What File Formats Do You Work With?
We work with…

Please note that we don’t work with DAW Project Files (such as .band, .aud, .fls, .als).
All audio must be exported to the above formats before we can begin editing.

How Do I Get My Files To You?
After purchase, you will be redirected to our onsite upload page. It looks like this:

To ensure your order is processed correctly, please upload your files in order.

If you host your podcast audio on a cloud service (such as Dropbox or Google Drive) we can also take orders, so long as a **Publicly Accessible Link** is provided:

Can You Help Set Up / Launch My Podcast?
We do not Launch Podcasts at this time. However, You can set up a Podcast on iTunes in minutes for FREE using Anchor.fm.
Can You Automatically Upload My Episode to My Host (Libsyn/Wordpress/etc)?
Since there are a lot of moving parts and personal preferences to account for, Automated Scheduling & Posting of Edited Podcast Episodes to Hosts (such as Libsyn, Blubrry, WordPress) will require a flat $149/month management fee for Monthly Packages.

If you’d like this service, please Contact Us prior to signup.

Please note that Automated Scheduling & Posting of Edited Shows are not available for One-Time Purchases.

Can You Help Me Create a Custom Intro/Outro?
At this time, we do not create Custom Intros/Outros. All creative assets must be provided to us at the time of order.

If you still need an Intro/Outro however, Contact Us for current vendor partner recommendations.

Do You Transcribe Podcasts?
No. You can get your Podcast Transcribed at Rev.com for $1/Minute.
Can You Recommend Audio Equipment to Purchase?
As the adage goes, “There are a million ways to skin a cat.” For that reason, we do not provide specific recommendations for audio equipment.

We’ve seen Podcasters with bad equipment sound great, and Podcasters with the BEST equipment sound terrible. Ultimately, it all comes down to the audio engineer’s skill. We recommend going with whatever equipment is most easy and available to you.

If you still want to research gear however, you can find a lot of information here:

Can You Help Me Create Podcast Artwork?
No. However, Contact Us for current vendor partner recommendations.
Do You Provide Voiceover Services?
No. However, Contact Us for current vendor partner recommendations.
Do You Provide 1-1 Consulting?
No. The best fit for our services is someone who’s got the ball rolling already.
If you’re brand new to Podcasting, Contact Us and we’ll be happy to refer you to someone who can walk you through the Podcast world step-by-step.
Why Are You So Much Cheaper Than Other Podcast Editing Companies?
We were surprised how much this came up, but it’s worth mentioning. This comes down to a few things.

#1: Our entire team is remote. We believe in the value of remote work to enable employees with a better work/life balance. A nice side effect is we don’t have the heavy fixed cost of a central office.

#2: We only provide 2 services we excel at; Audio Editing and Shownotes Writing. One-Stop Shops who provide a variety of services are expensive to operate, and the costs of doing business are passed on to you…even if you don’t use some services!

Consulting for instance is a service we won’t provide, because hiring experts is expensive and only marginally beneficial.

#3: We source the most time-intensive labor from very talented individuals located in low-cost countries, such as the Philippines.

Despite this, we maintain high standards for all contractors, whether foreign or domestic. Bottom line, they deliver…all while keeping costs low and your services affordable!