How to Get Podcast Sponsors | The Ultimate Guide

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Are you looking to monetize your podcast? Having a professional podcast sponsored can be incredibly valuable. Not only does it make your show look more established, but it also provides a nice financial boost!

However, finding and maintaining relationships with potential sponsors can be challenging. After all, why should someone sponsor you or your podcast? With the right strategy and dedication, getting quality podcast sponsors is possible.

In this blog post, we’ll explore practical tips to help get podcasting funded by corporate sponsorship. Let’s dive in and find out how to become the envy of every other podcaster!

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What is Podcast Sponsorship, and How Does It Work?

Podcast sponsorships are a growing trend for podcast creators, offering excellent exposure for brands and services that partner with podcast advertising.

If there is a misalignment between podcast ads and podcast episodes, it can damage the trust of loyal listeners by implying a lack of integrity on the podcast producer’s part.

For podcast sponsorship to be successful and long-lasting, creators must select brands that naturally complement their podcast content while offering meaningful rewards as their show grows.

The efficacy of podcast sponsorship is measured using two primary metrics:

1. CPM and RPM

CPM (cost per mille) sets the price rates based on podcast downloads and views, while RPM (revenue per mille) is used to assess how effective podcast advertising has been in terms of monetary growth. For instance, if a sponsor pays $500 for an ad spot but sees 8,000 podcast downloads resulting from that ad, their CPM is $6.25, which is relatively good compared to other platforms.

2. CPA

CPA, or cost per acquisition, is an ideal metric to measure a sponsorship deal and assess the efficiency of podcast sponsors’ pay.

It measures the sales or signups businesses acquire from a sponsorship deal or an advertisement in your podcast episode.

By offering potential sponsors exclusive coupon codes and affiliate links on your podcast blog, you can easily track which potential customers came from you.

As a result, sponsors can determine how much they need to pay for their investment in your show, allowing them to evaluate every sponsorship deal efficiently.

Ultimately, podcast sponsorships can provide podcast creators with great monetary rewards while at the same time helping brands and services reach more audiences.

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Types of Podcast Sponsorship Ads

If you’re a podcast host who wishes that advertisers pay in exchange for promotion, don’t worry; it’s just a matter of deciding which ad format works best for your podcast’s content.

Usually, advertisers will allow you to choose between radio-style or host-read.

Advertisers are willing to pay no matter what format they choose if they feel you’ll effectively drive traffic toward their product or service.

1. Radio-Style Ads

As a podcast host, you may be familiar with pre and post-roll ad that plays at the beginning or end of your episode, respectively.

This approach of radio-style advertisement can be practical, as Edison Research has found that most podcast listeners get attracted to buy a product after hearing about it in their favorite podcast.

If post-roll and pre-roll formats don’t suit you, a third-party marketing company can create an ad for you to place somewhere in the middle of an episode; this is known as a mid-roll.

Before committing to any potential sponsor, remember to find out if their message aligns with your podcast’s niche, so they will be successful in their promotion while still representing your brand message.

2. Host-Read Ads

Host-read ads tend to offer an excellent way to integrate a product or service seamlessly into the story you are telling.

Instead of inserting an ad that lists details about the product, you can discuss it in a more conversational tone that makes it sound natural, using post-roll, mid-roll, or pre-roll options depending on your episode’s content.

A host-read ad allows you to be more creative with promoting – mentioning your personal experiences and how the product or service works for you – without using keywords clumsily.

3. Affiliate Marketing

For podcast hosts looking to generate some extra income, an affiliate link by the podcast network provides an attractive option. Some brands allow you to sign up for affiliate programs that enable listeners to purchase recommended products and services via your affiliate link, and you’re paid a commission. This model lets you choose the frequency of promotion, from multiple times in every episode to occasional plugs, giving you more control over monetization.

The affiliate model works well if you have a specific niche podcast and a dedicated audience who actively wants to hear from you about products and services that may be of use or interest.

However, it’s important to remember that there is no guaranteed income when relying on affiliate links as part of your podcast ad strategy. Success depends on aligning with the right affiliate partner or partners.

