Top 12 Reasons To Start A Podcast

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With over 457,835 active podcasts and over 67 million podcast episodes, it’s clear that podcasting is not going anywhere. It’s only becoming more popular, with over 104 million Americans listening to podcasts regularly. So, what’s the big deal with podcasts? Why should you start your own?

This blog will outline the top 12 reasons to start your own podcast. Whether you’re looking to grow your business, improve your brand, or build an engaged community, there’s a reason for you on this list.

What To Know Before Starting A Podcast?

After exploring the reasons to start a podcast, you may wonder what it takes to get one off the ground. It’s not as difficult or expensive as you think, and the potential rewards are great. Some tips include:

Choose A Topic You’re Passionate About.

If you’re not excited about your subject, it will be difficult to keep listeners engaged. Also, consider choosing a topic you’re an expert on or at least have a strong interest in. This will make producing your podcast much easier.

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Research Your Competitors.

Once you’ve chosen your topic, finding out what other podcasts cover similar material is important. This will help you determine what makes your podcast unique and how to market it to potential listeners.

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Invest In Good Equipment.

While you don’t need the latest and greatest recording gear, it’s important to have quality equipment to produce clear audio. This includes a microphone, headphones, and software for recording and editing your episodes.

Find The Right Format.

There are many different ways to format a podcast, so it’s important to find one that will work well for your particular show. For example, some podcasts are interviews with guests, while others are more like audio magazines with multiple segments. Experiment until you find a format that works for you.

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Create Engaging Content.

As with any content you create, it’s important to ensure your podcast is interesting and engaging. This means choosing topics that your listeners will care about and engagingly structuring your episodes.

Promote Your Podcast.

Once you’ve created a few episodes, it’s time to promote your show. This can be done through social media, online directories, and word of mouth. The more people you can get listening to, the better.

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Top 12 Reasons To Start A Podcast

1. Reach a Wider Audience

If you want to reach more people with your message, starting a podcast is a great way to do it. You can promote your podcast on social media, through word-of-mouth, and on various podcast directories (like iTunes.) And because podcasts are so easy to consume (people can listen while driving, working out, or doing chores), you’ll have the potential to reach a larger audience than other content formats. Also, podcasts are often downloaded and saved, and your episodes will have the potential to be heard long after they’re first published. Whether you want to promote your business, share your passion, or build a community, starting a podcast is a great way to reach more people.

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2. Enhance Your Personal Brand

A podcast can be a great platform to enhance your brand. If you’re an entrepreneur, consultant, or coach, a podcast can help you build authority and credibility in your industry. And if you’re looking to change careers or break into a new industry, starting a podcast about that topic can help you become known as an expert. By sharing your knowledge and expertise on a podcast, you can position yourself as an authority figure and attract more clients, customers, and opportunities. Also, because podcasts are so personal, your podcast listeners will get to know you on a deeper level, making them more likely to do business with you.

3. Grow Your Business

If you have a business, starting a podcast can help you grow it in several ways. First, you can use your podcast to promote your products and services. You can also use it to build relationships with potential and current customers. And because podcasts are so shareable, your episodes can help spread the word about your business to a wider audience. Additionally, if you interview guests on your show, you can tap into their networks and reach even more people. With a podcast, you have the potential to reach a global audience and grow your business in a big way.

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4. Make Money

While not all podcasts make money, there are several ways to monetize your show if you want to generate some income. You can sell advertising, sponsorships, or product placements on your show. Or you can offer premium content (like bonus episodes or exclusive interviews) to listeners who subscribe to your show. Additionally, if you build a large enough audience, you could do speaking engagements or consulting work. Also, some podcasters use their shows to sell products or services (like online courses or e-books). So if you’re looking to make some money from your podcast, several options are available.

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5. Connect With Influencers

If you interview guests on your show, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with some of the top influencers in your industry. You can build relationships with these guests and tap into their networks. A personal connection can lead to joint ventures, business opportunities, and more.

