What to Do When Garageband Stops Recording

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Garageband may stop recording after you hit eight bars of music. When this happens, you need to go into the settings to increase the recording time. To do this, click on the + button near the slider at the top of the recording screen. Tap on the Section A 8 Bars button and it will pull up a window called Section Length. Switch the button from Manual to Automatic. This will stop Garageband from automatically ending the recording time after eight seconds and you can record for however long you like.

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Why Doesn’t Garageband Open on iOS 14?

Sometimes Garageband software doesn’t open as expected on your computer. When this happens, Apple suggests doing the following to determine the root of the problem and to fix it. First, restart your Mac to see if that fixes the problem. If that doesn’t work, update Garageband using the App Store. If you are using an external device or interface that does not work with Garageband, it will cause issues. Check with Garageband to see if they are compatible. If they aren’t, try using Mac’s own built-in audio instead. You will need to reset your preferences in Garageband by selecting Audio/MIDI in the Preferences section. Then, choose built-in output and built-in input. Try opening the project again to see if that fixed the issue. If these issues still do not resolve after all these steps are taken, contact Garageband and then Apple Support to identify the issue.

How to Reset Garageband on an iPhone

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When you encounter an issue with Garageband, it’s always best to check all your settings on the app and on your device. Image source.

Sometimes a reset of Garageband can help issues you’re experiencing on the app. First, go to your iPhone Settings and select Garageband under the list of apps. Scroll down in the Garageband settings until you see “Reset Garageband.’ Click on the button to its right to reset. This will restore Garageband to its original settings. Make sure before you do this that you have everything you want to keep backed up and saved elsewhere besides Garageband.

Garageband No Sound Playback

There are several reasons you may not be able to hear Garageband sounds while on the app. You might need to select the monitoring button to turn it on after selecting the track you want to listen to. The monitoring button is on the left under Recording settings. It will turn orange once it is turned on. You can also head to the Preferences section of Garageband to ensure that you have the right audio output (or speakers) input selected.

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Sometimes Garageband may not open or stop recording or playing sound. When these things happen, always check your settings on your computer or device. If that doesn’t work, reset the app and restart your device. That should solve the problems you encounter when dealing with Garageband. If not, contact your operating system provider or Garageband customer support.

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