Good Cross Fit Podcasts to Listen To

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What is a Cross Fit Podcast?

For those who are unfamiliar, CrossFit is high-intensity fitness training that has seen huge success, as most gyms nowadays offer classes for this workout type. This is a strength and conditioning routine that is made up of a variety of movements like squats, weightlifting, and push ups. As well as being a workout, Cross Fit is also a competitive sport.

A CrossFit podcast will go into detail about technique, competition updates, and, of course, the devoted community. Thanks to the popularity of the sport/workout, many different podcasts that delve into the subject. In this article, we will be breaking down our favorites for you.

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Our Top 7 Favorite CrossFit Podcasts

Here is our list of the most highly rated Cross Fit Podcasts that are available to you:

  • Talking Elite Fitnessthis podcast is brought to you by analysts Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez. Together they provide insight, information, and stories about CrossFit and its community. The hosts have had fascinating interviews with special guests such as Ricky Garard and Rob Kearney.


  • Icon Athlete Podcastthis podcast ran until 2020, and it is well worth a listen. It is hosted by Chris Spealler, who interviews lots of members of the CrossFit community. Some of the topics include fitness challenges for the audience, body composition, and how much exercise is “too much”.


  • Pursuing Health with Dr Julie FoucherJulie Foucher is a four-time CrossFit Games athlete and member of the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff, so she is an expert on the subject. She pairs her medical knowledge with her fitness expertise to bring you a deep understanding of your own body and how to properly work it out. On the podcast, she alternates between interviews, health advice, and interesting stories.


  • Pile of Fitthis is a fitness podcast hosted by Justin Sevakis, Wes Mendelson, and Paul Austad. They are CrossFit coaches in their 30s. The trio deliver high-quality Cross Fit content, with expert advice, and a little bit of sarcasm. The pair have great chemistry, and they make the subject interesting. What separates this from other fitness podcasts is that the hosts aren’t afraid to get real about their lives and will engage in deeply personal conversations that allow the audience to get to know them.


  • Froning and Friendsthis weekly podcast is hosted by Rich Froning, a professional CrossFit athlete and four-time winner of the title “Fittest Man on Earth”. On the show, Froning delves into his success and fitness stories, giving the audience a great insight into the competitive sport and his personal journey.


  • CrossFit Ireland Between Two Couchesthis is CrossFit Ireland’s official podcast, so it’s a top-quality listen. The show ran until 2019, and the episodes were filled with fascinating discussions and advice. Past topics have included CrossFit for kids, pre-workout warmups, and recommended nutritional habits.


  • Bionic Builtif you like learning about multiple sports, Bionic Built is a great option. This podcast is centred around CrossFit, but also discusses other sports which creates a diverse, well-rounded show. The show is filled with a combination of stories, advice, and humour which make it so enjoyable to listen to.

How Will Listening to a CrossFit Podcast Benefit Me?

Listening to podcasts in general is a wholesome hobby that both relaxes and educates you. If CrossFit is already one of your hobbies, then why not try a podcast about it? Listening in can help to motivate you and educate you on the correct workout procedure for your individual needs.

By hearing from fitness experts, you will be able to have a deep understanding of CrossFit which you can use to help yourself and others.

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Top CrossFit Podcasts: Summary

To recap, we explained that CrossFit is a body conditioning and strengthening workout. It grows in popularity every day, so there are now lots of podcasts about the workout and its well-established community.

Tuning in to these podcasts can help keep you inspired and educated on the fitness phenomenon. Our top 7 CrossFit Podcasts are as follows:

  • Talking Elite Fitness
  • Icon Athlete Podcast
  • Pursuing Health with Dr Julie Foucher
  • Pile of Fit
  • Froning and Friends
  • CrossFit Ireland Between Two Couches
  • Bionic Built

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