Best Microphone Isolation Shields (2022)

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Isolation shields are just one of the many things you can invest in to improve the audio quality of your voice recordings. While upgrading your microphone stands and stand mounts can provide certain benefits, investing in an isolation shield can help you build a professional recording studio.

Isolation shields improve the quality of your sound recording by filtering out and blocking unwanted sounds, such as background noise or echoes. When you block out these sounds, you create a crisper sound recording that focuses on your voice alone.

Sound-proofing your room can also help you block out noises, although it can be exorbitantly expensive. If you don’t have the budget to create a sound-proofed room for your recording, an isolation shield provides many of the same benefits for a fraction of the cost. That makes them a must-have item for your home studio or portable vocal booth.

The following are several great options if you’re looking for the best isolation shield. We’ve included products of all levels so you’re sure to find something, no matter what your price range.

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SE Electronics Shield

This microphone isolation shield uses a patented six-layer technology that provides the user with balanced absorption and diffusion. Its advanced design is great at reducing the sound from sound wave reflections and other background noise. This produces a “drier” sound for your recorded sounds.

One of the best things about this specific microphone shield is its durability. You can expect to get years of use with this shield. It also includes mounting hardware that allows you to secure the shield in a variety of different positions, including at an angle.

In fact, their high-quality and versatile mounting equipment is a major selling point not held by other isolation shields on the market. Not only can the shield be mounted, but it will have a full range of motion. You’ll be able to adjust and lock the shield vertically, horizontally, and tilted at any angle.

This shield also features a large surface area that allows it to better handle the tasks of absorption, isolation, and diffusion.

Extras like microphones and mic stands aren’t included, but the product makes a great complement to your existing setup. Because the filter itself is fairly heavy, it’s important to make sure that your purchased microphone stand can handle the added weight of this shield. At a staggering 2.2 pounds, this is one of the heaviest microphone shields available.

This is one of the more expensive shield options but you’re paying for the attention to detail, excellent craftsmanship, and benefits to your recording sound quality. All of sE’s vocal shields are hand-crafted instead of mass-produced. This makes them higher quality and longer-lasting. If you have the budget, investing in this product will help you build a highly effective home studio.

Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield

The Monoprice mic isolation shield is a popular choice for audio recording because it is great for filtering out unwanted sounds. Compared to its competitors, it provides great features for a relatively affordable price.

The isolation shield itself uses high-density foam and a vented metal backplate to filter out echoes and other background noise. This product is highly recommended by most reviewers because of how much value you get for the price, making it the best isolation shield in its price range.

The compact design features folding panels and decent mounting equipment. Its mounting attachments allow you to choose how to orient the shield, a great feature for your portable vocal booth. It utilizes a dual clamp mounting bracket that can be attached to booms or directly onto your mic stand. The two outer panels can be manipulated and folded inward, creating a smaller acoustic isolation chamber.

If you need to switch between using your shield at a desk or attaching it to the mic itself, this is a great mic shield to get the job done. It can be used upright, inverted, or folded inward around your microphone. No matter how you choose to position this shield, you’ll benefit from its solid build to create a crisper audio recording.

Since it uses both a vented metal backplate and acoustic foam, you can block out exterior sounds while also filtering out internal reflections. These two materials provide you with a setup that’s overall solid, especially for the price.

The main drawback of this specific microphone shield is its weight. Compared to some of the lightweight models, it can be quite heavy. While this allows it to do its job well, it can be a lot to move around if you’re putting together a portable vocal booth.

Moukey Microphone Isolation Shield

The Moukey microphone isolation shield is the cheapest isolation shield on the market. If you’re looking for something at an affordable price, this is the product for you. This shield is made from premium steel with a layer of cotton to absorb sound on the inside of the panels.

Although the price is low, it does an alright job of filtering out sound waves, echoes, and other unwanted noise. If you want to do some very basic sound absorption, this isolation shield is a solid option to improve your sound quality.

Like many of the other isolation shields on our list, this shield can be mounted on microphone stands or placed on the table around your recording equipment. Unlike other isolation shields, it comes already constructed so setup is as easy as possible.

The four panels use a foldable design to help you create a shield around your microphone. This is good for diffusing sound waves, making it a reasonably good reflection filter. When you aren’t using it, it easily folds for storage. The folding design also lets you adjust the size and setup to fit your home studio. It can be positioned in a few different ways, offering you flexibility at a fraction of the cost of other shields.

The three-layer design combines a protective layer, a filter layer, and an acoustic foam layer to filter and block sounds. Although it can be mounted to microphone stands, it doesn’t come with the same quality mounting hardware as some of the more expensive options on our list.

The main drawbacks are the plastic material and budget build of this isolation shield. Despite the lower quality build, this is still the best isolation shield for the price. It compares well with other, more expensive models. If you need to buy an isolation shield but aren’t prepared to shell out a lot of money, this might be the best pick for you.

