Is Saving A Podcast The Same As Downloading?

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In most cases, saving a podcast is basically the same as downloading a podcast. In Spotify, when you like a podcast, you are telling Spotify to download it if you are connected to WiFi or if you allow Spotify to download episodes with mobile data. This is the same for other streaming apps like Apple Music and Amazon Music, too.

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Can you listen to a podcast without downloading?

You can listen to a podcast without downloading it by listening to one on a website or a streaming service like App. If you don’t want to download the podcast, don’t save it if you’re using an app like Spotify or Apple Music. There are plenty of streaming websites that host podcasts that don’t require downloading. One that many podcasters use is YouTube whether they have video or audio only. You can also go directly to the podcast’s website to see if they either stream it themselves or link to a streaming platform that doesn’t require downloads. And as we covered before, listening to podcasts doesn’t count as screen time.

How do I download and save a podcast?

Two women listening to a podcast with the same headphones

Two women listening to a podcast with the same headphones

To download a podcast, launch your streaming service and search for the episode you want to download. On the Podcasts app on iPhone, you find the episode you want to download and save, click the … beside the episode and click “Save Episode.” Apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music have a simple button beside the episode that you can click to download. To save a podcast, it’s typically the same thing. Downloading a podcast on Spotify automatically saves the episode to “Your Episodes” list.

How to clear podcast storage on your iPhone?

Want to get rid of the downloaded podcasts on your iPhone? First, click on Settings, then General, then iPhone Storage, and finally Podcasts. On each show that you want to erase, swipe left and a delete button will appear that will remove all the episodes in that show.

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Saving and downloading podcasts typically perform the same function on most apps, though there are variations in the terms they use. That means when you save a podcast from these apps, you are also downloading it, or telling the app to download it once it has access to WiFi. Liking, saving, thumbs-ups, and downloading are all terms streaming services use, which can be confusing for users.

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