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Benefits of a Sponsored Podcast

Podcast sponsorships work by connecting podcasts with niche audiences with potential sponsors who see the benefit in aligning their brand and message with their corresponding audience.

Utilizing major podcast networks can get you in front of potential podcast sponsors looking for precisely what your podcast offers—a highly engaged audience.

With these relationships, advertisers and marketers can get access to an educated, influential, and loyal fan base that may already be interested in the advertiser’s products and services.

Let’s dig into some of the benefits of sponsored podcasts.

Earn Money

Monetizing your podcast is one of the main benefits of finding sponsors. If you are searching for a sponsor for your podcast, it’s essential to craft a strong sponsorship proposal – this will help you get the right sponsor and provide added value and revenue for your show.

Be sure to research and pick a good podcasting sponsor suitable to your podcast’s values, atmosphere, and audience. Once you find the right sponsor, monetizing your podcast will increase revenue and improve its image and legitimacy.

Brand Identity

Building a brand identity is a compelling benefit of having a sponsored podcast. As podcasts, like Apple Podcasts, become increasingly popular, there is a bounty of new opportunities for podcast hosts to find sponsors.

A compelling media kit is essential when approaching potential sponsors, as it will make it easier for podcast hosts to show their program’s value.

Furthermore, having a podcast sponsor can serve as a launching point for other potential sponsors in the future. The relationships with their first sponsor can be leveraged to help build bridges and open up possibilities with potential partners down the line.

In brief, having a sponsored podcast allows podcasters to develop an identity they showcase through their content and begin strategic partnerships with many sponsors like essential industry contacts.

Develop a Network

To truly stand out among the more than 850,000 other podcasts that exist today and foster a dedicated audience, you must build a strong brand identity. Establishing relationships with brand partners who align with your message and targeting podcast advertisements allow you to monetize your podcast without creating overpowering or off-theme ads.

Get creative by hosting interviews with relevant people in your field or capitalizing on how-to guides pertinent to particular topics of interest.

Leveraging other podcasts that resonate with yours is also an excellent way to expand the views of potential listeners.

Doing this will help you remain competitive amongst so much competition and earn sponsors for your show.

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Sponsored podcasts offer a range of benefits to podcasters, but growing your audience and platform is one of the greatest.

By leveraging sponsors’ audience demographics and tapping into the sponsorship model, your podcast can reach an audience far beyond what was initially available.

Listing your podcast with influential podcast directories will also broaden your audience base, often at no extra cost. While many podcasters worry that sponsored podcasts may compromise their authenticity, modern sponsors understand how much potential comes with hosting a successful podcast.

The right combination of organic content and sponsoring deals through podcast hosting sites make it possible to monetize your show while still delivering value to listeners.

You can also read our posts below for a detailed guide to listing your podcast according to a specific podcast directory:

4 Ways to Attain Podcast Sponsorship

Podcasting has become increasingly popular, thanks to multiple podcasts on air daily. A podcaster needs to know how to make their podcast attractive to potential sponsors while appealing to their target audience of loyal podcast listeners to stand out among the crowd and secure sponsors.

There are multiple ways to attain quality podcast sponsors if one knows what makes an attractive referral, some of which are mentioned below.

1. Direct Communication with the Sponsors

Finding podcast sponsors with good deals can be challenging, but dealing directly with quality sponsors is the simplest way. A great place to start is with podcasts in your niche – not just podcasts that are popular or have many listeners, but podcasts that appeal to a similar audience as yours and feature products or services from sponsors.

Listen to these episodes and get contact information for the companies featured so you can pitch them directly.

Remember, the key is finding good quality sponsors who will add value to your new podcast without costing too much money – setting this out clearly in your pitch is essential.

2. Partnership with an Ad Marketplace

Podcast hosting services are a great way to get your podcast off the ground and create a digital home for your content. These services will let you manage and upload your podcasts and offer ways to monetize and get podcast sponsors through a podcast ad.

You can promote affiliate links and host ads on your podcast through specialized programs that determine ad placements and how much sponsors are paying.

An ad marketplace is another great way to ensure your creative work is rewarded with fair compensation!

