How to Upload Your Podcast to Multiple Platforms (2023)

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To upload your podcast to multiple platforms, you have to submit the URL of your RSS feed to each platform. Depending on your podcast hosting, you may be able to do that directly in the syndication options. Otherwise, you’ll have to go to each platform, create an account and submit your RSS feed to them individually.

If you’re just starting, the best route is the podcast hosting platform. Here we’ll look at how to do this on PodBean and Libsyn, two of the most popular upload sites that syndicate – meaning you’ll grab multiple-platform exposure for your podcast in one swift move.

If you prefer a live streaming platform, you can uploaded to Twitch.

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How to Upload Your Podcast to Multiple Platforms Using PodBean

Let’s assume you’re setting out as a podcaster and only want to upload an audio podcast. You’ll need to sign up for their Unlimited Audio account. We’ll look at extras in a moment, but here’s how to upload:

  • In your dashboard screen, upload your episode using the New Episode button, found under Episodes and Episode List.
  • Fill in the title, description and logo (if you have one).
  • Press Publish Now. You can schedule it for later, if you wish.

You’re done! PodBean originates your RSS feed’s URL and distributes your podcast to all major podcast apps. If you need to edit anything or change the logo, choose your episode under the Episode List and make your changes.

So what was that about extras? Everyone loves an extra.

In addition to unlimited storage and bandwidth, Podbean offers you a few additional treats under the Unlimited Audio subscription. These include:

  • mobile apps
  • your own site
  • themes
  • their podcast advertising marketplace to make yourself known! We did mention “become known” up top!

PodBean is, therefore, an excellent option for uploading to multiple platforms at once for wide distribution.

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How to Upload Your Podcast to Multiple Platforms Using Libsyn

man listening to podcasts on train underground platform

man listening to podcasts on train underground platform

Libsyn works in a similar way to PodBean. Check out which subscription suits you best here and sign up.

To get started uploading, follow this simple process:

  • Log in to your account
  • Fill in your title. You can change it at some point but don’t add keywords, just the title, because when Libsyn syndicates your show, Apple Podcasts would then refuse it!
  • Add a description. You’ll have seen the kind of enticing ones other podcasters use. This appears in Libsyn’s podcast directory.
  • Again, because of Apple’s idiosyncrasies, you need to input a Show Type (episodic or serial): most other hosts don’t require this!
  • Add your topic and contact details, your name in the author space, and a few other details, which are pretty obvious.

For each episode upload after that, you’ll need to add appropriate details. This page will help!

Again, like PodBean, Libsyn distributes your RSS feed widely. Your podcast is in safe hands on multiple platforms. Some of the many extras they offer include detailed stats (in some plans) and options for monetisation.

Can I Distribute My Podcast Myself to Multiple Platforms?

Yes. It will take you more time, and you’ll need your RSS feed to hand – that’s simply the URL that contains your podcast information.

For this DIY option, you yourself will have to go through the process of submitting your RSS feed to each of the host sites you wish to appear on, such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcast Manager etc.

You will receive different, usable data/stats from each host you upload to, and perhaps target more listeners. It’s a more lengthy process and perhaps for beginners not the best option.

Ultimately, however, the DIY route is a bit like being the paperboy or papergirl distributing the newspapers yourself. Taking the syndication route via platforms like Libsyn and PodBean makes them the paperboy or papergirl! It’s your call. 

Either way, more exposure will always be better for your podcasting, however you assemble it! Make yourself known in podcasting – it’s really easy to put yourself out there on multiple platforms, and you get faster at it with each episode you upload.

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Showcase Your Podcast on Multiple Platforms

All you have to do to upload your podcast to multiple platforms is submit your RSS feed’s URL to every platform you want to appear on after creating individual accounts – or choose a podcast host who will syndicate your RSS feed directly for you.

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