixer has largely positive customer reviews, receiving a 4 out of 5-star rating from Google. Negative ratings are few and far between and generally refer to the lack of manual included with the product. The overwhelming majority of reviews are positive, stating that the Neewer 05 Mixer is an excellent option for beginners to intermediate experience levels or for those who often travel and bring their recording equipment with them. A few customer reviews are listed below.

“Really good value for the money, very decent build and excellent finish. Very compact and well designed little mixer, brilliant quality and superb performance at a budget.” – Steve H.


“Ideal for the price, I use it for mixing electric drums, guitar, and vocals and it does just fine. All the knobs and buttons feel great and are incredibly satisfying to turn and click, great experience.” – S. Bloor


“Neewer Stereo 5 channel mixer is a great starter for your own podcast or radio station. It can also be successfully used for other mixing purposes as well. I dare say that you won’t get the better mixer up to £100-120, especially if you want a device with USB socket. Quality wise it can easily compete with the best brands.” – Matt

Related Questions

Q: Can I use the Neewer 05 Mixer for playing music for events?

A: Yes, the Neewer 05 Mixer is perfect for playing music at a wide range of events, thanks to the included Bluetooth option.

Q: Are a microphone and speaker included?

A: No, when you purchase a Neewer 05 Mixer, the package does not include a microphone or speaker.

Q: How many channels are included in the Neewer 05 Mixer?

A: The Neewer 05 Mixer includes five channels allowing you greater usage flexibility.


If you’re searching for a high-quality, compact mixer that produces crisp and clear sound, the Neewer 05 Mixer is an ideal choice. Its lightweight and compact design lets you take it anywhere, with its Bluetooth, SD card, and USB options providing the flexibility you want. You don’t have to spend a lot on bulky equipment; with the Neewer 05 Mixer, you can create the excellent-sounding podcasts or audio you want, anytime, anywhere.

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