How Can Podcasters Make Money on Spotify?

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Spotify launched a new paid subscription platform that will give podcasters the tools they need to maximize their monetization.

Podcasters can make money on Spotify with by Spotify Ambassador Ads, New Automated Ads and Paid Subscriptions.

While podcasters make an average of $10 RPM on various platforms, they can make slightly higher on Spotify at around $13 RPM.

For beginners, you can expect to get around 100-125 downloads per episode, resulting in around $96 per episode with Patreon, affiliate sales and course sales.

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Monetization Methods for Podcasters on Spotify

The new Anchor feature, available for iOS and Android, is an excellent way for podcasters to make money through Spotify.

Let’s look at the main types of ads for Podcasters to make money on Spotify: by Spotify Ambassador Ads

Anchor is a platform that enables users to start a podcast record and distribute them. Two ways to make money from your podcast are sponsorships and Listener Support.

You can record and add ads for your sponsors into your episodes and then take donations from listeners.

However, unlocking some of the Anchor features can take time and work. To unlock the Ambassador Ad feature, you need to reach 50 subscribers.

Automated Ads by Anchor

Automated ads are a new way to make money through Anchor. They work through Spotify’s Audience Network, enabling advertisers to connect with listeners who consume a broad range of content.

These ads are not host-read and are reserved for ad segments you would like to see in your episodes.

To qualify for the Automated ads program, applicants must meet various requirements, such as having a unique listening experience and Spotify followers.

Paid Subscription Platform

Spotify is launching a paid subscription platform that gives podcasters the tools they need to maximize their revenue and discoverability.

This feature will allow creators to publish episodes to Spotify and other podcast platforms without requiring them to pay for the platform’s subscription.

For the next two years, creators will be free to use this feature, and Spotify will introduce a competitive 5% fee in 2023.

Through this platform, podcasters will distribute subscriber-only content across Spotify without affecting the quality or quantity of their episodes.

The amount you can make on Anchor ads and subscriptions varies depending on the size of your audience. Increasing your audience can help maximize the amount of money you can make on Spotify.

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How to Expand Your Spotify Audience to Attract Advertisers

How Can Podcasters Make Money on Spotify

How Can Podcasters Make Money on Spotify

While advertisers look at various factors such as audience size and frequency, it is still essential to attract and expand your audience.

Due to the increasing popularity of podcasts, their advertising revenue is expected to grow at a robust rate of 14.7% in 2020, according to a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Target Audience

One of the essential steps in developing a successful podcast is identifying your target audience. Having a plan in place will help you reach them efficiently.

User Experience

Make sure that your show is easy to find and listen to and has a good logo. Mobile-friendly websites are also significant to keep in mind.

Visual Appeal

The visual and written elements should communicate the same message and tone. Your platform should also have a cohesive look and feel.


Cross-promote with other podcasters can also help you expand your audience. Having guest appearances on other shows can be a way to attract more listeners.

How to Get Started with Spotify

If your platform is an aggregator partner of Spotify, it will automatically distribute your podcast to the platform. You can also sign up with Spotify for Podcasters to automatically submit your show.

Getting your podcast featured on major platforms like Spotify can help make it more accessible to listeners.

Create a profile and an RSS feed that includes at least one episode and tags to get started. Then, submit your podcast to the Spotify Podcasts app and notify when approved.

After submitting, your podcast will be reviewed and published within five business days.

How Much Can Podcasters Make on Spotify?

On average, 50% of podcasters get around 129 downloads per episode. If you work your way up and can get 1,000 downloads per episode, you can make money by selling merchandise or sponsorships.

Here is an example of how much you can make with 1,000 downloads:

  • Patreon support of $100 per month
  • Affiliate sales of $150 per month
  • Course sales are $495 per month.
  • Total: $745 per month

Only 7.4% of experienced podcasters can achieve 5,000 downloads per episode, averaging $4,000 earnings per month.

Top tier 1-2% podcasters can get around 20,000 or more downloads per episode and earn around $10,000-$15,000 per month.

One podcaster has shown his earning through Anchor by Spotify. With over 1 million all-time plays, his dashboard shows $13000 in earnings.

Realistically, the monetization of your podcast will come from various sources, none of which are going to be directly from Spotify. It would be best to focus on growing your audience and experimenting with other monetization options.

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Spotify has an Audience Network for top Anchor podcasters in the US, and ad-buyers can now buy ads on your show and improve your potential to earn revenue.

The Anchor sponsorship program is now called Ambassador ads. It has also launched Premium sponsorships, selling host-read credits on podcasters’ behalf.

Professional podcasters on Spotify make $10,000 to $15,000 per month from affiliate sales, course sales, ads and Patreon support. Iconic podcasters like Joe Rogan is making $100,000 per podcast. If you’re looking for other ways to make money by promoting products and services in your episodes, check out our other post, “6 Podcast Affiliate Programs to Help You Make Money.”

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