Where is The Microphone on iPhone 11?

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Are you wondering where to find the microphone on your iPhone 11? You’re not alone. Many people have needed clarification on the new design of the iPhone 11 because it is unique from the previous iPhone models, and they are unable to locate the microphone. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

In this blog post, we’ll show you exactly where to find these microphones located on your iPhone 11, as well as provide some tips for making sure it’s working properly.

So whether you’re trying to record audio or make a phone call, read on to learn how to use your device’s built-in mic with ease!

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Where Are The Microphones On iPhone 11?

The iPhone 11 is equipped with three distinct microphones to provide optimal sound and clear recording, strategically placed around the device – one on the front, one at the bottom, and another on its back.

Let’s take a closer look as to where exactly are they located and why there was a need to have three microphones incorporated into this device and their individual features.

Front Microphone

The front microphone of the iPhone 11 is located at the very top of the device, where the ear speaker works.

The location of the front microphone makes it perfect for voice commands and Siri inputs, allowing users to accurately control their device without interference from background noise.

Having the built-in microphone located on the front also results in enhancing FaceTime calls and contactless VoIP apps such as WhatsApp – ensuring all conversations are heard clearly, even in loud spaces.

Bottom Microphone

The second microphone on your iPhone 11 can be found at the bottom of the device, near the Lightning port. It looks like a small hole located right next to the speaker grills.

The bottom microphone works in tandem with the front mic, combining sound from both mics to enable active noise cancellation.

This is especially useful when making phone calls and listening to music, as it reduces background interference such as wind or traffic noises.

Rear Microphone

The third and last microphone; the rear microphone on the iPhone 11, is located at the back of the device, next to the rear camera lens; dual or triple cameras; depending on which iPhone 11 model you have.

This third microphone is used to pick up a mix of direct and ambient noise, allowing for better audio recording quality from any given environment.

For example, when you’re recording videos with your iPhone 11 and the subject isn’t near the device, the rear microphone can be used to pick up those sound waves and ensure accuracy while recording.

This mic located on the back side of the device also comes in handy during video calls and group conversations, as it allows the sound from all directions to be heard without interference.

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Tips for Making Sure Your Microphone Work Properly

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To ensure that your microphone is working properly, here are some tips:

  • Ensure that your iPhone 11’s software is up to date. If it isn’t, then you should update the device as soon as possible.
  • Make sure the mic volume is set to high; this can be done by going into Settings > Sounds & Haptics.
  • Carefully clean the microphone with a soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt that may be blocking its performance.
  • If all else fails, you can always try resetting your device by going into Settings > General > Reset.

By following these tips, you should get the most out of your iPhone 11’s microphone, making phone calls easily and recording audio with crystal-clear clarity.

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What Should I Do if The Microphone Is Not Working?

If your microphone isn’t working properly on your iPhone 11, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Make sure that the mute switch on the side of your phone is turned off.
  • Reset your network settings by going to Settings > General > Reset and tapping “Reset Network Settings.”
  • Check that the microphone hole isn’t blocked with lint or dust. If it is, use a soft cloth to carefully clean it out.
  • Try restarting your phone.
  • If you’re using headphones with a built-in mic, make sure they’re plugged in properly.

These steps should help you get your microphone working again on your iPhone 11.

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The Bottom Line

The iPhone 11 comes with three built-in microphones, each one optimized to perform different tasks. The front microphone provides optimal sound quality for voice commands, FaceTime calls and more.

The bottom mic uses innovative active noise cancellation technology so you can have crystal-clear conversations in any environment.

And the rear microphone boosts audio recordings to make group chats on video apps free from interference and as clear as if they were right next to each other!

To ensure that your microphone works properly, keep your software up to date, clean the mic regularly, and reset your device if necessary.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to make the most out of your iPhone 11’s microphone!

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