12 Cool Tricks to Grow Your Number of Podcast Listeners

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If you’re like most people, you probably think of podcasts as a way to pass the time during your commute or while working out. But did you know that podcasts can also be a powerful marketing tool? That’s right – by starting a podcast and building an audience, you can reach new customers, generate leads, and drive sales.

And the best part is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, all you really need is a microphone and some basic editing software. So why start a podcast? For one, it’s a great way to build thought leadership and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

By sharing your insights and knowledge on a regular basis, you’ll not only attract new listeners, but you’ll also encourage them to tell their friends about your show. And as your audience grows, so too will your sphere of influence. In addition, a podcast can be a great way to connect with potential customers and build relationships.

By talking to your listeners on a regular basis, you’ll stay top-of-mind when they’re ready to make a purchase. Finally, don’t forget that podcasts are also excellent lead generation tools. By including calls-to-action in your show notes or offering exclusive deals to listeners, you can quickly turn casual fans into paying customers.

How do I get the First 1000 Listeners for my Podcast?

One of the most searched questions on Google today is; how to get more podcast listeners? Now, you’ve created a podcast and invested time in building an audience. But you’re stuck at around 300 listeners per episode. How can you get more people to tune in?

Of course, you could continue to produce great content and hope that word of mouth does its thing. But if you want to speed up the process, there are a few things you can do to get more listeners for your podcast. Here are ten clever ways to get your first 1,000 podcast listeners:

Create compelling artwork

Creating great artwork is one of the best ways to make your podcast stand out on podcast directories like iTunes. After all, with over 2 million podcasts to choose from, potential listeners are looking for any reason to click on one show over another.

And your podcast artwork is like your show’s business card—it’s often the first thing potential listeners will see, so it’s important to make a good impression. iTunes for example is extremely visually-oriented, so your artwork is an excellent opportunity to make your show stand out from the hundreds of thousands of other podcasts out there.

Make sure your artwork accurately reflects the theme and tone of your show, and try to use high-resolution images that will look good on both computers and mobile devices. With a little effort, you can create podcast artwork that will grab attention and help you build a loyal audience. Also, here’s how you can create the perfect Podcast Cover Art Dimensions.

Optimize your show notes

Your show notes are another important way to promote your podcast and attract new listeners. Every time you release a new episode, be sure to include a brief description of the show as well as links to any relevant resources or websites.

It would be best if you also took advantage of keywords and phrases that potential listeners might be searching for. By including these in your show notes, you can help your podcast show up in search engines and attract new listeners.

Share your episodes on social media

This one is pretty obvious, but it’s worth reiterating because it’s so important. If you want people to listen to your podcast, you need to let them know it exists!

Share each new episode on your personal social media accounts, as well as any relevant business or industry pages. Make use of hashtags, and tag any guests that you had on the show. The more places you share your episodes, the more likely people are to stumble across them and give them a listen.

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Optimize your website for SEO

If people are going to find your podcast episodes through Google, you need to make sure your website is optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). That means using keywords throughout your site, including in the titles and descriptions of your episodes.

It also means making sure your website is fast and mobile-friendly since that’s what Google favors these days. If you’re unsure how to optimize your website for SEO, consider working with an agency specializing in this area.

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Connect with influencers in your industry

If you’re looking to grow your podcast audience, one of the best things you can do is reach out to influencers in your industry and ask them to promote your show. This could mean asking them to share an episode on social media, mention your podcast during a live stream or webinar, or even interview them as a guest on your show.

Connecting with influencers will help you tap into their existing audience. It will also ensure that you get extra exposure and help build credibility for your brand.

So don’t be afraid to reach out to influencers in your industry and ask for their help in promoting your podcast. It could be the boost you need to take your show to the next level.

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Submit your podcast to directories

There are dozens of podcast directories out there, and submitting your show to them is a great way to get more exposure. This will help people who are specifically looking for new podcasts to listen to find your show, and it can also give you some valuable backlinks.

Some of the most popular podcast directories include iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play Music. But there are many others worth submitting to, so take some time to research which ones will be the most beneficial for your show.

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Run a contest or giveaway

People love free stuff, so running a contest or giveaway is a great way to attract new listeners to your podcast. You could give away something related to your show, like a book or t-shirt, or you could offer a more general prize that would appeal to your target audience.

To get maximum exposure, it would be best to promote the contests or giveaway across your social media and other marketing channels. Also, make it easy for people to enter by setting up a simple entry form on your website.

Partner with other podcasters

One of the most effective ways to significantly increase the podcast audience you have is to partner with other podcasters in your niche. This could involve guest appearances on each other’s shows, joint episodes, or even just cross-promotion through social media and email newsletters.

