Best iPhone External Microphones For Podcasting

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The quality of your microphone can significantly impact the sound of your podcast. If you’re recording on an iPhone, you may wonder if the built-in Mic is good enough.

The answer is that it depends. The iPhone mics are excellent for recording basic audio, but it doesn’t offer the same level of quality as a dedicated podcasting mic. If you’re serious about podcasting, you’ll want to invest in a separate mic that connects to your iPhone via the headphone jack or Lightning port.

There are many great podcasting mics on the market, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and budget.

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Our Top 3 Picks

Top Pick
Rode NT1 Kit
  • Perfect for new podcasters
  • All-in-one bundle
  • Great for lower volumes
  • Clean and crispy sound
Blue Yeti X
  • Superior sound quality
  • Plug in and play
  • Affordable
  • Multidimensional features
Best Value
Harlan Hogan
  • Great for deep voices
  • Includes a shock mount, hard case, and XLR & USB cables
  • Connection to PC and audio interface

How to Get the Best Podcast Quality from Your iPhone

Use an external microphone for podcast

iPhone has a mic that allows you to record podcasts. They cannot create quality sound, and you’d be wise to improve the quality for the sake of your listeners. The most efficient method of improving iPhone audio quality is to use a microphone externally. The SYNCO product line includes some beginner podcast microphones that provide clear sounds directly plugged into a Lightning cable.

Record in a quiet place

Record the audio podcasts in quiet areas without background noise which can be detected using an iPhone microphone. It is possible to hear ambient noises like traffic noise or traffic noises, a fan or a conditioned air conditioner. Moreover, choosing an area where the surface will have a little reflection may create a long, vague echo sound that can be uncomfortable to listen to. Rugs, curtains & shelves reduce reflection and improve podcasting professionalism.

Watch your audio levels

The level meter on most audio recording devices shows the volume of the sound that enters the system. Do some tests on sound quality before recording. Take the test with a level meter. Your sound can become loud or distorted by the meter reaching orange or red zones. Step back a centimetre or two to your iPhone microphone to record audio.

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The Best External Podcast Mic For iPhone

iPhone cameras have improved over the last year and provide a fantastic alternative to videography. It is not in their audio. So, if you need an iPhone microphone for recording a podcast, you should get one for free. The iPhone recording provides good audio quality in everyday usage. If you regularly use a podcast recording app and the smartphone to record podcasts, make YouTube videos, record music, etc. The purchase of an external podcasting microphone is an excellent choice. This is also possible by means of this method.

Shure MV88

Shure MV88

The Shure MV88+ is perfect for capturing high-quality audio on the go. Image Source.

The Shure MV88+ is the best-sounding external podcast microphone for iPhone. It has a detachable lightning connector that allows you to use with any Apple device. The microphone includes a foam windscreen, a carrying pouch, and an adjustable desk stand.

The Shure MV88+ is perfect for capturing high-quality audio on the go. It has a sleek and durable design that makes it easy to transport. The Shure micro-phone is very convenient to set up and simple to use. Connect the microphone to your iPhone and start recording. The Shure MV88+ offers superior sound quality that is perfect for podcasts, vlogs, and music recordings. If you are looking for a high-quality external microphone for your iPhone, the Shure MV88+ is an ideal choice.


  • 3.5mm (1/8″) TRRS cable
  • Small and lightweight
  • 24-bit/48 kHz wave uncompressed recording
  • Automatically adjusts 5-band EQ
  • The lighting connector is Detachable
  • The lighting connector is for iOS Devices

Key Features

The Shure is a digital condenser microphone that can connect directly to your iPhone or iPad. It features a cardioid pattern that captures sound in front of the microphone while minimizing background noise.

The microphone also has an adjustable gain control and a built-in windscreen to reduce plosives making your recordings sound smoother and more professional. The Shure MV88 requires no batteries and comes with a carrying case and a 3.5mm (1/8″) TRRS cable. A two-year warranty covers it.

The microphone is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport, and it plugs directly into your iOS device, eliminating the need for additional cables or batteries.

The included carrying case protects the microphone from damage during transport, and the two-year warranty ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality sound recordings for years to come.

Zoom iQ7

Zoom iQ7

The IQ7 is perfect for capturing music as well as video with outstanding audio. Image Source.

