How to Set Up a Podcast on Twitch

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Twitch is a popular live streaming site that is free to use. You can set up your podcast to stream live on the Twitch platform by first creating an account. Use your podcast name and logo to make it easy for listeners/viewers to find you. In order to both live stream and record your podcast, you can use a service like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio) to record your stream while it’s live on Twitch. Download the software and once you start “twitching” or live-streaming your content, you will be able to record at the same time and use the resulting recording on other platforms.

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Can you have a podcast on Twitch?

Yes, you can have a podcast on Twitch, but the platform is mainly for live streaming where viewers can chat in the chatbox and interact with you and other viewers. If you are a podcaster who is dedicated to having everything edited and in pristine condition before your listeners or viewers get their hands on it, then Twitch is not the place for you. For those who don’t mind doing a live stream, Twitch is a great platform that enables viewers to switch between different streamers and find new streams they’re interested in quickly. However, on Twitch you will not be able to store your previous recordings for viewers, and will have to redirect them to another platform for other content.

Can you livestream a podcast?

livestream podcast

Using Twitch as a platform for live streaming your podcast can help you get new listeners and viewers to your show.

You can livestream a podcast on several different platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch, among others. While some like Facebook and Instagram allow you to record your live streams for future viewing, Twitch does not store your past Twitch videos on your channel. So, consider a streaming site that works for the type of podcast you want to produce and whether you need the platform to record and store previous recordings.

Can you do a talk show on Twitch?

Twitch is known to be the home of gamers who live stream their games and have viewers comment in the chat box. But these types of streamers aren’t the only ones on Twitch. There are several talk shows, similar to podcasts, on Twitch, and the appeal in them is that they are supposed to be live. If you feel comfortable performing a live talk show and think that the content will be something people would be interested in watching, Twitch allows for you to sign up and start making content for free.


Though podcasts are typically found on platforms like Spotify and iTunes, other sites like Twitch offer unique experiences that help viewers and listeners to catch you live and unedited. Twitch also offers users the ability to quickly find new content and become fans. This is advantageous to podcasters who have not yet built up a platform or are looking for new listeners. In order to record the podcast from Twitch, you will need to employ software like OBS Studio and direct your viewers to other platforms to listen to older recordings.

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