Download Old Podcast Episodes – How To Guide

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When you can’t seem to download old podcast episodes on a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music, it’s time to turn to the source of the podcast, whether it’s set up in a podcast platform feed or on the podcast website. These sites will generally archive all their old podcast episodes so users have access to them.

If what you are experiencing is that the podcast is still live but can’t see older episodes, most likely the issue is the limit imposed on the RSS feed. In this case the best case is to contact the podcaster directly and ask them to increase the feed episode limit and/or ask them for directions on how to download these older episodes.

Another thing to remember is that saving a podcast is the same as downloading it so you may have already download the episodes in the past.

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How to Subscribe to Download Old Podcast Episodes

At times, some podcasts will limit their listenership to just those who subscribe, meaning their listeners will have to pay to download or stream their episodes. For several podcasts, this is the only way you will be able to have access to their full library of episodes. Luckily, many podcasters have free trials or discounts to get you hooked then reel you in. Sign up and download during a free trial to listen to the episodes of your choosing, and if you like them well enough, consider signing up. Podcast subscriptions are relatively cheap, and it helps to support the creators who tirelessly work to make the best quality episodes for you and other subscribers.

If you still cannot seem to find their old podcast episodes, contact the podcaster directly to see if they need to increase their RSS feed episode limit. They may have come to the end of it and will have to change their settings in order for all their episodes to be accessible for subscribers.

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How to Find Old Podcast Episodes

Woman listening to podcasts while working on laptop on bed

Woman listening to podcasts while working on laptop on bed

Sometimes, you can find old podcasts through a simple Google search. The web has vast sections of space where old episodes may have found a crevice and hidden, waiting for you to find them. Don’t stick to the first results, do some digging. Go on Reddit pages to uncover secret spots where these old episodes may be located. Everyone is willing to help out an eager and friendly fan. All you have to do is a little detective work.

If you can’t find the episodes on one specific streaming service, check  out another. If the podcast’s older episodes aren’t on Spotify, check Apple Podcasts. If they aren’t on Apple Music, try Amazon Music. You can use their free trials to download and stream the content without having to purchase a subscription for longer than you like.

How to Listen to Old Podcast Episodes on YouTube

If you can’t find a podcast on a streaming service like Spotify, don’t fret. Many podcasters also have a visual component that they supply their fans, which they usually upload to YouTube or another video platform like Vimeo. Do a search to see if any of their episodes pop up. You may be surprised to find one in the results and may stumble upon a treasure trove of old podcast episodes to stream and download.

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Finding old episodes of your favorite podcast to download may take some effort, but it’s doable. Check to see if the podcast has their own site, they may have a backup outside of the main podcast platforms. Another way is to see if there are other older podcast episodes is to reach out to the podcasters directly and ask them to increase the RSS feed limit or for access to older content.

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