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Tired Of Other Podcast Agencies That:

  • Require long conversations to set you up
  • Need you to record on your own/send those files to them?
  • Serve hobbyist podcasts primarily

There’s A Simpler Way

  • Get started straight away
  • We specialise in business podcasting
  • Record on our system (No pesky files or folders to worry about)
“Run A Successful Business Podcast With Minimal Effort”

Super Simple Step By Step Plan

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You log into our system and record your episodes.
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No need for skype or zoom, log into our system, share the link with your guests, record and we take care of the rest. It couldn’t be easier!

We Take Care Of The Rest!


Assembly, editing, mixing and mastering your episodes.
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We’ll add your intro and outros, we’ll perform professional mixing and mastering, remove silences and background noise as well as filler words.


Summary, highlights, best quotes, and resources.
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A human writer will listen to your episodes and write compelling show notes to incite listeners to hit play. Transcription also available.


Upload your episode to your podcast hosting and site.
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We’ll upload your episode, show notes & transcription to your podcast hosting as well as to your website as a new post.


Full managed or social media assets options.
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We’ll either create images to your liking for posting on social media or we can fully manage your social media to grow your presence online.

Skyrocket Your Business Podcast

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Our Most Popular Packages

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Assembly, editing, mixing and mastering of your episode. Syncing between different speakers as well background noise denoiser and treatment. Up to 60 minutes. ID3 Meta tagging.

Show notes of the edited episode. These will normally include a short summary of the episode, a list of resources mentioned, quotes from the episode, and timestamps to the topics covered in the episode.

A full transcription of your edited episode. It can be unedited (with the ums, uhs and filler words) or cleaned up (with the filler words removed) for posting on your website.

Upload of your edited episode (and shownotes if ordered) to your podcast hosting provider (libsyn, podbean, anchor, google podcasts, apple podcasts, etc). And upload of the shownotes and/or transcription to your website.

One social media post for FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc to promote your episode. This can include a variety of elements, like picture from guest, quote or episode title, your logo, etc.

Up to 60 seconds video of a picture and an audio clip from your edited episode to grab people's attention on social media. Animated lines and captions included.


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The Business Podcast Production Guide

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We create a tailored plan for you

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You now have a professional podcast

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the number of episodes per month?

Yes! You can choose whichever number of episodes you’d like per month, 2, 3, 5, 15 episodes. The above numbers are examples. Order our trial episode with the addons you’d like to try out and if you decide to go ahead we’ll create a bespoke package for you.

What is the turnaround time?

Our Podcast Editors aim to deliver your episodes within 48 hours. 98.5% of all orders are delivered within this timeframe.

Other services we provide have different turn around times. 48-72 hours for show notes and up to 72 hours for transcriptions.

Social media assets are delivered within 48 hours.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time, there are no contracts involved and no minimum time required.

What happens if my recording goes over 60 mins?

Episodes that go over 65 minutes are charged at $1.58/minute in “buckets” of 15 minutes. So for example an episode that runs for 63 minutes will not be charged extra. While an episode that runs for 68 minutes will have an additional charge of $23.7.

How will we communicate?

Communication is managed directly though our handy dashboard. All messages will also send copies via email which can also be used for communication. Inside the dashboard you’ll also be able to see the state of your orders.

You can also find us through our contact page.

Do you offer one-off services?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer services outside the monthly packages.

That being said, we can do as low as 1 episode per month and you can cancel any time.

How do I send you my files?

If you use our recording platform you won’t need to send us anything, you’ll be able to record directly and we’ll take care of the rest.

Alternatively, if you do record on your own system, you’ll be able to upload the files through our dashboard or send us the link to your Google Drive or Dropbox, whatever is most convenient for you.

How does Publishing work?

We publish your episodes directly to your podcast hosting account – libsyn, podbean, etc. whichever that may be.

Then we’ll schedule a post on your website with the shownotes or transcription (or both) to go live at the same time as the episode. We’ll also add a podcast player so your visitors can play the episodes from your site.

If you use WordPress, we’ll just need an account created on your site for us to do so as well as a template that we can agree on together.

If you are using a non-WordPress site, we can also make it work but we’ll need onboarding from your team.

How does the Social Media work?

We work in two possible ways with you:

  1. We can supply the social media assets to you so you post them on your social media channels, or
  2. We can manage your social media channels for you.

If we go with Option 1, we’ll supply the social media assets prior to your episode going live so you have a chance of posting them at the same time as the episode goes live. As a rough guide, for $37.5 per episode will supply two assets (episode post for your social media channels and a quote post) and for an additional $60 per episode we’ll also provide you an audiogram.

In Option 2 one of our social media managers will manage your social media channels to improve engagement, grow your social media accounts and drive more listeners to your podcast.

We don’t believe in “X number of posts per week” types of social media managing as these kind of deals only leave clients out of pocket and very little to show for. Instead your money will be put towards buckets of time. On our lowest price point for example, you will have a dedicated social media manager work 4 hours a week on your social media accounts creating polls, stories, posts, audiograms, etc, measuring what works and what doesn’t to engage your following every week and doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. This has a price of $780/month and it increases with time spent on your accounts.

* These prices are inclusive of TAX but not inclusive of additional expenditure we may recommend you do like pay for ads. We recommend at least $100 per month on ads, with (normally) better results with more ad spend.

What's included in the Monthly Coaching?

The monthly coaching is all about getting you better results for your business and marketing goals through the podcast.

We can take the time to talk about delivery, episode structure, questions about how to best promote your podcast, etc.

Or we can dive deep into your ideal clients, how best to connect with them, check your podcast stats to see which content better works for you and your business, branding, customer journeys, how to find other revenue streams for your business, how to better align the podcast to your business and marketing goals, etc.

We can also go over technical details like best microphones to use, how to record like a pro, how to get guests, how to be invited as a guest to a bigger podcast, how to scale your podcasting venture.

We’ll also use this time to go over your stats like social media & podcasting engagement if we’ve created reports for you.

It’s your 1 hour a month where you can ask the experts and get real and tangible next steps for your podcast and your business.

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