The Best Mic Arm For HyperX Quadcast Users

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Let’s talk about your HyperX QuadCast microphone for a second. It’s sleek, it’s got great sound quality, and it’s probably your trusty sidekick if you’re into recording of any kind. But there’s a piece of the puzzle that often gets overlooked – the mic arm. It’s not just a stand; it’s the silent hero that can make or break your recording setup.

Choosing the right mic arm for your QuadCast isn’t as simple as picking the flashiest option or the one your favorite streamer uses. It’s about what fits your space, your style, and your movements. A mic arm that’s too stiff, too loose, or just plain awkward can turn an otherwise perfect podcast into a battle with your gear. And who needs that kind of stress?

In this piece, we’re zeroing in on the best mic arm for HyperX QuadCast. We’re talking about arms that glide smoothly, stay put, and don’t bring any extra noise to the party. So, whether you’re chatting with your gaming buddies, recording your next episode, or laying down some voice-over work, we’ve got you covered with options that will keep your setup sounding crisp and professional.

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Top Mic Arms For HyperX QuadCast

When you’re looking to pair your HyperX QuadCast with a mic arm, the market’s variety can be both a blessing and a maze to navigate. It’s not just about picking a mic boom arm; it’s about choosing a companion that will hold your QuadCast in the sweet spot, where it can capture your voice at its natural best, free from the rumbles of desk bumps or the creaks of an overworked hinge.

In the following sections, we’ll introduce you to a curated selection of mic arms that meet these criteria and are praised by users for their compatibility with the HyperX QuadCast. These picks are about giving you the freedom to focus on your content, confident in the knowledge that your QuadCast is exactly where it needs to be.


Best mic arm for HyperX Quadcast: The RODE PSA1 has durable design and noise-free operation is suitable for home, office and studio use.

The RODE PSA1 has durable design and noise-free operation is suitable for home, office and studio use. Image Source.

Key Features

  • Broadcast-style professional studio desk boom arm
  • Standard microphone threading for universal compatibility
  • Includes two desk mounting options for versatility
  • Durable design ensures longevity and stability
  • Noise-free operation ideal for various recording environments

When it comes to setting up a professional or home recording studio, the RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm stands out as a robust and versatile choice. This boom arm is designed to offer the kind of reliability and flexibility that podcasters, streamers, and recording artists need.

With its smooth, silent operation and durable construction, it’s built to handle the demands of daily use while keeping microphone noise to a minimum.

The PSA1 offers a reach that can accommodate various studio configurations, ensuring that your HyperX QuadCast is positioned perfectly for every recording session. The included two desk mounting options – a clamp for temporary positioning and a more permanent desk insert – mean that whether you’re in a temporary space or setting up your forever studio, the PSA1 adapts to your needs.

Its broadcast-style design not only looks professional but also provides the kind of noise-free operation that’s essential when you’re going for that crisp, clear sound.


  • Easy and precise placement of microphones
  • Silent adjustments prevent recording disruptions
  • Sturdy construction that can withstand the rigors of daily use
  • Compatible with a wide range of microphones, including the HyperX QuadCast


  • May be more expensive than some entry-level options
  • The fixed length of the arm may not suit all studio sizes

InnoGear Microphone Arm StandTop of Form

Best mic arm for HyperX Quadcast: The InnoGear boom arm is fully adjustable at 135° back and forth and 180° up and down, having a max reach of 28 inches horizontally and 27 inches vertically.

The boom arm is fully adjustable at 135° back and forth and 180° up and down, having a max reach of 28 inches horizontally and 27 inches vertically. Image Source.

Key Features

  • Upgraded length and flexible angle for convenient positioning
  • Built-in springs for durability and a professional look
  • Enhanced load-bearing with sturdy material
  • Stable desk clamp for secure mounting
  • Universally compatible with many microphones

The InnoGear Microphone Arm Stand is designed for flexibility and convenience, featuring a boom arm that is fully adjustable at 135° back and forth and 180° up and down. This great boom arm has a maximum reach of 28 inches horizontally and 27 inches vertically, which allows for the free positioning of microphones within an adjustable range without the risk of bouncing up.

This mic stand is built with strong internal springs to enhance its lifespan and provide a premium appearance. It is made of high-quality steel, with an improved thickness in the microphone arm tube to support a maximum load-bearing capacity of 3.5 pounds, suitable for heavy microphones like the Yeti and SM7B.


  • Heavy-duty and robust construction
  • Flexible and adjustable for optimal microphone positioning
  • Universally compatible with a variety of microphones
  • Includes cable ties for cable management


·         None

Neewer NB-35

Best mic arm for HyperX Quadcast: The NB-35 mic Stand features solid steel construction and adjustable design.

NB-35 mic Stand features solid steel construction and adjustable design. Image Source.

