What to do if your podcast volume is too low

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If your podcast volume is too low, you’ll have to either check the settings on your phone or on your app. First, look at your settings on your app. Some apps allow you to add an option called “Volume Boost” that will literally boost your volume. If that doesn’t help the problem, check your phone’s sound settings and adjust the equalizer options to the sound settings you like.

The audio being low is already bad when you want to enjoy one but even worse if you try to wake up to a podcast!

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How to Increase the Volume on A Podcast

Going into your sound settings on the podcast app you’re using will help. Many like Castbox and Podbean have sound settings that allow you to give your podcast a “volume boost.” On Castbox, click on the uneven dotted lines at the top-right hand corner of the now playing page.

Once you select the adjustment button, click “Volume boost.” Now your device will stream your podcast at a much clearer volume. For Podbean, click on the speedometer icon on the lower right while you’re listening to a podcast. A window will pop up that will allow you to select “Volume Boost” to the right.

How to Increase the Volume on Your Podcast on Your iPhone


woman listening to podcast on headphones

If your podcast volume is too low, it’s usually an issue with your phone or app settings.

Though you may try to blast your volume out of your iPhones at the loudest setting, that might not solve the problem of making a podcast sound louder. Go into your iPhone settings and click on “Music.” Select “Playback,” then “EQ.”

Among all the options that are listed there, “Late Night” may be the best choice to give your podcast the volume boost it needs when it’s too quiet.

How to Give Your Google Podcast a Volume Boost

Though you can turn up the volume using Google’s EQ settings, much like you can with the iPhone, another option is to download the Sound amplifier app off of the Google Play Store. Once installed, head to your Settings then Accessibilities menu. Select “Sound Amplifier.”

The next screen will show three tabs – sound, noise, and source. On Sound, you’ll be able to adjust the volume for each ear. On Noise, you can choose the strength of the noise reduction to keep unwanted sounds from blocking the sounds you want to hear.


If all the above fails, you can always try to download the podcast to your phone and use a different audio player app.

Whether you have a device or app sound issue, it can often easily be resolved by checking the settings, first on the app, and then on the phone. If those don’t solve the problem, then it might be the podcast recording itself.

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