Are Raycons Noise-Cancelling?

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Raycons are gaming Bluetooth® earbuds that deliver an authentic wireless experience. They come with a built-in microphone, low latency, and up to 31 hours of use on a single charge.

These earbuds are Bluetooth 5.0-compatible, come with a charging case, and deliver impressive sounds with depth. Some models provide an IPX6 coating to help them resist sweat or a quick trip through the shower.

Several models are available, including the Everyday, Fitness, Performer, and Classic. These earbuds do not provide noise-canceling technology.

Raycon does offer everyday headphones with active noise-canceling support.

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The Importance of Noise-Cancelling Technology

When earbuds come with noise-cancelling technology, they let you hear sounds with depth and fullness. You can listen to podcasts, songs, or audiobooks at a healthier volume because less environmental interference disrupts the experience.

If you set your earbud’s volume too high, more distortion gets into the mix. Noise-cancellation technology eliminates unwanted audio, ensuring that you get to hear the variations of each composition or discussion without interference.

Noise-cancelling earbuds often rate as one of the most important items you can have when travelling or commuting, but is it worthwhile to invest in this technology? Would it be better to buy a set of Raycons instead?

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of noise-cancelling earbuds to see which side you fall on in this debate.

Noise-Cancelling Earbuds — Pros

  • This technology makes it easier for listeners to boost their concentration. If you need to get work done in the office or avoid loud environments, you’ll find it is easier to recall information or stay productive with earbuds equipped with this feature.
  • You receive better audio entertainment with noise-cancelling earbuds. It’s much easier to ignore bothersome sounds so that you can focus on a show or movie without needing to read lips. If you’re trying to sleep, white noise pumped through these earbuds can help those who struggle to contain a racing mind.
  • More clarity is available when listening to someone talk. Noise-cancelling earbuds often come with a microphone to facilitate a phone conversation, but you can apply this benefit to podcasts or audiobooks. You’ll second-guess what you heard a lot less with this technology.
  • This feature protects your health. Noises at 85 decibels or higher have the potential to damage your hearing with prolonged exposure. Ongoing noise exposure that disrupts sleep can lead to heart risks, insomnia, strokes, or tinnitus.

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Noise-Cancelling Earbuds — Cons

  • Raycons are more affordable than other high-quality earbuds because they don’t use noise-cancelling technology. You can save money by focusing on blocking sounds instead of using active cancellation.
  • When you can’t hear what is happening in your surroundings, you could be at risk for an accident without ever knowing it. The best earbuds with noise-cancelling tech can block out train horns, sirens, or people yelling. Even if you keep your head on a swivel, this issue never entirely disappears.
  • You can develop ear infections by wearing earbuds constantly. When there isn’t enough air available to clean out the ear canal, the various viral and bacterial remnants lodged in the wax can stay there to cause problems. This issue can even spread to others if you share your equipment.
  • Noise-cancellation features shorten the battery life of most earbuds. The best products in the industry typically provide 20 to 30 hours of playback before recharging is required. Without this feature, that rate can double or triple.

Some noise-cancelling earbuds allow you to upgrade the listening experience by downloading a companion app. That includes removing background noise in real-time situations on both ends of a phone conversation.

You have the option to pair one of your earbuds at a time with Raycons. Just take the one you want to use out of the case while leaving the other connected. It’ll stay off unless you remove it. The controls feature a physical button, which is a nice change from competitive products with touch controls because it reduces the risk of accidental activation.

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Why Are Raycon Earbuds Popular Even Without the Noise-Cancellation Feature?

raycons earbuds

The Everyday Earbuds have 8 hours of continuous play time and a total of 32 hours of battery life. Image Source.

Raycon was founded by platinum-selling musician Ray J in New York City. His company develops wireless audio products that focus on sound quality and comfort.

You’ll find several complementary products to Raycon’s earbud lineup available, including leather bags, charging cables, headphones, and upgraded accessories.

Although this brand is relatively new to the marketplace, its combination of pricing and quality has let it compete immediately with Samsung, Apple, and Sony products. Several celebrities have been part of the marketing campaign to give this company a push, including Snoop Dogg, Drake, and Ne-yo.

What makes Raycons popular? It’s the bass you can feel from those tiny earbuds. You receive a rich, hi-fi sound with all the low frequencies to create a robust listening experience. When you purchase a set for your listening enjoyment, you’ll receive six different sizes of the soft silicone gel tips to ensure you get a good fit.

If you want to block out environmental sounds with a passive approach, consider going up one size on the silicone tips. Filling the ear canal allows less space to pick up the other sounds.

Please be aware that the limited warranty on these earbuds only covers manufacturing defects for a year from the purchase date. Shipping damage is excluded, as is anything that happens beyond the company’s control.

Is Active or Passive Noise Cancellation Better for Listening?

The answer to whether active or passive noise cancellation is better depends on your circumstances and overall environment.

Numerous high-end earbuds don’t come with active noise-cancellation features, but they still rate highly in public forums and reviews. That happens because you can hear the depth and nuance of music or a podcaster’s voice when listening in a quiet environment.