Not only will this help you reach a whole new audience, but it can also help build relationships with other influencers in your industry. So if you’re looking to grow your podcast audience, partnering with other podcasters is a great way to do it.

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Advertise your podcast

If you really want to give your podcast a boost, advertising is the way to go. This could involve running ads on social media, Google, or even podcasts that are similar to yours.

The key is to make sure your ads are targeted and relevant to your target audience. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your money. But if you can create targeted ads that reach people who are likely to be interested in your show, advertising can be a great way to attract new listeners.

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Invest in professional help

If you’re serious about growing your podcast audience, investing in professional help is a good idea. This could involve hiring a virtual assistant to help with social media promotion, a podcast editing service, or even partnering with a marketing agency specializing in podcasts. The key is to find someone who can help you take your podcast to the next level and make it more successful.

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Keep your show consistent

Your podcast audience will only grow if you’re able to keep your show consistent. This means releasing new episodes on a regular basis and promoting each episode effectively.

If you’re not able to do this, people will lose interest and move on to other podcasts. That said, consistency is key to growing a successful podcast.

Be patient

It does take time to build a thriving podcast with several listeners. So do not feel demoralized if you do not see results overnight.

Just keep plugging away and promoting your show. Eventually, you’ll start to see your audience grow.

Podcasting Mistakes to Avoid when Growing Your Number of Listeners

human hand with magnifier and chart

When you’re first starting out, it’s easy to make mistakes that can hurt your chances of attracting new listeners. Now, after all the effort and resources you’ve pumped into your new show, you really do not want to do anything that will unearth all your progress.

To save you the trouble, we’ve compiled a list of podcasting mistakes you should avoid when growing your number of listeners. And, don’t take our word for it; this is coming from the horse’s mouth.

Annoying; too many or just irrelevant ads reads

If you want one thing that will turn off potential listeners, it’s having too many, or irrelevant ad reads. Ad reads are the little snippets of ads that you play in between segments of your show. And while they’re a great way to make some extra money, they can also be a major turn-off for potential listeners.

The key is to strike a balance between the number of ad reads and the quality of the ads themselves. Too many ad reads will make your show sound like a commercial, and irrelevant ads will just annoy people. So find a happy medium and stick to it.

Boring intros/outros

Your intro and outro are two of the most important elements of your show. They’re what people will hear when they first start listening, and they’ll be the last thing they hear when they finish. So you want to make sure they’re interesting and engaging.

A lot of podcasters make the mistake of having long, drawn-out intros that go on for minutes. Others have boring outros that just thank the guests and plug the show’s social media accounts. Neither of these are particularly interesting or engaging, so try to avoid them.

Instead, focus on making your intro and outro short, sweet, and to the point. Give people a reason to keep listening and make sure they’re excited about what’s coming next. Check out How to Create An Engaging Podcast Intro for inspiration.

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Poor audio quality

If you want people to take your podcast seriously, you need to make sure it sounds professional. And that starts with having good audio quality.

There’s nothing worse than trying to listen to a podcast full of static or echoing in the background. It’s just frustrating and makes it hard to concentrate on the content. So if you want people to stick around, make sure your audio quality is top-notch.

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Rambling episodes

Rambling episodes are ones that just go on and on without any real structure or purpose. They meander from topic to topic and never really seem to get to the point.

This can be frustrating for listeners, and it’s one of the quickest ways to lose people’s attention. So if you want to keep people engaged, ensure your episodes are focused and have a clear purpose.

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Repetitive content

If you find yourself covering the same topics over and over again, it’s time to mix things up. Repeating the same content is just going to bore people and make them tune out.

Try to come up with fresh ideas and perspectives that will keep people engaged. And if you’re struggling to come up with new material, consider bringing on guests or changing up the format of your show.

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Shallow content

If you want people to take your podcast seriously, you need to make sure it has substance. That means covering topics in-depth and offering new perspectives.

Many podcasters make the mistake of skimming the surface of their topics. They might touch on a few different points but never really go deep. As a result, their content comes across as shallow and uninteresting.

So if you want to engage listeners, make sure your content is rich and insightful. Go deep instead of shallow, and offer something new and unique.

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Too much self-promotion

Self-promotion is important, but there’s such a thing as too much of it. If every other sentence out of your mouth is a plug for your website or product, people are going to tune out.

The key is to strike a balance. Promote yourself and your work, but don’t do it to the point where it’s all people ever hear from you. Find a happy medium, and you’ll be much more successful in the long run.

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Final Thoughts

Podcasting is a great way to build an audience and connect with people. But if you want to be successful even after reading every guide on how to get more podcast listeners, you still need to avoid the seven deadly sins we’ve discussed in the latter section of this guide.

So take a step back, assess your show, and make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes. It’ll make a world of difference in the long run. Happy podcasting!

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