If you’re seeking a high-quality podcast microphone that works with your iPhone, the Zoom iQ7 is an excellent option. This directional mic capsule in the Mic helps to reduce background sound, which makes it ideal for recording in less-than-ideal surroundings. It offers superb sound quality, ease of use, and compatibility with a wide range of iPhone models. You can also use it with popular podcasting apps like Skype and WhatsApp. The disadvantage of this Mic is that it doesn’t support Android devices.

The cardioid condenser mic in the zoom iQ7 plugs directly into the Lightning port of iPhones. It has a built-in headphone jack for monitoring your recordings and a physical gain control knob on the side of the Mic. The mic capsule has been designed to produce rich, full-sounding audio recordings with the strong bass response and clear highs.

The integrated headphone jack also allows you to monitor your audio in real-time, which can be helpful when editing or mixing your podcast episodes. The included Lightning connector makes it easy to connect the Mic directly to your iPhone.


  • Zoom iQ7 has a mid-side stereo recording
  • Width of Set Stereo 90° or 120°
  • Zoom iQ7 is mono-compatible
  • Larger mic gain wheel
  • It can easily rotate for horizontal and vertical use
  • The headphone jack enables direct monitoring
  • It uses zoom and other multiple apps
  • Suitable for iOS Devices with Lightning Port

Key Features

The Zoom iQ7 is a compact, affordable, and well-designed external microphone plugged directly into your iPhone’s Lightning connector. It offers excellent sound quality for both music and voice recordings, and it’s easy to use with the built-in iOS recording app and popular third-party apps such as Garage Band.

The iQ7 comes with its mini tripod, making it ideal for on-the-go podcasting or vlogging. The Mic’s capsule can rotate 90 degrees so that you can record in either portrait or landscape orientation. Zoom iQ7 is fully Mono-Compatible. If you’re seeking an external microphone that will improve the sound quality of your iPhone recordings without breaking the bank, the Zoom iQ7 is an excellent option. The iQ7 is an affordable option for podcasters looking for high-quality audio without spending much money.

Rode VideoMic Me-L

VideoMic Me L

The VideoMic Me-L is high-quality microphone for iOS mobile devices. Image Source.

The VideoMic Me-L is a large-budget outer podcast mic for iPhone. This Mic offers excellent value for the money, with great audio quality and a durable design. The Mic includes a foam windscreen and a purse to protect it when not in use.

A rod mic uses the lighting connector to be compatible with all iPhone models. The VideoMic Me-L also has a 3.5mm output to connect it to your computer or other devices for recording or live streaming.

The Mic has a built-in pop filter to reduce background noise, and it can be mounted on a tripod or stand for added stability. It’s an excellent option for podcasters on a budget looking for a high-quality external microphone for their iPhone that will give you exceptional sound quality; the VideoMic Me-L is a superb option.


  • The Rod video mic Me-L has a cardioid polar pattern
  • The frequency range is up to 20Hz-20kHz
  • 74.5dB: signal noise ratio
  • Noise: 19.5 dBA SPL
  • SPL Maximum =115 dB
  • This is power-driven by an iOS device
  • Lightning is 3.5mm TRS
  • 3.5mm TRS headphone jack
  • Lightning connector
  • Bit Depth is 24-bit
  • The rates of sample: 44.1 and 48 kHz
  • The OS requirements: iOS 11

Key Features

The Rode VideoMic Me-L is one of the top podcast microphones for iPhone. The mics provide exceptional sound quality and are very lightweight, compacted, and easy to use. The Rode mic is a compacted and lightweight microphone designed for iPhone users. It features a directional mic capsule that helps to reduce background noise, making it ideal for use in recording podcasts.

The Mic also has an integrated headphone jack, allowing real-time audio quality monitoring. The Rode VideoMic Me-L comes with a windshield and tripod mount, making it easy to set up and use. The Mic also has built-in support, making it perfect for iPhone tripods.

The Rode mic is an excellent option for anyone seeking good quality and cost-friendly external podcast microphones.

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry

The Blue Raspberry has headphone volume control, mic level and mute for effortless live monitoring. Image Source.

The best premium external iPhone mic for the podcast is the Blue Raspberry. This high-quality mic is explicitly designed for use with Apple’s popular handheld device and offers many features that make it ideal for podcasting.

