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My Brother, My Brother, and Me is a funny advice podcast featuring the advice of three brothers: Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy. The episodes are about 60 minutes in length each and have racked up about 600 episodes thus far. The show is not for kids, and offers listeners the chance to send in their advice via email. Funny advice podcasts like MBMBAM include Unqualified with Anna Faris, the Hell Ya Podcast, and Why Don’t You Date Me?

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Anna Faris is a celebrity actress known for her comic roles in the show, Mom, and the popular Scary Movie franchise. In this podcast, she interviews celebrities about a range of topics and has listeners call in to speak with her and the celebrity guests. The callers often have questions regarding their love life or other relationships for Anna and her guests to talk about and offer their unqualified opinions. The podcast has been around for several years and has racked up hundreds of episodes with big name celebrities. If you want to laugh and get advice for relationship issues, Unqualified is a great choice.

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Hell Ya Podcast

Funny advice podcasts like MBMBAM are easy to find on all podcast platforms.

The Hell Ya Podcast is hosted by Mikel Nordstrom and features the “terrible advice” from him and his comedian guests. Listeners can call in and email their advice to get feedback from the comedians. So far, comedians like Steve Ausburne, Brendan Sagalow, John Gallagher, Chris Riggins, Martin Marrufo, and more have weighed in on topics like pregnancy, relationship issues, life purpose, and drugs. The podcast is a relatively new one, starting in just February 2022. But it has already started serving up some serious laughs as the comedians listen to and comment on other people’s lives.

Why Don’t You Date Me?

Nicole Byer is a popular comedian known for her sustained singlehood. Every week, the podcast hosts a new comedian guests who talks with Nicole about their singlehood, dating, and relationships in general. So far, guests have included everyone from Taylor Tomlinson, Judy Gold, Gina Yashere, and Shalita Grant. Though callers do not ring in or email for advice, listening to Nicole and her guests talk about their own lives offers enough advice and some laughs, as well.

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If you are in the mood for some funny people offering advice on a range of subjects from relationships, to the meaning of life, to sex, then for fans of MBMBAM will find the shows, Unqualified, Hell Ya Podcast, and Why Don’t You Date Me? to be excellent offerings. They all feature comedians and celebrities discussing their own lives and experiences in an effort to help listeners solve their own issues in life.