RODECaster Pro Multitrack Benefits

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When RODE announced that multitrack support was coming for the RODECaster Pro in 2019, it felt like Christmas was coming around for another pass. The news was dropped in February, delivering a critical update to what had been a system that used a single track.

The RODECaster Pro is designed to help you record podcasts, similar to how radio broadcasts occur. You can even use the sound pads to fire up music or effects.

With the update, users can record up to 14 tracks when it is connected to a computer by USB.

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Specifications of the RØDECaster Pro

If you’re interested in upgrading your podcasting setup, the RØDECaster Pro does an excellent job of supporting your efforts. Here are the system specs to consider.

Frequency Range: Monitor Outputs 20 Hz to 20 kHz, better than +/- 0.5 dB; Mic Inputs 20 Hz to 20 kHz, -3 dB at 20 Hz (high pass filter)
Equivalent Noise: -125 dBA (A-Weighted)
Maximum Output Level: + 3 dBu (Monitor Outputs)
Gain Range: 0 dB to 55 dB (Mic Preamps)
Output Connection: USB-C; 0.25-inch Balanced TRS Stereo
Bit Depth: 24-Bit
Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Storage Options: 512 MB internal memory for storing sounds on the programmable pads; mSD card slot.


Professional podcasting is easy with the RØDECaster Pro because you receive four studio-grade XLR inputs and four headphone outputs. Automatic level settings, one-touch controls, and a full-color screen help podcasters start creating within minutes of taking the board from the box.

This setup creates the foundation you need to record on multiple tracks instead of trying to edit a single audio recording.

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What Are the Advantages of Using the RØDECaster Pro?

When you start recording podcasts at home, you have two choices for your setup to consider right now. Your home studio can use a computer-based recording system (or mobile devices) or opt for a multitrack recorder.

Before the firmware update, the RØDECaster Pro felt like a glorified portable PC. It made recording easy, but it caused massive editing headaches. Those problems are now gone.

In return, you’ll find these potential advantages waiting for you when investing in this board.

  • Portable System. You can pick up the RØDECaster Pro and take it almost anywhere. The design gives you the portability to record almost anywhere, which means you can host live events in your community, keep making shows while on vacation, or put together quick content during a lunch break.
  • Complete Stability. The RØDECaster Pro eliminates needing to worry about having operating system compatibility or user stability issues. Once you’re finished recording your podcast, you go right to the next step.
  • Compact and Connected. Whether you want to chat with a remote guest or record while away from your crew, you can connect your phone with a TRRS cable or Bluetooth technology. Mix-minus audio comes from the board to eliminate echoes that callers hear without needing complex or expensive external hardware.
  • Custom Sounds. The RØDECaster Pro delivers eight programmable sound effects for instant sounds in your podcast. This feature includes intros, outros, and ad rolls. You have the option to assign audio from the computer or record it directly to the pad.

You can record and store up to eight banks of sounds on the board for a total of 64.

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Multitrack Benefits Are the Start of Your Journey

The RØDECaster Pro accomplishes a lot within a small package. Podcasting can sometimes feel busy and chaotic, but this board creates a calm space within that swirling storm.

With the multitrack update, it’s much easier to begin the editing process. You can also use some of the incorporated features to reduce your time on that task.

A great example is the ducking you can perform with this equipment. This processor reduces the volume of a sound signal whenever another occurs. It temporarily reduces channel volume when you’re speaking on the first channel when activated.

That means your voice always comes through, even when others create some chaos. Each channel has its own compressor, and you have a master, ensuring that everything contributes to a balanced and even sound.

When all the features work together, you’ll discover that you can save significant time each week preparing your podcast for distribution.

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