If you were to wear a set of noise-cancelling headphones in those conditions, the active technology would produce counter-frequencies that could degrade your overall sound quality. It’s nice to block out the drone of an aeroplane engine or a dishwasher, but what if the only unwanted noise is coming from outside the home?

Active noise-cancellation technology can also put more pressure on your ears. It’s similar to what you feel when driving up a steep hill or sitting in a plane while it gains altitude. Although the feeling isn’t painful, it can be unpleasant until you can “pop” your ears to provide comfort.

Most headphones with active noise cancellation allow the user to turn off this feature when it isn’t needed. Why pay more for it if you can combine passive options with Raycons at a much lower price?

Is CVC (Clear Voice Capture) the Same as Noise Cancellation?

Raycons offer a technology called Clear Voice Capture, or CVC. This feature aims to reduce the noise in the surrounding environment to make it easier to converse with others.

This technology differs from what you receive with active or passive noise cancellation. It focuses on how you and the person on the other line speak instead of what you hear from a playlist or file.

The newest Raycons also use a feature called VVT – Vivid Voice Technology. It allows others to hear you with more clarity whenever you’re on a call.

Why Choose Raycons Over Other Earbud Brands?

With premium brands like Beats and Sony in the marketplace, it might seem like investing in Raycons isn’t the right choice. Some of their entry-level products are priced competitively, even with noise-cancellation technology equipped to them.

Why choose earbuds from Raycons if you can only get passive benefits? The advantages of this design go beyond fit and finish. Here’s a closer look at why Raycons are flying off the shelves today.

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Positive Design Appeal and First Impression

Raycon delivers beautiful visual aesthetics with the product packaging, logo inclusion, and general product design. You receive everything you need to have a successful listening experience with your purchase.

Ergonomic Fit for Most Users

The earbuds you get from Raycon work incredibly well. Once you pick the right silicone tip, they fit well and stay comfortable, even with all-day wear. You won’t feel much pressure or weight with them, making it easier to stay focused on what you’re doing.

Incredible Bass Response

You receive a massive bass and volume boost when using Raycons compared to other brands at this price point. If you’re someone who prefers to listen to loud music, you’ll be impressed by what these small designs offer. You’ll feel the vibrations in your jaw once the beat starts hitting all those low frequencies.

Are There Any Issues with Raycons to Manage?

Although Raycons provide a premium listening experience, some people have noted a few issues that have made them less-than-perfect in some situations. If you’re considering an investment in these earbuds, these are the issues to review before finishing your transaction.

Above-Average Sound Heaviness

Raycons have an exceptional fit, but the EQ tends to side with the bass to create a hefty thump at the expense of the mids and treble. That means you get less of an authentic sound, making it less likely for audiophiles to enjoy the listening experience.

You can still hear the drum kit crashing around and the trebles reasonably well, but everything else fades into the background when the bass starts hitting.

Zero Codec Support

You receive no AAC or codec support when buying Raycons, which makes it nearly impossible for iPhone users to enjoy the sound benefits of this technology. You can connect the earbuds to the device, but the sound quality is subpar – especially with earlier models. It’s even difficult to listen to podcasts because the voices become tinny.

Bluetooth pairing tends to drop readily with these earbuds, especially if you listen through a PC, Mac, or laptop. You need to stay by the device at all times to reduce problems with interference.

If you’re in a busy environment, there could be problems trying to pair with your phone.

Micro-USB Charging Requirements

Older Raycons can last up to 24 hours with the charging case, or up to six hours with the battery. Those ratings are below-average compared to some of the other products you can find today. You’d get more use out of the product if USB-C charging were available instead of being stuck with mUSB.

This disadvantage has been corrected with the newer everyday Raycons with Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with a USB-C charging cable and three custom sound profiles that let you create a more balanced response.

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Are Raycon Earbuds Worth the Investment?

If you’re looking for something that enhances your listening experience, you’ll need to consider the traits of Raycons carefully before going with this brand.

Those who prefer their music to hit hard and heavy will love the focus on bass frequencies with these earbuds. You can pump up the volume loud enough with some compositions to create passive noise cancellation.

Raycons become less reliable when you look at other listening options. If you’re into podcasts or audiobooks, a narrator with a lower voice will deliver an exciting timbre that can be fun to hear.

Other voices tend to get muddied by the lack of emphasis in the midrange with the EQ.

You won’t receive active noise-cancelling benefits with these earbuds, but there are headphones to serve as an alternative to this brand.

If you want something stylish and affordable, you’ll appreciate Raycons. They’re comfortable for wearing at the gym, during a hike, or virtually any exercise type. You’ll have enough battery to get through the workout or your next project, but it could charge faster and offer more support.

The newer models provide more features than the older ones, so be sure to check the listing or product carefully before purchasing. One of the best updates is to the sound profile, where you can now boost the bass, focus on purity and clarity, or take a balanced approach.

It’s tough to ignore the price of Raycons. If you don’t need active noise cancellation, they’re worth considering.

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