Shure SM7B vs Audio Technica AT2035 Comparison Guide

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The Shure SM7B is an industry favorite among dynamic microphones that allows for the recording of everything from singing vocals to drums and guitars. The Audio Technica AT2035 is a cardioid microphone that captures sounds that are more appropriate for soft recordings like those of podcasts and interviews. Therefore, the Shure SM7B is an appropriate purchase for studio recordings of music, while the Audio Technica AT2035 is more appropriate for things like podcasts.

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Is a Shure SM7B worth it?

A favorite among the music industry, the Shure SM7B is popular but pricey. The Shure SM7B is only worth the high price tag when faced with the following factors: are you recording in a loud space and if you’re a professional. If you have been in the recording game for a while, you know that different microphones produce higher and lower quality sounds. With the Shure SM7B, louder, more ambient noise is captured very well. Its cardioid polar pattern helps it to reduce unwanted sound and reject noises that you don’t want. But if you are in a relatively quiet environment, it may not be worth it for your project to purchase such expensive gear.

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Is the Audio Technica AT2035 a good mic?


Choosing between the SM7B and the AT2035 all has to do with what kind of sound you’re recording.

The Audio Technica is constructed with metal and uses cardioid polar patterns to capture sound coming from multiple directions. The microphone handles low frequency sound well and has a high pass filter that keeps out unwanted noise. The setbacks of the Audio Technica is that it doesn’t come with a few things, such as a popshield which reduces destructive S sounds and P sounds in audio. The Audio Technica also does not come with an XLR cable which is something you will need to record.

Differences between Shure mv7 vs sm7b

The Shure MV7 is mainly a microphone built for recording speech applications such as podcasting. The SM7B is a dynamic microphone that allows for recording in studio everything from vocals to guitar and drums. The MV7 is focused on midrange frequencies which includes speech and articulation of vocals. The MV7 is more appropriate for plug-and-play applications, as it is easily portable.

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The main differences between the Shure SM7B and the Audio Technica AT2035 lie in the recordings they produce. While the SM7B creates dynamic sound that is applicable to music recordings the AT2035 is more appropriate for more subtle articulation found in spoken word. This is also true for the new Shure MV7, a portable and more podcast-friendly microphone than the SM7B.

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