Key Features

  • Steel construction with black powder coat finish
  • Adjustable scissor arm design
  • Standard microphone clip
  • Table mounting clamp for desks up to 1.7 inches thick

The Neewer NB-35 microphone stand is a versatile and sturdy boom arm designed to provide reliable support for studio microphones. It features a steel frame with a black powder coat finish, ensuring durability and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The NB-35 is equipped with a standard microphone clip to accommodate most microphones, making it a flexible option for various recording setups.

This quality boom arm is adjustable, with a scissor arm design that can be easily positioned to the desired angle and height. It also includes a table mounting clamp, allowing for easy attachment to desk surfaces up to 1.7 inches thick. The NB-35’s compact design makes it an excellent choice for home studios or any space where conserving room is essential.


  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Versatile positioning
  • Suitable for most microphones
  • Easy to mount and adjust


  • May not support heavier microphones without sagging
  • The included microphone clip may not fit all microphone models

IXTECH Microphone Boom Arm

Best mic arm for HyperX Quadcast: The IXTECH Boom Arm is designed with sturdy suspension springs that support up to 1kg of mic weight.

The IXTECH Boom Arm is designed with sturdy suspension springs that support up to 1kg of mic weight. Image Source.

Key Features

  • High-quality construction materials
  • Universally compatible with various microphones
  • Rotatable and adjustable design
  • Secure clamping system

The IXTECH Microphone Boom Arm is a robust and sleekly designed arm that promises to hold a variety of microphones securely. It is crafted with durability in mind, featuring high-quality materials that ensure stability and longevity. The boom arm is universally compatible, making it a great companion for different microphone brands, including the popular HyperX Quadcast.

In terms of adjustability, the IXTECH boom arm offers a rotatable and adjustable design, allowing users to find the perfect microphone position with ease. It is also equipped with a reliable clamping system that can attach to most desk surfaces securely, providing a stable setup for any recording or broadcasting scenario.


  • Strong and stable support for microphones
  • Easy to adjust and position
  • Compatible with a wide range of microphone models
  • Secure mounting to desks


  • Some users may find the arm too stiff initially
  • The clamping system may not fit extremely thick desks


Best mic arm for HyperX Quadcast: The adjustable YUZUHOME microphone arm can be folded up and easy for you to carry around.

The adjustable microphone arm can be folded up and easy for you to carry around. Image Source.

Key Features

  • Compatible with HyperX Quadcast S and most standard-sized microphones.
  • Heavy-duty metal construction with strong springs for stability.
  • Includes a pop filter and cable ties for sound quality improvement and cable management.
  • Adjustable arm for easy folding and transport.
  • Upgraded clamp with protective cushion fits tables up to 2 inches thick.

The YUZUHOME Boom Arm is a versatile and sturdy accessory designed to enhance the recording experience for content creators, podcasters, and musicians. This boom arm is specifically compatible with the HyperX Quadcast S microphone, but its standard 3/8″ to 5/8″ screw adapter makes it suitable for a wide range of microphones, ensuring strong compatibility across devices.

The boom arm is constructed with a heavy-duty metal frame, equipped with strong springs that provide extra support to hold the microphone firmly in place, minimizing any movement that could disrupt recording quality.

In addition to its robust build, the YUZUHOME Boom Arm offers an adjustable arm that can be folded, making it portable and easy to carry around. This adjustability extends to the angle and height of the arm, allowing users to find the perfect position to capture their voice or instruments.

The included pop filter is a valuable addition, designed to filter out harsh plosives and improve the overall sound quality of recordings. The upgraded desk clamp comes with a protective cushion, ensuring that the arm can be securely attached to tables up to 2 inches thick without causing any damage.


  • Strong build quality ensures durability and stability
  • Versatility in microphone compatibility
  • Enhances sound quality with the included pop filter
  • Easy to adjust and transport, suitable for various recording environments
  • Protective cushion on the clamp prevents damage to surfaces


  • Some users might find the adjustment mechanism stiff initially

Buying Guide For The Best Mic Arm For HyperX Quadcast

Best mic arm for HyperX Quadcast: Look for arms with multiple articulation points that can rotate 360 degrees and tilt to various angles.

Image by Freepik

When you’re in the market for a mic arm to pair with your HyperX Quadcast, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you get the best recording experience. The best boom arm is not just a stand; it’s an integral part of your audio setup that can significantly affect the ease of use and quality of your recordings. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you understand what to look for.


The hallmark of a great mic arm is its adjustability. You want a mic arm that can move smoothly and stay where you position it. Look for arms with multiple articulation points that can rotate 360 degrees and tilt to various angles.

This flexibility allows you to set the microphone at the perfect height and angle, whether you’re sitting or standing, ensuring comfort during long recording sessions. A boom arm with secure locking mechanisms will maintain the position without drifting, which is crucial for uninterrupted recording sessions.


