Zoom H6 Compressor Settings

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The Zoom H6 is an audio recorder that comes with a built-in limiter and compressor, allowing the use of one or the other for individual or layered tracks produced from different microphones. Compressors raise high levels and reduce low levels of audio to get a more even sound. Limiters reduce these levels whenever the set level is exceeded. The limiter/compressor capabilities of the Zoom H6 make it an inexpensive recording option that produces quality sound.

Is Zoom H6 Good for A Podcast?

The Zoom H6’s capabilities as a microphone/recorder and its various controls. While you can switch out different microphones to fit your needs, you can also prerecord, auto-record, and backup your recordings with the recorder. If you are creating a video version of your podcast, Zoom H6 allows for you to split the audio from the video to create easily editable versions of both.

Another great feature is its ability to continue recording on an alkaline battery for over 20 hours. Its lightweight, compact features make it a great recorder for either in the studio or while you’re out and about interviewing others in the field as a journalist or podcaster.

And you can even use a headphone splitter to record multiple speakers on the same Zoom H6.

What is the Difference Between Zoom H6 and Zoom H6 Black?

Man Woman of color Recording Podcast with Zoom H6

The Zoom H6 compressor allows for you to adjust audio levels to fit your recording needs. Image source.

Though the Zoom H6 and Zoom H6 All Black offer most of the same features and capabilities as audio recorders, they also have some substantial differences. The Zoom H6 came out in 2013 and is gray in color. The All Black is just as its name suggests: all black. Also, the case that the recorders come in differ; while the Zoom H6 comes with a rubbery type case, the All Black uses a plastic case. Another thing that’s different is the additional equipment of each recorder. While the All Black is new, it doesn’t offer any additional equipment that the Zoom H6 had, which include a Mid-Side microphone capsule and a windscreen for microphones. If you’re thinking of buying one or the other, the original Zoom H6 might be your better bet because of the additional equipment it comes with.

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Does the Zoom H6 Have Effects?

As mentioned previously, the Zoom H6 does have compression and limiting features that enable you to limit the levels of sound coming from different tracks. However, there are no sound effects such as reverb on the Zoom H6. You will need additional equipment to produce those sounds.


The Zoom H6 is an audio recorder that compresses and limits levels of sound coming from different tracks produced by different mic inputs. The Zoom H6 is a great option for a podcast and comes with more features and equipment than the newer 2020 model of the Zoom H6 All Black.

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