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If you enjoy stories about shady businessmen and how they have scammed people out of money, then white-collar crime podcasts would be a great way to pass the time. These podcasts are filled with insight into criminals, the FBI, and legal prosecution.

Crime podcasts are a great way to learn about, as well as protect yourself from fraud. For lots of people, listening to podcasts provides escapism from their normal life, and can be a great way to wind down. Nowadays, there are so many white-collar crime podcasts online, so we’ve narrowed down our top picks. But firstly, let’s get you acquainted with the lingo!

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What are the Three Types of White-Collar Crime?

White-collar crimes are types of financial fraud which are dealt with by the FBI. These felonies are divided into three categories:

  • Fraud
  • Counterfeiting/Forgery
  • Embezzlement

Once an individual is suspected of a white-collar crime, the FBI will launch an intense investigation that could go on for months. This includes watching the suspect and tapping into their phones and emails until there is enough evidence to make an arrest.

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What are the Top White-Collar Crime Podcasts?

Here are our favorite podcasts that discuss the intriguing world of white-collar crime:

  • American Greednarrated by Stacy Keech, the episodes deal with fascinating stories about scammers stealing millions of dollars and high-level fraud. This podcast shares the inside scoop of some of the dodgiest white-collar crimes, and how the FBI caught them!
  • White Collar, Red Hands episodes are hosted by Chicago comedians Nina Kern and Kishan Batcheldor. The pair discuss crimes committed by wealthy businessmen that have screwed over their clients and caught the attention of the FBI. Recently, the podcast has dealt with the emerging issue of crypto scams.
  • Scam Kingsevery Sunday, this podcast delves into shocking company criminals and how their fraudulent empires were destroyed by the legal system. Follow along every week to hear the fascinating secrets and stories of how wealthy men have destroyed their legacy, by wandering down the criminal path.
  • This is Realback in 2014, more than 30 people were arrested for their involvement in serious healthcare fraud. In this podcast series, investigators conduct interviews with HHS OIG special agents, who helped to take down these criminals. You can listen to their stories from the field, as they provide government intel on one of the most prolific incidents of health-related fraud.
  • Red Collarthis podcast series transports its listeners into the “minds of real-life American Psychos”. It is hosted by Catherine Townsend, a writer and private investigator who shares stories and thoughts on wealthy fraudsters and their immoral acts.
  • Swindledthis podcast covers a variety of cases from corporate fraud, embezzlement, and crime cover-ups. Swindled teaches you about lots of different types of white-collar crime, to give their listeners a fascinating education on the subject. The host is anonymous and only goes by the name “A Concerned Citizen”.
  • Ponzi Supernovathis podcast series is hosted by reporter Steve Fishman and Ellen Horne. The pair spend each episode unraveling the many layers of the Madoff investment scandal, whereby Bernie Madoff was running a fraudulent multi-billion-dollar investment scheme.

Who is the Most Likely to Commit White-Collar Crimes?

Following research, FindLaw has stated that most of the white-collar offenders are “white men with at least some higher education, from middle-class backgrounds. They are in their late 30s to 40s, employed, usually married, with religious and community affiliations.”

Evidently, the offenders tend to look like model members of society. The criminals are usually people who are in high-paying professions, who arguably don’t need to scam others out of money. So why do they do it?

Why do Successful Businessmen Turn to Crime?

In an article for Forbes Magazine, public speaker Roomy Khan suggested four potential reasons for this criminal activity:

  • Their boss offers incentives for the crime, such as promotion.
  • The company lacks proper business ethics, so their employees follow suit.
  • Colleagues and managers don’t see the harm in this behavior
  • The company pressures its employees to do whatever it takes to make higher profits.

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To summarize, white-collar crime is subdivided into three categories: fraud, counterfeiting, and embezzlement. These crimes are investigated by the FBI, and they have the resources to watch a suspect’s every move. To learn about these crimes, you can enjoy podcasts dedicated to white-collar criminals. Our top 7 favorites are:

  • American Greed
  • White Collar, Red Hands
  • Scam Kings
  • This is Real
  • Red Collar
  • Swindled
  • Ponzi Supernova