The mic has a headphone jack to observe your recording in real-time, and its cardioid pattern helps reduce background noise. It provides brilliant quality of sound and is very convenient for usage. The Blue Raspberry is a professional-grade microphone that connects to your iPhone via the Lightning connector. It has high sensitivity capsule that grabs your voice clearly, even in a noisy background.

The mic also has a built-in windscreen that reduces pops and wind noise. The Blue Raspberry is perfect for iPhone podcasting, vlogging, or recording music on your iPhone. It’s also compatible with other devices such as iPods and Android phones. The microphone is an excellent choice if you’re seeking the top audio quality for your podcasting or vlogging.

The Blue Raspberry comes with a free app that makes it easy to edit and share your recordings. The raspberry mic will support you and produce high-quality recordings if you have just started podcasting.


  • Powered by Lightning connector or USB
  • Type of transducer: electret condenser, 14mm
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Depth is 16/24-bit
  • Sample rate: 44.1/48 kHz
  • Frequency: 20Hz -20kHz
  • Adjustable gain: 0 to +40dB
  • SPL: 120 dB SPL
  • Mount Thread: ¼ inch diameter, 20 threads per inch
  • Stand Adapter of micro-phone: 5/8-27 thread
  •  Headphone Jack of Mic: 3.5mm
  • Amp Impedance: 32 ohm

Key Features

The Blue Raspberry is a high-quality external microphone designed for use with iPhones.

The microphone offers many features that make it ideal for podcasting, such as a frequency response of 50Hz-20 kHz and a sensitivity of -42dB.

The blue Raspberry microphone comes with a windscreen and carrying case, making it easy to transport. The Blue Raspberry is also compatible with a wide range of recording apps, making it a versatile tool for podcasting.

Overall, the Blue Raspberry is an excellent option for anyone looking for a high-quality external microphone for their iPhone.

The Apogee Electronics ClipMic

Apogee Electronics ClipMic

One of the most important benefits of ClipMic digital is that it allows you to put a microphone closer to the sound of your voice. Image Source.

The Apogee ClipMic is a digital lavalier mic that is designed for use with iOS mobile devices. The mic clips onto your shirt or lapel and feature a built-in preamp and A/D converter. This digital Mic uses a professional-grade capsule to deliver clear, accurate sound and is perfect for video recording lectures, interviews, and more.

The ClipMic connects to your iOS device via the Lightning connector, and it can be used with any app that supports audio input. The Mic also comes with a windscreen and a carrying case. The headphone output allows you to monitor your recordings in real-time and consistently provides good quality sound. The Apogee ClipMic is an excellent option for anyone who needs to record high-quality audio on their iOS device.

It features a professional-grade condenser capsule, an integrated preamp, and a durable metal casing. The ClipMic allows you to choose between three capsules: omnidirectional, cardioid, or hyper-cardioid.

Omnidirectional capsule

The omnidirectional capsule captures sound from all directions, making it ideal for interviews or podcasting.

Cardioid capsule

The cardioid capsule focuses on sound in front of the Mic, which makes it perfect for YouTube videos and vlogging.

Hyper cardioid capsule

The hyper-cardioid capsule is ideal for recording lectures or musical performances, as it minimizes background noise.

The Mic also contains a built-in windscreen to reduce noise and provide clean audio. Whether you’re recording video or recording audio, the Apogee ClipMic is an excellent choice for capturing high-quality sound on your iOS mobile device.


  • Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
  • Frequency: 35Hz – 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 30 dB SPL
  • Detachable windscreen
  • Carrying case

Key Features

The Apogee ClipMic is a digital lavalier microphone that connects to your iOS mobile devices. It has a detachable cable that is 3.5mm TRS to Lightning, allowing you to easily connect it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

The microphone has a frequency response of 35 Hz to 20 kHz and a sensitivity of 30 dB/Pa. The Mic also features a unidirectional polar pattern, which helps to reduce background noise. The Mic comes with a detachable windscreen and a carrying case. The Apogee ClipMic is an excellent option for recording lectures, interviews, and other audio on your iOS mobile device.

Apogee MiC 96k

Apogee MiC 96k

The Apogee MiC 96k is a professional quality USB condenser microphone for 96kHz/24-bit recording. Image Source.

The Apogee MiC 96k is a high-quality, professional-grade micro-phone that offers superb sound quality and ease of use and connects directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With its 24-bit audio resolution and built-in preamp, the MiC provides studio-quality sound for recording vocals, acoustic instruments, and more. The MiC also features a convenient headphone jack microphones output for real-time monitoring of your recordings. Whether you’re a musician, podcaster, or vlogger, the Apogee MiC is an ideal way to capture high-quality audio on the go.