Tonor Microphone Isolation Shield

The Tonor microphone shield uses a thick, high-density foam to eliminate interference and reduce ambient noise. This is a good isolation shield for people who need something compact and lightweight. Since it’s lighter than many of the other shields on the market, it’s a good companion for a mobile recording studio.

The foam is formed into two foldable panels wrapped around premium steel. These two panels do a good job at sound-wave reflection. When wrapped around your recording setup, they work well to block out background noise and absorb echoes.

This shield uses high-quality materials, including top-quality screws for peak durability. Although it is lightweight, it is very sturdy. Even if it’s regularly transported between locations, it is a long-lasting and durable piece of equipment.

This shield can be placed on the tabletop around your microphone or mounted onto your microphone stand. Because of its dual-use options, you can fit your needs. As an isolation shield, it’s particularly good at blocking sound reflections from your equipment and monitor, as well as the wall behind the shield.

The main drawback to this shield comes from the lack of information about the model online. Some reviewers note that without the specifications online, it’s harder to ensure it’s the right fit for your setup. This also makes it more difficult to assemble.

Aston Halo

The Aston Halo is lauded by sound enthusiasts and recording artists as one of the best vocal isolation shields on the market. It provides higher-quality sound filtering coverage by covering both the horizontal plane and the vertical planes.

That means that instead of just serving as a wall around your recording equipment, the Aston Halo also has both a floor and ceiling to help you completely encase your microphone in soundproof protection.

Because it has a larger covering surface, the Halo does a better job than its competitors at isolating sound for professional recording studio-quality vocals. It is the best microphone reflection filter on the market since the large surfaces absorb sound from all directions.

The shape is not the only thing that puts this product above other reflection filters. This luxury product has an almost velvety appearance due to Halo’s proprietary, patented PET felt. It also uses 70% recycled materials, an added benefit for environmentally-conscious buyers.

Some buyers might be wary of the more expensive setup for fear that it would be difficult to set up. However, the instructions are clear and the whole thing is easy to put together. Even though it’s lightweight, the filter is designed to remain stable while in use.

Mounting hardware allows you to mount it to your equipment to provide an even more stable hold. Not only is their mounting hardware high-quality, but it’s easy to set up like the rest of the shield.

The obvious drawback is its price. This is the most expensive microphone shield on this list, making it unaffordable for most people. Even though it’s lightweight, it’s also very large. That means that you’ll also need more space to use and store it.

lyxPro VRI-20

The LyxPro VRI-20 is another great microphone isolation filter, especially if you’re looking for good quality for your money. This filter is particularly good at filtering out unwanted noise and providing conditions for crisp vocal recording.

This shield is great for eliminating echoes and background noise. This acoustic shield is made from high-quality sound-absorbing foam mounted on aluminum panels. The panels can be positioned behind your microphone or mounted directly to your microphone stand.

When you order this shield, you’ll also get the mounting hardware needed to mount the shield onto your microphone stand. Compared with the other shield options on this list, the LyxPro is both portable and light weight, making it good for traveling with your recording equipment.

Although the LyxPro doesn’t have as many features as the other options on this list, it is good at preserving the clarity of your recording sounds. Your recordings will be clear, dry, and crisp. The foam is particularly good at absorbing both echoes and background noise.

The main drawback is its smaller size. While this makes it good for mobile recording setups, it doesn’t pack the same punch as larger, heavier microphone shields. However, when you factor in both the price and the size, this provides a great value for your investment.

Although this shield is good for podcasters at all levels, it’s best suited for podcasters who need to be able to record great audio in different locations. It folds easily and requires very little space. It won’t add excessive weight to your mobile recording kit.

Final Thoughts

All six microphone isolation shields on this list have their good and bad qualities. No matter what your budget is for an isolation shield, there are good options available. If you’re looking for a solid and budget-friendly option, the Moukey Microphone Isolation Shield might be the best pick for you.

A higher-end option is the prohibitively expensive Aston Halo. This microphone shield is perfect for creating a professional-level recording studio. If you’re looking for ways to fine-tune your recording sound quality, the Halo is a clear choice.

Before you purchase an isolation shield, carefully consider what you need. If you need something that is portable for on-the-go recording, the LyxPro VRI-20 and the Moukey Microphone Isolation Shield offer great solutions. Heavier shields such as the Aston Halo are probably a poor fit for mobile needs.

On the other hand, creating a home studio gives you the freedom to choose a heavier isolation shield with a larger surface area. Heavier shields like the sE Electronics and Monoprice models are great for putting together a recording studio in your home. You’ll also enjoy the flexibility to adjust their placement as needed.

No matter which shield you choose, you’ll end up with a great product that works to effectively eliminate background noise and echoes on your recordings. Podcasters of all levels can enjoy the benefits of clearer and crisper audio. Your listeners are sure to notice the improvement in your recording quality!