3. Collaborate With a Podcast Hosting Platform

Listing your show on a platform can give you some ad revenue, and you may even be lucky enough to land a few dollars. However, ad sales are more complex than that.

Depending on the platform, there’s often an application process to gain access, and they may expect a cut in commission should they match you with a brand.

As such, if you’re not confident of your podcast analytics or don’t yet have enough ad space to sell ads to brands, wait until you build up an audience before considering this option.

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4. Podcast Directories

Podcasts have become a popular way to stay informed and entertained, making potential sponsorships an attainable goal for podcasters. Advertising on podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn can effectively reach potential sponsors and monetize your podcast.

When potential sponsors see your podcast listed amongst similar podcasts, they are more likely to consider ad spots within your show. A potential sponsor’s ad placement could result in them being willing to pay attention to you directly, often offering you the chance to negotiate monetization or further sponsorship opportunities.

Make sure you research the most suitable podcast directory before submitting–this will give potential promoters confidence in your ability as a podcaster.

How to Secure Podcast Sponsors

If you’ve ever fantasized about making money from your podcast, securing a few sponsors is the quickest way to get started.

Finding sponsors requires research, preparation, and effort — understanding who they are, what they value, and how they reach their potential customer base is essential to finding successful sponsorships. Still, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Searching advertising networks or a Facebook group dedicated to helping independent creators find potential sponsors can be an excellent place to start.

With the proper guidance and ambition, you can be on your way toward advertising success with your podcast.

Figure Out Your Podcast Niche

Understanding your competition is an essential step in how to get podcast sponsors for your podcast episodes. Listen to podcasts in your sector or industry and make notes on the popular shows.

Learn from successful podcasters in your niche;

  • Study how they make ads sound natural
  • Where do they place them
  • How hosts engage with their audience
  • What kind of content do people love

Use this data to improve your show and develop strategies to attract potential sponsors.

Research Companies and Brands That Would Be a Good Fit for Your Podcast

When it comes to how to get podcast sponsors, an audience is essential. With an audience, your podcast can develop or secure sponsors; however, some listeners may be against having any ads during the podcast, and you could ultimately end up losing followers.

Choosing sponsors that align with your brand’s identity and what you stand for and understanding the value your particular audience base will get from the sponsored products or services.

To ensure a successful outcome, aim to track your performance, so it’s easier to identify if you’re gaining, maintaining, or losing listeners. Ultimately this can help you decide how booming the sponsorship was and how best you can target future sponsor relationships.

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Reach Out to Those Companies and Pitch Them on Sponsoring Your Show

Pitching a podcast to a company can be daunting, but the right approach can open up exciting opportunities for collaboration. To craft the perfect pitch, start by Introducing yourself and why you’re getting in touch.

Quickly summarize your show and back this up with concrete examples if you have a sizable reach and engaging post-roll ads or pre-roll ads.

You should also explain why working with you benefits them and how they could get involved – post-roll advertising.

Remember to give them metrics, such as how many downloads your podcast brings and where your audience is.

Finally, invite them to contact you if they’d like to discuss the partnership further, then finish by making sure that you send the same message to several potential sponsors.

Create Promotional Materials for the sponsor

This will increase their visibility, allowing potential customers to connect with them in meaningful ways. Episode transcripts, social media posts, and blog articles efficiently broadcast the sponsor’s message and build relationships with their audience.

By helping our sponsors become visible, we can go a long way in driving potential customers into the fold, which benefits our sponsors and helps us grow our network and promote our values.

We look forward to generating high-quality promotional materials explicitly tailored to our sponsors that illustrate the value they bring through their products and services.


To summarize, landing podcast sponsors is a multifaceted process requiring patience, research, and hard work.

You have to identify the target audiences for the products you are most interested in promoting on your show, determine what type of relationships you want to build with potential advertisers, create high-quality messaging materials related to their brand and negotiate reasonable terms for their support.

If you remain passionate through the process and come out of it with partnerships that add an extra layer of authenticity to your content, then you will be on your way to hosting a successful sponsored podcast.