Ideas for Games to Play on a Podcast

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Everyone loves games when conducted at the right time. Generally, games are fun and can cheer up people of all ages, from toddlers to adults. With an increasing number of podcasts worldwide, it is necessary to identify exciting games to play during a podcast. These games entertain both the contenders and listeners.

We have identified a list of the best thought-provoking and intelligent guessing games thrilling to most participants:

  • Quizzes
  • Time-Bound Q&A
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Escape Rooms
  • Match Game

Let’s now delve into each to understand how to play them.

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A quiz show similar to Jeopardy that assesses participants in premeditated categories of knowledge. The game begins with contestants being allocated the same number of points. Then each contestant is allowed to select a category and a point value, for example, advertising for 200 points.

The host responds with a question in the chosen category. The contestant is given 30 seconds to 1 minute to respond. If correct, the contestant is awarded the point value, in this case. If the answer is incorrect or fails, the same points are deducted from the contestant’s total points.

The game may go round the contestants three to five times. After which, the contestant with the highest points wins the game.

It will help if you set a minimum and maximum point value to state when picking a topic to make the game exciting and challenging. Also, contestants should not be allowed to select a category more than once.

Time-Bound Q&A

woman of color listens to podcast game

Podcast listener enjoying a podcast game.

As the name indicates, this game is a time-bound question-and-answer game. Contestants are given a set of questions and allowed two minutes to answer as many as they can. The contestant with the most correctly answered questions wins.

You may allow contestants to choose from a predefined list containing several sets of topics. But, only contestants who select the same group of topics are tested to ensure homogeneity in ranking the winner.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a word-solving game where players guess a phrase by choosing one letter at a time. When the game begins, there are only blanks and spaces for the participants to know how many words are in the phrase and how many letters are in each word. The host provides a clue to the contestants regarding the category of the phrase.

Each contestant spins a wheel to land on an amount and then guesses a consonant. For example, if a contestant landed on $400 and guesses the letter “M” and the phrase contains two M’s, the contestant is awarded $800. During subsequent rounds, contestants use accrued points to purchase vowels.

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms entails participants solving puzzles to unlock a room within a set time frame. You can have several linked rooms in this game, which act as levels.

Participants are required to complete a sequence of trials within a room. When successful, the room unlocks, and the participant is directed to the next room. As a participant moves from one room to the next, the tasks become more challenging.

The winner is the first participant to complete all puzzles in all rooms within the allocated time. If the puzzles are challenging for the contenders to complete, the person who passed more tasks emerges as the winner.

It is best for the puzzles within each room to be challenging but achievable within the time limit provided. If the tasks are too difficult, the game may discourage participation.

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Match Game

Match Game is another word-guessing game where contenders guess a word to complete a statement. The host reads a sentence with a blank and gives each contender a chance to guess the right word to complete the sentence.

The game has a host and a panel that confirms the correct response from the participants. The host begins the game by providing the panel with answers to the participants’ questions. It is essential because the questions are general and may be completed correctly using different words.

The gist of the game is to ensure each participant brainstorms to guess the correct word expected by the panel.

Below are two sample questions;

  • He got back from a month in ______________.
  • Last summer, I gave my wife a _________, and when she opened it, tears rolled down her cheeks.

Final Thoughts

Many exciting games exist that you can play on a podcast. The important thing is to make the game exciting for the participants and your audience. To achieve this, you need to broadly examine your target audience’s interests.

This article explored games that test your brain and expand your creativity, namely; Quizzes, Time-Bound Q&A, Wheel of Fortune, Escape Rooms, and Match Game. Though we provided the guideline to play each game, you can redesign any to make it more interesting for the contenders and viewers.

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