How Many Words Are In A 10-Minute Podcast? Your First Script

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Have you ever wondered how many words are in a 10-minute podcast?

As some speech coaches say, your conversational tone is the best indicator of that number. For instance, Daphne Gray-Grant, a publication coach, states that people speak at a rate of 125-150 words per minute.

So, a 10-Minute podcast would have between 1,250 to 1,500 words. Of course, the word count is flexible with the content and message of your show.

Is 10 Minutes Long Enough For A Podcast?

Many people feel that a podcast should be at least 30 minutes long to provide enough content for listeners. However, many podcasts are only ten minutes long and still provide valuable information. For instance, Six minute podcast or similar.So, how short is too short for a podcast?

While it is true that some topics might require more time to cover, others can be explained in a shorter amount of time. How long it takes to cover any given topic depends on how much information is needed to understand the subject.

Only you can answer that question based on how well the information gets across and if listeners understand what you have said.

What Is The Ideal Podcast Length?

How Many Words Are In A 10-Minute Podcast?

How Many Words Are In A 10-Minute Podcast?

Arguably, you could say that word speed plays a factor in determining the length of the podcast. So here are some various word speeds that apply to podcasts.

  • Presentations – 100-150 wpm is comfortable
  • Conversational – 120-150 wpm
  • Audiobooks – 150-160 wpm
  • Radio Hosts / Podcasters – 150-160 wpm

Some professionals speak faster, but it boils down to a personal preference. It’s common to assume that speed equals charisma, and slowness can frustrate listeners. Let’s say that you’re writing a script for your show but want to know how long the script will run.

A word counter tool is a perfect option to determine your podcast length and help you find the right target for your project. User habits revealed that at least 32% of listeners feel put off by longer episodes of an hour or more. So, short-form podcasters usually put out more frequent episodes.

How Long Is A 15-Minute Podcast?

Let’s say you take the advice of the average 32% of users who enjoy short podcasts and want to appeal to as many as you can. So you decide not to let your script be any longer than fifteen minutes. Does that leave you enough time to convey your message?

Generally, a 15 minutes podcast will have no more than 2,000 words per show. While that doesn’t sound like much more than a 10-Minute podcast, as you gain experience and become more of a professional, you’ll be able to say more about your topic in the same amount of time.

How Long Is A 30-Minute Podcast?

Perhaps you’ve decided that while writing your script and planning your show’s format, a 30-Minute podcast may be more natural. In general, this is a standard length for many podcasts. Therefore, you should be able to speak 4,500 words.

How Long Should My First Podcast Be?

There is no set limit on how many words can be included in an episode – though there are some guidelines that most podcasters follow. Generally speaking, the shorter your episodes are (in terms of time), the faster your scripts will be. For episode one, write a 1500-word script, though this may vary depending on the topic of your show. This is one of many things you need to do when starting a podcast.

Make sure to:

  • Address your audience and welcome them
  • Mention why you’re doing the podcast (your inspiration)
  • Talk about the posting schedule
  • Explain the podcast format (content, guests, audience participation, etc.)
  • Thank them for listening and mention the next podcast

If you’re having trouble writing your content, focus on the main points. When recording for the show, keep your voice as calm as possible and speak naturally, and it will all work out. You can also have a look at our study on what successful podcasts include in their intros here.

Remember that your podcast needs to be enjoyable for your listeners. They will likely lose interest if the episode is dragging on. However, don’t feel like you have to rush through your content to fit into a specific timeframe. Instead, take care to craft an informative and engaging episode.


It’s essential to know your audience and your niche; after that, you’ll want to plan your format and posting schedule. If your interest lies in short-form content, 10-Minute Podcasts are excellent for a wide range of topics. Some great examples of 10-Minute podcasts are Up First by NPR, 2298 by Profile No. 24, and 600 Second Saga by Mariah Avix best fit this mold.

In addition, a podcast can be whatever entertains your specific audience. If you want a more traditional format that conveys everything in 1,500 words, then that’s ok. However, the goal is to be consistent and provide a valuable experience to your listeners.

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