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Services Explained

At Podcast Rocket, We Believe that
Podcast Editing Shouldn’t Be Complicated, and strive to make Understanding and Ordering our Services as Simple as Possible.

That Being Said — Over the time we’ve been in existence, it’s clear we’d rather do a few things with excellence, instead of being just another “Dime-a-Dozen” Agency who performs a range of services to a mediocre level.

Each Service is Explained Below.
Let’s Get Started…

Basic Production

$12 Per Episode


What It Covers:
Adding Your Provided Intro and Outro Files
Adding Your Provided Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, and Post Roll Messages
Mixing & Mastering Audio for Broadcast.
 Moderate Background Noise Reduction

What It Doesn’t Cover:
• Severe 
Background Noise or Distortion Removal.
We can remove most ambient background noise,
but some audio is simply beyond repair depending on its severity.

Basic Cleanup & Editing

$1.20 Per Minute. Anything You Need*

This Service is a Basic Flat Service Priced Per Minute of Raw Audio, and
Will Cover Most (If Not All) Basic Requests You Send Us.

What It Covers:
Cutting Sections from Provided Timestamps
Cleaning Up “Um’s, Uh’s,” Silences, and Filler Speech

What It Doesn’t Cover*:
• Extremely 
Complex Requests.
• Creative Input & Direction.
• Custom Audio Effects.

Writing Shownotes

What It Covers:
 Episode Summary
 Resources & Links
 Best Quotes (aka “Tweetables”)
 Your Provided Custom Format 

What It Doesn’t Cover:
• Content beyond 1.5 Pages

Upload to RSS Host

What It Covers:
 Uploading to your RSS Host after Production (Libsyn, Blubrry, Anchor, etc.)
 Pre-Scheduling your episode, or Saving as Draft

What It Doesn’t Cover:
• Setup 
of your RSS Feed
• Revisions after submission.

**If you believe you have a complex request or need any additional clarification, please Contact Us.
As much as we’d like to, we simply don’t have the resources to perform fully custom work.

In addition, we just won’t know enough about your audience to make relevant, informed recommendations for your show.
After all — It’s your show. Your Baby; and the Best Creative Director you could ever ask for is…
You! So Have Fun with It.
If You’re Looking for a Company who can walk you through the process in more depth,
Please Contact Us for Current Industry Reccomendations