Your mic arm must be compatible with your HyperX Quadcast. This means checking the threading on the mount and ensuring it fits the microphone’s base. Most mic arms come with standard 3/8″ or 5/8″ threads, and many include adapters.

However, it’s not just about the physical fit; the arm should also integrate well with your workspace. Consider the arm’s reach and whether it can be clamped or attached to your desk or another surface without causing inconvenience.

Load Capacity

The weight of your microphone dictates the load capacity required for the mic arm. The HyperX Quadcast is a substantial piece of equipment, so you need an arm that can handle its weight without sagging or bouncing.

A good mic arm should hold more than just the weight of the microphone itself; it should also support additional accessories like pop filters or shock mounts. Check the specified load capacity and give yourself a margin to ensure stability.

Material And Build Quality

Durability is key, so the materials and build quality of the mic arm are important. High-quality mic arms are typically made of steel or aluminum, providing the strength needed to hold your microphone securely. The joints and adjustment mechanisms should be well-engineered to withstand repeated movement and adjustments. A well-built mic arm will not only last longer but also provide a more stable platform for your microphone.

Cable Management

Good cable management is essential for both aesthetics and functionality. A mic arm with built-in channels or hooks for routing your microphone cable keeps your setup tidy and prevents the cable from tangling or getting in the way. This can also reduce cable wear and tear and minimize the chances of accidentally pulling on the cable during use.

Installation And Setup

Finally, consider how easy the mic arm is to install and set up. A user-friendly design with simple instructions can make a big difference. The best mic arms can be installed without requiring additional tools or extensive modifications to your workspace. Look for a mic arm with a sturdy, reliable mounting system that can be easily attached and removed from your desk or recording surface.

By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be able to choose a mic arm that not only fits the HyperX Quadcast perfectly but also enhances your overall recording setup.


Can You Put a HyperX QuadCast on a Boom Arm?

Yes, you can certainly mount a HyperX QuadCast on a boom arm. The QuadCast is designed with a built-in mount adapter that fits standard 3/8” and 5/8” thread sizes, which are the common sizes for most boom arms. This feature makes it compatible with a wide range of boom arms available on the market.

When choosing a boom arm for the QuadCast, it’s important to consider the weight of the microphone to ensure the boom arm can support it without sagging. Additionally, the boom arm should allow for easy maneuverability and positioning of the microphone to capture the best sound quality while maintaining a comfortable setup for the user.

Does the HyperX QuadCast Work With the Blue Compass Boom Arm?

The HyperX QuadCast is indeed compatible with the Blue Compass boom arm. The Blue Compass is a premium tube-style broadcast boom arm with a hidden channel for cable management and a hand-tightened friction hinge for smooth, quiet operation. It comes with a standard threading attachment, which is compatible with the QuadCast’s mounting system.

Before mounting the QuadCast to the Blue Compass or any boom arm, it’s advisable to ensure that the boom arm is securely fastened to the desk or surface to prevent any accidents due to the weight of the microphone.

Is It Worth Getting A Mic Arm?

Investing in a mic arm can be very worthwhile for several reasons:

  • Positioning and Flexibility: A mic arm allows you to position the microphone optimally for the best sound quality. It can be adjusted to the right height and angle, which is crucial for capturing clear audio without straining your posture.
  • Stability: Unlike a desktop stand, a boom arm holds the microphone steady during recording, which helps to prevent vibrations or accidental bumps that can cause noise in the audio track.
  • Space Saving: Boom arms can save valuable desk space. They can be retracted or moved out of the way when not in use, providing a cleaner and more organized workspace.
  • Professionalism: A boom arm can give your setup a more professional appearance, which can be important for video streams or professional recordings.
  • Cable Management: Many boom arms come with clips or channels for routing the microphone cable neatly, reducing clutter and minimizing the risk of the cable getting tangled or damaged.
  • Health and Ergonomics: Proper microphone placement can reduce the need to lean or hunch over, which can contribute to better posture and reduce the risk of neck or back pain over time.

If you are serious about your audio quality and want to create a more efficient and professional recording environment, a mic arm is a valuable addition to your setup. It’s especially beneficial for those who record frequently or for extended sessions.


Selecting the right mic arm for your HyperX QuadCast is more than just an aesthetic choice; it’s about investing in the quality and integrity of your audio work. With the right boom arm, you can ensure that your microphone is always in the prime position to capture your voice clearly, whether you’re streaming, podcasting, or recording music.

The adjustability, compatibility, load capacity, build quality, and ease of installation are all critical factors that can make or break your audio experience. A boom arm like the Blue Compass offers seamless integration with the QuadCast, providing stability and flexibility.

Ultimately, a mic arm is not just a tool but an extension of your creative process, one that can significantly enhance the professionalism and efficiency of your setup. By considering the guidelines outlined in this article, you can make an informed decision that elevates your recording setup to the next level.

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