Producing a Podcast shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why our Podcast Editors and Producers take on as much (or as little) from your plate as you need.

Podcast Editing Experts you can rely on

Our mission here at Podcast Rocket is to enable you to run a successful podcast campaign. Some people have businesses, others fly solo but whatever your needs, we’ll help you get to the finish line.

Our specialist Astronaut teams cover a range of Podcast Editing Services – from tightening the episodes by removing the silences, crutch words, Uh’s and Ums, to writing your shownotes, through fully transcribe the recordings into text form, upload your episodes to your website and schedule them for release.

As you can see we can take over that one thing you need expert help with or we can manage your whole post production side of things to make sure you are free to invest your time into better things.

Podcast Editing | Composition Intro and Outro Music | Shownotes | Transcription | Podcast Scheduling & Management

Who do we work with?

Podcast Rocket works with a range of businesses and individuals from all over the world. No matter how big or small, or if podcasting is their main source of content or a small part of their vision, we’ll work with them to launch them to success.

So whether you’re recording your first or thousandth podcast and you are looking to outsource part or all of your podcasting post-production, we’ll work with you to achieve your goals.

The Astronaut headquarters in based in London, UK. However we work 100% remotely, we believe in a healthy work/life balance to deliver the best results for our clients. We also try to make sure to keep our services affordable, that’s why most of our production team is based in places where the cost of living is cheaper. That way you pay for excellent service at a lower rate. By leveraging the power of the internet and working from where we want, we don’t have to worry about the administrative burdens of having physical offices and can focus 100% on putting that time towards your production.

Not sure which Podcast Editing Service you Need?

Podcast Editing can be a very technical topic, and from a planning point of view you may have different goals depending on where you are at in your journey. 

So if you are not sure what would be the best fit for your podcasting goals, don’t stress. You can read through all the services we provide below and if you still don’t know how to push your production to the stratosphere, then you can contact us. We are happy to help.

Our Podcast Editing Services

We want to make sure we can take on all your post-production needs, but we only want you to pay for what you actually need. Most of our products are designed to strike a balance between bringing your production to the next level and save you time you could be spending on your business or recording the next podcast.

Podcast Editing

Doesn’t matter how much you’ve researched the topic and sprinkled your content with golden nuggets about your niche, if your listeners can’t hear you, they will turn away. A big part of the output quality we get out of this step comes from the quality of the recording but we can balance the volume levels for all hosts, soften or remove background noises, and prune dead weight like Uh’s and Ums and crutch words. We will also add intro and outro music tracks and (if you want) edit in any sponsors halfway through your podcast.

Read more about our Podcast Editing service.

Podcast Intro and Outro Composition

The music that plays during your podcast is part of your brand and personality and it should be something unique that your listeners would recognise anywhere. It may be your first episode or you may want a change to your intro/outro music for your podcast. Select this service if you’d like one of our Astronauts to compose a music track for your intros and outros that you can reuse for all your episodes.

Podcast Shownotes

The title of your podcast is the most important part of your offer to grab people’s attention. The second most important piece is the description of your latest episode. Having shownotes made from your recording saves you the time to actually write them. We’ll make sure to write down the most important points from your episode along with timestamps and links to the resources mentioned during the episode.

Read more about our Podcast Shownotes service.

Podcast Transcript

Transcribing your podcast into text helps your audience clarify points made in the episode. It also allows your listeners to read the podcast if they can’t listen to the episode at the time. More importantly it can help you boost your page rankings on Google as the text on the page will help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords.

Read more about our Podcast Transcription service.

Podcast Scheduling & Management

Once your podcast is edited and ready to go, you’ll have to upload the file to a podcast hosting and create a new page on your site. Then you’ll have to fill in all the details like the title, description, shownotes, links to resources and highlights of the episode before scheduling it to go live at a certain date. We provide a service to do this for you, freeing you up to do the next podcast.

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