The sensitive condenser capsule captures even the most delicate nuances of your voice, and its built-in preamp ensures optimal signal level for precise, accurate sound. The MiC 96k also features a plug-and-play design that makes it easy to start, and its durable construction ensures lasting performance. Whether you’re recording music or podcasts or want to capture crystal-clear audio for video calls, the Apogee MiC 96k is an excellent choice.


  • The cardioid quality condenser of the microphone
  • Specially intended for vocal and recording of audio instruments.
  • Excellent for recording podcasts, voiceovers, and audio for DSLR videos.
  • Frequency is up to 96 kHz
  • audio resolution: 24-bit HD recording
  • Connects with iPad, iPod touch and Mac USB cables.
  • Connects with iPad or Macs (no need for batteries or outside power.
  • Compatibility iOS Device: iPhone, iPod touch

Key Features

The Apogee Mic 96k is a professional microphone perfect for recording vocals, acoustic instruments, and more. It features a noise-cancelling capsule that makes it ideal for use in noisy environments, and the included USB cable ensures compatibility with a wide range of computers. The MiC 96k also comes with a clip-on stand and carrying case, making it easy to take on the go. The Apogee MiC 96k is an excellent choice for those needing a high-quality microphone for their recordings.

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Tips for Arranging Your Podcast Episode

Black Smartphone on the Table

Once you have purchased your iPod microphone, you can start making clean podcast audio.

Whether a first-time podcaster or a seasoned pro, it’s always helpful to have a few tips up your sleeve for arranging your episodes. After all, a well-organized attack is essential for keeping your listeners engaged.

These are a few things to keep in mind before arranging podcast:

First, start to record a video with a catchy intro. This will help to hook your listeners in and set the tone for the rest of the episode.

Be sure to vary the content of your episode. For example, if you’re featuring interviews, try to mix things up by including solo segments and roundtable discussions.

Do not forget to end with a bang! Your outro should leave your listeners wanting more and eager to tune in for the next episode.

By following these simple tips, you can be sure that your podcast episodes are always well-organized and engaging.


Apple’s latest iPhone Cameras and the latest model are great options when recording videos using external microphones for iPhone. There are many microphones for your phone, but we recommend using an external audio podcast microphone to ensure the best quality of podcasting. In this category, we have an ideal image from Shure MV88 to get the most pleasing sound and direct communication. The Apogee ClipMic and the Apogee MiC 96k are excellent choices for audio recording on your iOS mobile device. The ClipMic is ideal for recording lectures or musical performances, as it minimizes background noise. The MiC 96k is perfect for recording vocals or acoustic instruments, as it captures even the most delicate nuances. Both microphones come with a carrying case and windscreen, and the MiC 96k also includes a headphone output for monitoring your recordings. No matter your needs, either of these microphones will provide clear, accurate sound.

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Is the iPhone mic good for podcasting?

The iPhones are equipped with microphones that can be used for podcasting. A microphone will help to get your audio through. You can check out these related posts, ”
Where is The Microphone on iPhone 11?” and “iPhone XR Microphone Location.”

Can you use your phone as a mic for a podcast?

You may start podcasting on your mobile phone. There’s only one app that can make recordings. You could even use podcast-specific stuff like Anchor or Spreaker that allows you to write a podcast and upload it directly to the phone.

Can you use an external mic on your iPhone?

The 3.5mm microphone is required to connect a 3.5 mm microphone adapter with the Lightning port. The microphone is connected to the adapter and plugged into the iPhone.

What kind of mic should I use for a podcast?

If you have XLR connectivity, the Rode PodMic is our top-quality best external microphone for audio. It would help if you also had an independent stand, with minimal disadvantages. This microphone is excellent for podcasters at affordable prices.

Is the iPhone 7 microphone good for recording?

The iPhone 7 has a high-quality microphone that is great for recording. The phone also has a 3.5mm jack, so you can use an external microphone if you need to.

How do I use my iPhone as a USB microphone?

It would help if you had a Lightning to USB cable. The microphone is connected to the adapter and plugged into the iPhone. You also need an app that can use the USB microphone, such as GarageBand or Ecamm Call Recorder.

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