How to Edit a Podcast on Anchor: 3 Steps to Perfection

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The realm of podcasts has exploded with what was once lesser-known voices now becoming titans within the industry. Becoming a titan yourself sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

But before you’re able to get there, you need to know how to edit a podcast. Here are three quick-fire steps to edit the perfect podcast episode on Anchor.

  1. Go to your dashboard, select a segment audio, click on the three grey dots, and select ‘Edit Audio.’
  2. Determine where a piece of audio starts and ends by dragging their markers.
  3. To remove or replace audio, double click on that piece of audio, and select ‘Split.’

Once you have mastered the Anchor editing tools by Spotify, you can have a look at our article on how to make money on Spotify. Alternatively, if you prefer to edit your podcast on iMovie,  Audacity, or GarageBand, we also have you covered.

The Editing Tools Available on Anchor

Having recorded a podcast episode, Anchor provides you with the fundamental editing tools to help create the ideal piece of content. The editing platform that’s behind the success of Anchor is the Waveform editor.

The Waveform editor provides you with the perfect visual representation of a podcast episode. It outlines the entire episode – detailing extended pauses as well as the tone and frequency of your voice.

The primary editing tools available on Anchor are the split, delete, and insertion tools that enables you to remove unwanted pauses or other audio. They can then be replaced by other alternative audio such as your usual introduction or signing off message.

While these three simple editing tools help define a podcast episode, they ultimately keep the episode relevant and on track for your listeners. Keeping your podcast episode focused means that your listeners are focused as well.

How to Edit a Podcast Episode on Anchor

How to Edit a Podcast on Anchor

How to Edit a Podcast on Anchor

A massive amount of effort has been driven into making the Anchor editing platform as easy and simple-to-use for podcasters – regardless of whether you’re just finding your way into the podcasting world or even if you’re a fulltime pro. These user-friendly steps will give you the confidence that you need to create the ultimate podcast episode for your fans.

Step 1

Make your way to the ‘Episode Builder’ on your dashboard. Find the segment of audio that you want to edit, select it, and move on over to the three grey dots towards the right-hand side of your screen. Click on the dots and then click again on ‘Edit Audio.’

Step 2

Once the segment audio has finished loading, the Waveform editor is now available to modify and improve the audio. The mini map of the audio can be found above the current audio selected which is highlighted in blue.

The first edit that can be made is by confirming where the audio starts and ends. This can be done by selecting and/or dragging the start and end markers to your preferred points.

Step 3

The main editing tool at your disposal now is the ‘Split’ tool. Simply double click on a desired piece of audio that you may want to remove/replace and drag it from the starting location to the chosen end point. From here, you have two options. You can either delete the split portion of the audio or save it to use as part of a segment within the overall podcast episode.

You’re in complete control of the editing process. Some audio segments may need to be split into several segments to keep the podcast episode on track or you may just need to remove a dog barking in the background. Worse yet, it could be someone barging into the room demanding where the TV remote is!


The Anchor editing tools are perfectly equipped to support you as you edit your podcast. So, before you run off and start editing your first podcast episode, remember these three rapid steps:

  1. Find your dashboard, choose the audio to edit, select the three grey dots and click ‘Edit Audio.’
  2. Drag the markers to determine where the piece of audio starts and ends.
  3. Double click on the audio and click split or drag the markers to remove/replace a portion of audio.

Are you new to podcasting? What are some of the challenges that you are currently facing?

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