Does Listening To A Podcast Count As Screen Time?

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Smartphone apps typically do not count podcasts as part of screen time. Screen time, or time spent with a digital screen, includes everything from time spent watching videos, researching topics on Google, scrolling through social media, and reading a book on your ebook reader.

Whether you listen to podcasts on the car or to fall asleep, as long as the screen is off, it will not count towards screen time.

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Does Listening to Spotify Add Screen Time?

Spotify does not count as screen time as long as the Spotify app display isn’t showing. If it’s out of view, it’s not considered screen time, so just listening to Spotify without the display showing on the screen will not count.

What Counts as Screen Time on iPhones?

Screen Time is a service provided by Apple through its iPhone and iPad products. Screen time in this case is how often your phone is unlocked and apps are in use. It tracks how many times you pick up your phone in an hour, how long you’ve spent on particular apps, and how long your phone’s screen has been active altogether. To limit your screen time, you can schedule Downtime, which allows you to block out a certain amount of time to scroll through social media, play games, or read the news. Podcasts in this case do not count as screen time unless you are viewing the display.

Does Screen Time Count When Your Phone is Locked?

For both Androids and iPhones, their screen time tracking apps do not count screen time when your phone is locked. As podcasts are able to play while your phone is locked, they likewise will not be counted as screen time.

Whether you want to limit the time you’re staring at your phone screen or are just curious how much time you spend on your phone, screen time tracking apps offer great information. But listening to podcasts do not count as screen time, so they will not show up as screen time on your tracking app.

Listening to podcasts only counts as screen time if you are looking at their display on the phone screen.

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