How to Reduce Reverb in Garageband

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Reverb can be a blessing and a curse to recordings, and Garageband thankfully has an option to reduce the reverb in a recording. If you have the echo effect turned on in the track, select the information button to edit the track and reduce the Master Echo controller range. If you need to reduce naturally-created reverb from the recording environment, use the audio equalizer controls to adjust the frequencies of the reverb sounds.

How to Use the Garageband Echo Effect

Garageband’s echo effect is one of the many sound effects you can produce in the software. To use it, open Garageband. Click on the track you want to edit, and select the Info button at the bottom right corner. You can change the amount of echo in the Edit tab that will pop up. The Master Echo controller button will be at the bottom left of the window. Click on it to see a slider that ranges from 0 to 100. Depending on the amount of echo you want, select your specific amount. Go back to the track and select play to review the audio. Go back into the Editing tab to adjust the echo as desired.

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How Do I Reduce Reverb when Recording?

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Reducing reverb in Garageband is a relatively easy process.

When recording audio, you may find that your microphones picked up a great deal of repeating sounds called reverb. This can be prevalent when recordingn in places with hard surfaces that can’t absorb sound. For podcasts, this can be especially annoying and distracting for listeners. To reduce reverb, you should choose a recording space with soft surfaces, such as a closet full of clothes or a bedroom with a mattress. These soft spaces absorb the sound waves and keep audio from bouncing off the walls. Avoid places like kitchens and bathrooms that have a lot of hard surfaces. Also, choosing a space with carpet is a good idea.

To mitigate the reverb sound, you can additionally add an acoustic shield to cover your microphone. This shield will absorb sound waves. The most popular acoustic shield on the market is Kaotica Eyeball but there are other brands that are less expensive.

How to Get Rid of Echo on Garageband on iPhone

Using the Garageband app on your iPhone, you can reduce or get rid of echo sound effects entirely by going to the track you’d like to edit. Click on the information button at the bottom right corner, then select Edit. Once you see the Master Echo button, the slider for that will pop up. You will be able to slide that button all the way to the 0 end of the range to stop the echo effect.


Reducing echo and reverb in your audio recording environment is half the battle in producing the intended sounds you’re looking to create. By choosing a space with soft surfaces such as a bedroom or closet with clothes inside, you will absorb most of  the sound waves that are constantly searching to bounce off of hard surfaces. If you want to reduce or edit the echo or reverb in Garageband, simply to the information button, click edit, then Master Echo Controller to reduce the range of the echo. Use the audio equalizer controls in Garageband to reduce the frequencies that produce the echo.

And if you’re looking to remove reverb in Audacity, we’ve also got you covered.

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