Also, it can help you grow your audience, expand your reach, and open up new opportunities. Additionally, by interviewing influencers, you can position yourself as an authority figure in your industry.

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6. Build a Community

One of the best things about starting a podcast is that you can build a community around your show. You can create a safe space for people to share their thoughts and feelings, connect with like-minded individuals, and form meaningful relationships. Additionally, you can use your podcast to support and promote other businesses and entrepreneurs. With the right community, you can achieve great things. For example, you could collaborate on projects, share resources, and help each other reach your goals.

7. Get Feedback

You can get valuable feedback about your show if you interact with your new listeners (through social media, email, etc.) This feedback can help you improve the quality of your episodes and make your show more engaging and enjoyable for your audience. Additionally, by getting feedback from your listeners, you can better understand their needs and desires. This information can create content they’ll love and keep them coming back for more. While it takes some effort to get feedback, it’s worth it.

8. Improve Your Communication Skills

Podcasting is an excellent way to improve your communication skills. You will learn to enunciate your words better and project your voice by talking into a microphone. You will also become more comfortable with public speaking, which can benefit your personal and professional life. Also, you will learn how to better edit and structure your thoughts before speaking, which can be useful in casual conversations and important presentations. You will better handle difficult conversations and negotiations with improved communication skills.

9. Share Your Passion

As a podcaster, you have the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with the world. If you’re passionate about a topic, chances are other people out there feel the same way. For example, if you’re passionate about Psychology, you could start a podcast about the latest psychological research. If you’re passionate about history, you could start a podcast about little-known historical events. Whether an expert in your field or just a passionate amateur, starting a podcast is a great way to share your passion with others.

10. Convenient For Consumers

Podcasts are easy for consumers to access and consume. They can be played on several devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Additionally, they can be played while doing other activities, such as driving or working out. For example, many people listen to podcasts while commuting to and from work. It’s a convenient way to consume content just with an internet connection, and it’s one of the reasons podcasts are so popular.

11. Reach a Global Audience

Podcasts can be heard by people all over the world. If you produce high-quality content, your show has the potential to be heard by millions of people. This global reach allows you to impact people’s lives positively and make a difference in the world. Additionally, it allows you to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Whether it’s through interviews or guest appearances, you can learn a lot from your global audience.

12. It’s Fun

Last but not least, starting a podcast is simply fun. It’s a great way to express your creativity, connect with others, and share your passion with the world. Also, it’s a great way to learn new things and grow. You will meet new people, make new friends, and have a lot of fun.


1. Is It Costly To Start A Podcast?

No, it is not costly to start a podcast. You can easily record your audio with a microphone and editing software on your computer. Additionally, various websites and apps allow you to host your podcast for free. You may need to invest in some equipment to produce high-quality audio, but it is unnecessary.

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2. How Much Time Does It Take To Produce A Podcast?

The time it takes to produce a podcast varies depending on the length and format of your show. However, most podcasts can be produced within a few hours per week. If you are recording and editing your audio, it may take slightly longer.

3. What Equipment Do I Need To Start A Podcast?

You need a microphone and some editing software to start a podcast. However, various other equipment, such as mixers, pop filters, and headphones, can make your life easier. Additionally, if you plan on recording video and audio, you will need a camera.

4. Do I Need A Website To Start A Podcast?

No, you do not need a website to start a podcast. However, having a website can make it easier for people to find and subscribe to your show. Additionally, a website can be a great place to host additional content, such as blog post, long-form content, or bonus episodes.

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5. How Do I Promote My Podcast?

There are numerous ways to promote your podcast. You can share it on social media, such as YouTube videos, submit it to directories, and reach out to potential guests. Additionally, many podcasters create content marketing materials, such as images and trailers, to help promote their show.


Starting a podcast could be the perfect way to reach a larger audience if you have a story to tell, expertise to share, or a message to preach. From promoting your brand to connecting with like-minded individuals, there are many reasons why you should start a podcast. We hope this article has inspired you to launch your show.

What are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to start planning for a podcast than now.